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Chapter 132: Flushing the Rabbit

Chapter 132: Flushing the Rabbit

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"Little brother, you are right. If that woman in black had not sneak attacked me, I would not have been defeated." Bai Zhanshan said and nodded his head.

"As for the man who seemed like a professional marksman, his body should be weak. He uses long-range weapons in order to make up for his physical weakness. Such people, in my eyes, are mere ordinary characters. He can keep dreaming if he thinks that he can hit me. I will not give him the chance!"

"Lastly, the girl who can manipulate electricity, it doesn't seem like see can use large scale attacks. Her ability is inferior to yours. Right, brother?"

"Big brother, don’t worry. I can deal with two people at the same time, so I will leave the rest to you. We outnumber them. It will be like an elephant stepping on ants!"

Listening to Bai Pinghai’s words, in fact, Bai Zhanshan didn’t feel comfortable. After all, he had been injured and fled in order to survive. But, his little brother regarded them as something worthless. He consulted himself with what his little brother said, that he had lost because he was caught off guard.

"Now, the question is how do we find them?" Bai Zhanshan said.

That guy’s minibus had been modified to run as fast as a super sport car. They had completely disappeared!

Bai Pinghai smiled and said lightly, "Zhou Jing!"

"I’m here." An unruly middle-aged man, with caved cheeks, rushed out from the crowd. Zhou Jing had a cigarette in his mouth and his body reeked of smoke. Not one white tooth could be found in his mouth, they were either yellow or black.

Bai Zhanshan knew that he shouldn’t judge him just from his appearance, his ability should be exceptional. Otherwise, there was no way that he would be in his little brother’s team.

"Zhou Jing was working for the Interpol, but because of some matters he never got promoted. Moreover, he is experienced in tracking people and awakened a special ability. Who can run from him?" Bai Pinghai leisurely said, showing confidence in his subordinate’s abilities.

Zhou Jing just smiled and looked around, without speaking. As soon as his gaze swept a person, they felt like a snake was staring at them. His gaze could exert some kind of invisible pressure.

Clearly, Bai Pinghai’s words acted as a warning. Don’t think that the 7 Gods and the ‘Armed Police Department’ were weak, after that incident.

Bai Pinghai continued, "Although, they have a vehicle that runs fast, they will have to stop to rest at night. Zombies are more active at night, they have no chances of surviving; there are only two options, becoming food for zombies or getting caught by us!"

Bai Zhanshan’s eyes brightened, "Very good! If we catch them, I’m going to make sure that he regrets he was born in this world. Pinghai, I believe in you!"

"No problem, it is just a chance for me to practice." He held a butterfly knife and played with it; the whole process was fast and dazzling. Seeing how skillfully he was using the knife, the people around him felt fear.

"In a while, we are going to set off to catch them. I invite everyone here to accompany us, treat it as a game. We have to flush the rabbits out of their hiding place before we kill them. This world is so boring, let’s do something fun. What do you say?" Bai Pinghai asked and turned to look at the other teams. Everyone looked each other, they knew that Bai Pinghai wanted show them who was the boss. He wanted to kill the chicken, to scare the monkeys. Who would dare to refuse?

Hong sister was really restless because of Ran Xiyu. She originally thought that she would sell her for a good price, but never had she thought that Jiang Liushi would abduct her. Because she brought her it was like hell broke loose. She was thinking how to make up and apologize to Bai Zhanshan. She didn’t want to cut off her own route of retreat.

"I am willing to follow! I wanna see that bast*rd kneeling on the ground, asking for mercy. I hate him to the core! Yuan boss angrily said and spat on the ground. Actually, Jiang Liushi had frightened him, he was lying on the ground in order to survive. Fortunately, no one had noticed him, otherwise he would be ashamed. He was very excited with Jiang Liushi’s bad luck. After Bai Pinghai’s analysis he agreed with it. If Jiang Liushi’s group was strong, why would they run away?

"You! Bring my car here! We will follow boss Zhanshan and catch those f*ckers." Yuan boss turned to a subordinate and said.

The other teams did the same…

Bai Zhanshan sneered inside. He was quite satisfied with how the situation was developing. He was imagining Jiang Liushi’s pale face as he was being hunted down like a rabbit.

"Let’s go, I want to see that boy dying!" As Yuan boss sat on the copilot seat, the whole vehicle trembled.

"Woo -!" Seeing Yuan boss taking the lead, Hong sister hurriedly followed behind.

"Get ready for departure!" Bai Zhanshan said, "Zhou Jing brother, let’s go!"

"Take it easy. I’ll do my best." Zhou Jing’s was in no hurry, he was a patient man. Zhou’s nickname was hunter. He had a strong tracking ability which was based on smell.

As he walked towards the black market’s gate, his face changed. He incredibly looked up and in the distance.

At that time, Yuan boss was in the lead, rushing out of the black market. That kind of prey suited his taste. However, his smile froze on his face and then he was dumbfounded looking at the distance.

In the distance, a minibus was rushing toward their location, like an enraged beast!