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Chapter 133: Heaven-daring

Chapter 133: Heaven-daring

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"It’s them… They actually returned!" After obtaining his ability, Yuan boss’ eyesight had been enhanced. He could vaguely see Jiang Liushi sitting in the copilot seat and the woman, dressed in black, driving!

He thought that Jiang Liushi was a madman, how else could it be explained that he was so daring?

[He is overestimating his abilities!]

Lan County, not to mention the whole world, was a place filled with powerful individuals. It was natural that there would be some disputes as they were trying to increase their resources, but they knew when to stop. However, Jiang Liushi’s actions were simply incomprehensible.

Did he have a death wish?

"He came back? Is he crazy? Does he intend to kill all of us and take away the resources we’ve gathered?" A henchman from Bai Zhanshan’s team sarcastically said. Some people started laughing at the scene, but they still took out their weapons.

"With that minibus, he thinks he can kill us and take away our resources? His IQ must be below zero. It’s incredible, how could that retard survive till now?" Yuan boss couldn’t help but blink. Although, he felt that Jiang Liushi was a super simpleton, he still stayed vigilant. They had already underestimated him once.

"Big brother, is he the one who wreaked havoc before?" Bai Pinghai looked at the minibus like a fool, and then he unhurriedly lit a cigarette. He inhaled a puff of smoke and then he smiled, "To think that I overestimated him. I thought he was a smart person, but it seems that he’s a big id*ot. It’ll be really boring if I fight with him."

Bai Pinghai leisurely formed a smoke ring, then he signaled at the others, and said, "Prepare for battle!"

‘Clank-.’ A series of sounds came from behind. Everyone was ready, they were even talking or laughing. The incoming minibus looked as a joke to them...

"Aim at the tires, we don’t want to kill them. We need them alive, so that we can ‘play’ with them." What Bai Pinghai said sent a chill to everyone’s spine.

A riffle’s range was about three or hundred meters, but that would be achieved only if the sharpshooter was above average. Those people, just trying to reach two hundred meters, would be a miracle.

Around 800 meters away from them, the minibus’ shape slightly changed. On its roof, an extra saucer-shaped room had appeared; it looked really high-tech. What was it?

They were all shocked! Even if their imagination ran wild, they could never guess how it was possible. They were completely clueless!

Before one could say Jack Robinson, the distance between the minibus and the crowd had reduced to less than seven hundred meters. For a Type 95 Automatic Rifle, its effective range was 400 meters. Although its maximum range could reach 600 meters, it was extremely difficult even for a sharpshooter to pull it off. However, Jiang Liushi didn’t use it, he used a Type 95 machine gun! It had a longer and thicker barrel than a Type 95 Automatic Rifle. As a result, when the gunpowder ignited, the bullets were able to fully accelerate at nearly 1000 m/s, initial speed, and its effective range was about 800 meters with a higher shooting speed! Jiang Liushi was sitting in his exclusive gunner room with a 360-degree shooting range. It was amazing!

"Brother, are you going to attack them from there?" Originally, when Jiang Zhuying saw the sudden emergence of the gunner room on the roof, she was very surprised. But, thinking about her brother’s mechanical modification ability, she did not find it that strange anymore.

"A lot of people…" In the minibus, Ran Xiyu saw a large number of enemies in the distance, she could even see the light from bulletproof shields and firearms.

[There is a great disparity in our strength. What will happen?]

At that moment, Ying hit the break! Jiang Liushi’s gun was already in position, it had not a scope to aim further, but it didn’t matter to Jiang Liushi as his eyesight was enough.

"What? That minibus stopped?" They saw the minibus stopping about 700 meters away. That distance had beyond the effective range of their guns.

"He should have felt that something is wrong." Bai Pinghai sneered, "From 700 meters away, he was able to witness our lineup, so he must have decided to run away. Unfortunately, it is too late!"

Bai Zhanshan nodded and said, "Brothers, let’s go…"Before Bai Zhanshan could finish his sentence, he suddenly felt that a huge crisis was approaching! It was an indescribable feeling, as if the reaper had placed its scythe above his neck, and the next moment he would die!

He stopped thinking and suddenly rushed out! Powerful paranormals could have that kind of dying premonition, it was same as animals that could predict the weather. When he rushed out, a row of bullets came.

"Pa-paaa-" He was more scared than hurt.

Beside Bai Zhanshan, three of his heavily armed subordinates had been instantly killed! After flying over six or seven hundred meters, the bullets’ initial speed would be reduced. But still, a bullet, even with less speed, was still lethal. Once one was hit, it was the end!

"What’s wrong?" The tumbling Bai Zhanshan was completely shocked. He didn’t know what had happened. He just felt that there was something wrong.

Was it an automatic rifle or machine gun? It was so exaggerated!