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Chapter 137: Upside Down

Chapter 137: Upside Down
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The door was suddenly burst open, and all of them were truly ignorant of how it happened. Everything in the room was in disorder. A chill ran down their backs!

"What happened?" It was said that as long as they entered the trading room, they would be safe because Jiang Liushi wouldn’t be able to attack them. However, facts spoke louder than words.

The gate made of iron was originally welded for preventing groups of zombies. That black market was their nest, so they tried their best to strengthen it. Even behind those windows, a thick iron mesh had been welded. As a result, after those people fled to the trading room, they felt temporarily relieved. Even, Yuan boss had dared to stand up. But now, their only safe place had been destroyed!

Hong sister had hastened retreating near the wall. Actually she was filled with regret. She should have gone earlier! The remaining members from the other teams were all frantically looking for shelter to hide. Yuan boss was the bloody example. Nobody dared to stand in the open space’s vicinity!

At that time, Bai Pinghai’s angry roaring suddenly sounded in the trading room, "What are you doing? Pick up your guns and get ready to fight!"

He firstly hid behind a bulletproof shield, getting a rifle from a subordinate. Those people were scared silly. After hearing Bai Pinghai’s roaring, they immediately reacted.

Bai Zhanshan grabbed a light machine gun, and his physique suddenly skyrocketed turning into a bear. He said, "That barrel is extremely dangerous. We should be careful! Taking advantage of such moments, we must destroy that minibus!"

They all believed that Jiang Liushi’s power relied on his MCV. So, as long as they destroyed his MCV, they would easily deal with Jiang Liushi.

"That motherf*cker is going to die! Quickly! Charge out!" Bai Zhanshan shouted. Those members suddenly recovered. That car was too horrible!

"Shoot!" Those people flipped up the tables hiding behind them, and then they stretched out their guns, facing the door to pull the trigger!

Jiang Liushi’s minibus was outside. Actually, it was a big target. But those people did not dare to aim! Jiang Liushi was a sharpshooter, and no one could escape from his eyes.

"Da da da!" Intensive gunshots sounded suddenly.

Bai Pinghai's face had a twisted expression. He believed that Jiang Liushi’s minibus should be ruined after the rain of bullets. He estimated that the beauty in black had been turned into swiss cheese.

That was a pity, otherwise, he would torture that beauty before Jiang Liushi’s eyes. It was the first time for Bai Pinghai suffering such loses. So he would love to torture Jiang Liushi and his members till they were begging to die.

He frantically shot more than a dozen bullets. Hearing the sound of bullets hitting on the minibus, Bai Pinghai felt satisfied. However, at that moment, the sound of that engine once again sounded.


It was incredible. Hearing that minibus coming back to ‘life’, everyone was dumbfounded. Bai Pinghai moved to the window, carefully looking out, and he was suddenly shocked! That minibus was still in perfect condition without the slightest damage! Some bullet holes were left on the windshield, but the bullets had not penetrated into it at all. It was bulletproof!

"He is a crazy man!" Bai Pinghai was about to lose his sanity. In addition to wasting some bullets, Jiang Liushi had not suffered any loses.

"Is he about to leave?" Hong sister said in a trembling voice. In fact, they all clearly knew that that was Jiang Liushi’s scheme to gain time, in order to complete escape plan. To be frank, it was just a trick. If the trading room was demolished, they would die! So everyone intended to withdraw, even Bai Pinghai was no exception.

Bai Pinghai, could retreat to the Armed Police Base. As long as he returned, Jiang Liushi could do nothing to him. After he re-organized his power, he would still be able to find Jiang Liushi for revenge. After all, ‘a wise man does not fight when the odds are against him.’

Revenge was a dish that should be eaten cold. Bai Pinghai made a gesture to Zhou Jing, who was just like a monkey. Although he looked sick, he was very agile. He used those corpses as a cover quickly climbing to the door. Soon, Zhou Jing reached their modified armed police car, and used the key to unlock the door. As long as Bai Pinghai and his brother rushed out, they could immediately drive away!

As long as Jiang Liushi drove a little further away, although those people knew that they would be exposed, they would still give it a try.

But at that time, the roar of the engine rang again.

‘Boom!’ With the roar fast approaching, a burst of huge muffled sound came again. Everyone watched a police car fly up, rolling a few rounds, and then it smashed into the roadside of a store. That Zhou Jing was in that car! He did not even reveal his head; only blood was flowing out a gap.

Jiang Liushis’s minibus was gaining speed and destroying every car in its way. All the cars parked outside were all turned over by Jiang Liushi’s MCV just like some toy cars.

It was like a giant casually trampling a few ants to death. There were no longer usable cars! Jiang Liushi had absolutely cut their escape route!

Inside the car, Ran Xiyu was shocked. She had thought that Jiang Liushi would be in danger. But she did not expect that Jiang Liushi, with just a car, had almost ruined the whole black market.

It was obvious that Jiang Liushi was ruthless. Until the last car parked before the trading room was hit, Jiang Liushi headed to the door of the trading room. In the trade room, they could even hear a pin drop due the absolute silence!

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