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Chapter 131: Bai Pinghai

Chapter 131: Bai Pinghai

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The armed police station was only a few kilometers away from the black market, so Bai Pinghai returned rather fast. After the doomsday, no one would dare to use a police car’s horn, as they were afraid of attracting zombies. As soon as they reached the black market, the police cars’ intense lights were turned on, naturally whoever was looking at them could feel their eyes hurt. Moreover, the cars were not slowing down, so the people on the roadside rushed to the side in order to avoid them.

"Pa!" The door opened. Bai Pinghai got off the car, he was dressed with leather clothes and wore military boots. Even after doomsday his hair was still shiny. Other people could easily think that he was a gangster. In fact, Lan County’s "Armed Police Department" was no different than a criminal syndicate.

Before doomsday, the elite policemen had suddenly received orders to be transferred. Obviously, they were needed to deal with important matters. However, after they left only the worst and crooked remained behind. The ‘Armed Police Department’ was created with them as its core, it was further developed with the help of some beat cops and paranormals. To be frank, their organization was wicked, what else could one expect from the evil members of the herd and bad eggs of the community gathering together?

The rules had lost their meaning, so it was easier for a human’s dark side to take over. After losing supervision, they were free to use their guns to their hearts’ content. Naturally they did not use them to protect the weak…

They had become tyrants!

Although they claimed being Lan County’s ‘Armed Police Force’, they were just insulting what ‘armed police’ really stood for. In the hearts of ordinary people, they were oppressive overlords, armed to the teeth.


Bai Pinghai was a decision maker in their organization because of his strength. As soon as he heard that his brother was in trouble Bai Pinghai led a team with twelve people to the black market.

"Pa-paa-"A group of heavily armed police officers got off their vehicles and walked toward Bai Pinghai. Those people were wearing body armor, bulletproof helmets and half of them were holding bulletproof shields. As for the weapons they carried, they were either submachine guns or automatic rifles.

Witnessing the scene, all the teams were shocked. After all, there was a great disparity in their strength.

"Incredible! Bai Pinghai’s team is heavily armed! Adding 7 Gods’ members with them, there are thirty people ready to fight. Would they be able to kill everyone in the black market?" A young leader couldn’t help but say in a low voice. Without rules everything was possible, once one was more powerful than the other they would take the initiative to attack.

"Take it easy. If they attack us they will suffer too. Moreover, Bai Zhanshan’s enemy is Jiang Liushi. It’s more beneficial if they ask us to cooperate with them. That guy is scr*wed"

"They won’t be able to run away. After doomsday, it’s rather difficult running away, there are too many dangers. Those crooked police officers will easily find them… The possibilities of that team’s survival are close to none. Just thinking about the pursuit gives me the creeps!"

Some people were secretly talking about it, while peeping at the secretive Bai Pinghai. It was the first time, for most of them, they were seeing him.

Hong sister subconsciously shrank her body and whispered, "His energy fluctuation is overbearing. He must be the strongest one I have encountered."

A paranormal’s level and strength could be felt by each other’s energy fluctuations. It was said that Bai Pinghai was indeed stronger than Bai Zhanshan. Only because Bai Pinghai was his brother, Bai Zhanshan became the black market’s boss.

At that time, Bai Pinghai had walked to the hall. The other teams were secretly staying vigilant.

"Big brother! What’s wrong? What happened here?" Seeing his brother’s wound and the half-destroyed room, Bai Pinghai became angry. He never expected anyone being that bold in their territory. That was a clearly a slap to their face.

"Don’t worry, the wound is not serious…" Bai Zhanshan shook his head and then described what had taken place.

"Oh, a woman that can control electricity, a powerful female assassin, and a man proficient in dual wielding guns?" After listening to his brother’s narration, Bai Pinghai was impressed, "Big brother, although their strength is formidable, it’s nothing to us."

Bai Pinghai Knew that Jiang Liushi’s team could force their way out, even though their numbers were inferior, because they were strong. However, that was not the only reason they could easily escape…

That reason infuriated Bai Pinghai! The reason was that the 7 Gods’ third boss, that college student, had not helped at all! He was just observing the situation, not helping his brother!