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Chapter 136: Losing Face Altogether

Chapter 136: Losing Face Altogether
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The outside suddenly became quiet, which made the ones that had escaped feel they were in a dream. But in fact, they were thrown into panic as they were still suffering from the shock. The sudden stop was like they had earned a second chance.

In Jiang Liush’s mind, they were not worth mentioning. Nobody could overcome that kind of panic after such a terrible battle.

Bai Pinghai was looking depressed. He stood up slowly with an angry face and swept around the room. Originally, his team was full of confidence. But they had just gone through a devastating battle. Outside was like a battlefield, the bodies of their fellow brothers were lifeless on the ground. The rest of them had pale faces.

Seeing a subordinate next to him still shivering, he felt angry and that his face was about to explode! "Guys, don’t be nervous! That guy did not dare to come in!" Bai Zhanshan also had an ugly face. The remaining few from the other teams, just stood gazing at one another; being at a loss what to do.

"Even if they do not dare coming in, we also can’t get out." A team boss could not help but say. The Bai brothers were really strong, but in the face of death or destruction, power was totally useless!

"Yes, what should we do?"

"You told us to stay and witness the game of ‘catching a rabbit’. How about us!?" The rest of teams immediately expressed their thoughts, especially the team, whose boss had already been killed. In fact, everyone was complaining. It was only natural, their boss had died and the team’s overall strength plummeted. If Bai Pinghai had not threatened them to stay, how could something like this have happened!?

Seeing the current situation, he was totally offended with what happened. His prestige had taken a huge blow. At the same time, his black market had been destroyed and his subordinates were like turtles; retracting their heads into their shells.

"We have already entered in the trading room! What are you afraid of!? We will take our guns, go the window and kill him!" Bai Zhanshan roared angrily.

His speech fell into deaf ears. Everyone just stayed where they were, no one would dare move!

Suddenly, Bai Zhanshan’s face changed turned red. "You f*ckers… what good-for-nothing you are! You can’t even take care of such a trivial matter!"

At that time, Bai Pinghai suddenly struck the table with his fist. An awful thought had just struck him. He said, "It’s okay. Let’s not rush to fight. We are all in the same boat now. We can stay here forever!"

He looked at those people with his cold eyes, which made them feel uncomfortable.

"Bai Zhanshan boss, I agree with you." Yuan boss had climbed from the ground. He had a deep-seated hatred for Jiang Liushi. His team had suffered huge losses, with only two subordinates remaining.

"That b*stard is still outside. When everybody adds fuel, the flames rise high. We can definitely kill him!" Yuan boss said.

"Everyone has suffered huge losses. We have to stick together and fight. Firstly, we have to drag it out till the evening. At some point he will run out of ammo and food supplies. "Yuan boss said happily.

Bai Pinghai accidentally looked at Yuan boss. Unexpectedly, Yuan boss could be quite insidious! However, it was indeed a good way to deal with someone like Jiang Liushi.

"Good! You’re very clever." Bai Pinghai said.

"Yes! He can do nothing as long as we are in the room- "Waving his arms, Yuan boss said happily, but suddenly a chilly feeling ran through his spine.

[What's that?] Before Yuan boss could understand why he was feeling like death was approaching, a shattering voice came from outside!


Yuan boss’s obese body was just like a balloon filled with blood and fell heavily on the wall. His eyes widely opened; he was covered in wounds. He felt like sh*t! His body was numb from pain, blood was ceaselessly running and he had a splitting headache!

‘Cough! Cough!’ Yuan boss didn’t die. He was a fat guy, as well as a paranormal. He tried his best to struggle. He looked around to find someone for help. His throat made a vague voice, "Save... save me…" However, at that moment, nobody would care about him!

Hong sister was looking at the door, and her legs were involuntarily trembling. The Iron heavy door, originally welded by a special welding reinforcement, was actually broken…

In addition to Yuan boss, who was directly sent flying, there were several other people standing near the door; they were all dead!

Jiang Liushi had used the ‘Air Cannon’ to demolish that door!

The trading room’s walls were full with spider-web-like patterns, tiles were falling from the roof and debris were on the floor. The whole place was in a mess!

Through the door, those still alive saw the ‘quiet’ minibus not far away. They all saw the barrel’s huge black hole and the barrel slowly being stored back to the minibus.

All this was like a slap, mercilessly landing on their faces.


They were truly speechless! Soon after, fear took over!

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