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Chapter 135: Mechanical Monster

Chapter 135: Mechanical Monster
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

"What is this sound?" Yuan boss’ subordinate could not bear that crazily approaching sound, so he carefully looked through the bunker’s gap. However, he was frightened out of his wits!

Within a few seconds that minibus, which was 700 meters away, had rushed and was less than a hundred meters away from their current position.

"What horrible speed!" The minibus was rushing and the engine’s roaring was deafening. It was like a steel monster. The terror and oppression exuded by the minibus were stronger than those from a powerful mutant beast!

"Boss, he rushed over!" That subordinate shouted in a panicked voice. Yuan boss had been frightened out of his wits. He would like nothing more than returning back to the trading room.

"Why are you panicking? Those f*ckers! What are they rushing for? A quicker death? Moreover, there are a few layers of bunkers-"


Before Yuan boss had hardly finished cursing, his voice was stuck in his throat! A sudden long crashing sound came from behind!

Yuan boss quickly looked through the bunker’s gap, then his face had an unsightly expression! That minibus rushed in the black market’s streets.

Before the entrance, originally a few cars were parked. Jiang Liushi’s minibus slammed on them and sent them flying!

What a special car! It was simply a missile!

One hundred meters, to that roaring beast, was nothing. Ying had completely stepped on the gas, and in front, it was the enemies’ bunker.

Ran Xiyu was sitting on the sofa, tied with a seat belt; her hands were full of cold sweat. That kind of feeling was comparable to sitting on a roller coaster, watching herself about to crash into the ground. It was a hair-raising experience!

"Why are they not slowing down? They are crazy!" Yuan boss was totally shocked. At that moment, Yuan boss suddenly witnessed a black barrel suddenly stretching out from that UFO-like gunner room! Yuan boss almost immediately ducked to the ground.

"Da da da!" After a few gunshots, Yuan boss lying on the ground, felt a warm and dense liquid splashing on his head. He was trembling, and he saw his subordinate on the ground; the top of his skull was missing and blood mixed with brain matter was spilling on the ground.

Yuan boss played dead, he didn’t dare moving! At the current moment, even if one was to give him potion boosting his courage, he would still not dare raising his head. Seeing the trade room’s entrance in front, Yuan boss could only crawl quickly, like a cockroach.

"F*ck! That minibus is too crazy!"

At that time, the minibus had rushed to the bunker’s front! Ran Xiyu's heart was about to burst. She could not help but scream!

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun also felt their bodies going numb. They looked at Ying, the beautiful weak looking woman who’d kill people without batting an eye. She was still with an expressionless face. Ying’s consciousness was one with the MCV, which was bound to Jiang Liushi.

Although she was driving, Jiang Liushi could also get information from the MCV. At the same time, he could also transmit his own thoughts to Ying, with no delay.

At that point, he gave his order, "Destroy it!"

After issuing that order, the minibus started transforming!

In front of the minibus a few gaps appeared, then a huge metallic cone stretched out of the minibus. That cone was made from high-strength alloy steel, its coldness and metallic texture gave it a murderous feeling. This minibus’ engine roared, like a beast which was about to slaughter its prey, and the steel monster rushed toward the bunker very quickly!

Seeing that scene, Bai Pinghai and Bai Zhanshan were shocked to the point their eyeballs were going to pop out. Under the threat of Jiang Liushi’s machine gun, only a few paranormals including the Bai Brothers, dared to head out. So they were able to witness that incredible scene! In front of the minibus, a row of hideous spikes suddenly stretched out!

"What’s this thing?" Someone said.

It was simply a car out of a sci-fi movie, which was completely beyond the imagination of those people.

‘Bang!’ A large number of cement blocks were immediately crashed and the air was filled with dust.

After the cement blocks turned into tiny bits, Bai Pinghai and so on fell quiet briefly. However, this was just because of temporary deafness after a huge sound. When they regained their senses, they heard again the engine’s horrible sound!

The MCV crashed into the bunker. Actually, it swept away all obstacles in its way; like a hot knife cutting through butter. Those who were still hiding in the bunker, were so scared that tried to escape. However, the speed of their escape, was just like a snail’s! The reinforced concrete could be turned into slag, let alone flesh and blood! A person was hit by the MCV, he immediately burst into a fog; he didn’t even have the time to scream!

Yuan boss took a glance and he was shocked once again. He knew the person, he was another team’s boss. Just a few days ago, they had gathered together to eat, drink and play with girls.

[Why? Why did he have to die?]

Yuan boss immediately climbed with his hands and feet! Bai Pinghai was also shocked to death. There’s no need to give out orders, everyone was frantically rushing to the trading room.

Those few minutes were the same as doomsday’s outbreak! Everyone was afraid of lagging behind, which was completely an instinctively escape! There was no difference between the minibus and a group of zombies! The minibus was even more horrible!

Yuan boss crazily climbed into the trading room. He suddenly felt like the strength in his body had been taken away as soon as he reached the trading room’s cold floor.

[Finally! Safe!] He was the first one who was eager to find Jiang Liushi. However, he did not expect that he would be scared sh*tless because of him. But since he has fled into the trading room, he thought that Jiang Liushi couldn’t harm him anymore.

When Bai Pinghai rushed in, he immediately ordered for all the guns to be prepared. He instantly turned the trading room into a fortress! They believed that Jiang couldn’t rush into the building. Even if he really rushed in, then he could do nothing in the trading room.

Hong sister also stumbled in, her delicate makeup had been ruined! Outside of the door, the engine’s roaring was getting closer and everyone was frightened.

Finally, the minibus stopped!