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Chapter 141: Struggle!

Chapter 141: Struggle!
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Bai Pinghai’s special ability was one that could turn his body into metal, similar to his brother’s body transformation ability. The ability gave him super-strength and defense, which was enough to resist a dagger, but it was useless against rifles and machine guns’ 8-9 mm bullets. Perhaps in the future, after evolving his ability, Bai Pinghai wouldn’t be afraid of bullets any more. However, the major issue was he needed to survive today!

As he was facing a life-or-death situation, Bai Pinghai’s potential exploded far more than usual. Around eighteen meters separated him from the MCV, so he was rushing holding the 500kg thick steel column! He poured all his strength in his legs and burst forward!

Jiang Liushi had just killed his brother, and the muzzle was still being turned to the gunner room’s front. Bai Pinghai seized the one or two seconds of the attack interval! He knew that this chance was acquired at the cost of his brother’s life. Moreover, he knew clearly that it would be the only chance he got to attack.

"Go die!" Bai Pinghai jumped into the air! Jiang Liushi was about to pull the trigger, but Bai Pinghai used the MCV to his advantage. Although Jiang Liushi could aim from any position in the gunner room, it still had a blind spot. That blind spot was the MCV’s front, as the bullets would land on it.

"Ying, be careful!"

Jiang Liushi shouted. Before his voice had faded, Bai Pinghai had already attacked.

Jiang Liushi’s powerful weapon, the ‘Air Cannon’ needed a few seconds to recharge, so it was naturally useless. Bai Pinghai leapt over the collision ram directly and jumped like a bird.

The steel column’s great impact coupled with Bai Pinghai’s full power finally showed its might! The steel column hit the windshield!


The MCV’s windshield MCV shook heavily and the bulletproof glass shattered in countless pieces! The glass were scattering in all directions, reflecting rays of light, and looked as thousand drops of water!

Let’s not forget that bulletproof glass, after all, was not a tank armor, which consisted of a combined multi-layers of glass. Although it was able to block bullets, each bullet would break one or two layers of glass, so a continuous rain of bullets would make it thinner.


A lot of glass shredded rain smashed into the MCV’s interior. The steel column had smashed the windshield! In the MCV, Ran Xiyu was pale. Sun Kun and Zhang Hai instantly stood up at the same time! Ying had jumped from the driver's seat.

"Boom!" The steel column heavily landed on the driver's seat, which was almost penetrated! Luckily, Ying could rely on the Starseed to unfasten seat belt, if it was anyone else, they would be stagnated by the seat belt, and then become 'one' with the seat.

"Go and die!" Seeing that he was successful and finally had pierced the bulletproof glass, Bai Pinghai attacked again, and another large piece of bulletproof glass was broken!

He wanted to get inside the MCV. However, at that moment, Jiang Zhuying grabbed the steel column before he could pull it back!

"Zi-Zi-!" Jiang Zhuying released a dazzling blue current, around a thousand volts, and it passed through the steel column and electrified Bai Pinghai.

‘Aaargh’ Bai Pinghai groaned. He had a metallic body, although it was invulnerable electricity could cause huge damage!

‘Zi-Zi-’ The blue current covered Bai Pinghai’s body. His hair was raised, and his clothes were burned, but he was still clinging on the steel column firmly.

"Let go!" Bai Pinghai suddenly pushed the steel column. Jiang Zhuying was shocked but it was too late for her to react. Her hand was hurt directly and her wrist was almost dislocated! Bai Pinghai’s attacking power too terrible! No wonder that he could enter the base and become an important figure.

But Jiang Zhuying did not retreat, she used her other hand and continued holding the steel column. Jiang Zhuying released every bit of her power, in order to paralyze Bai Pinghai!

Almost at the same time, the MCV’s door opened. Ying left the MCV and rushed to its front. She got behind Bai Pinghai and jumped in the air. She was holding the tri-edge bayonet and aimed towards Bai Pinghai's neck. Her tri-edge bayonet straightly pierced into Bai’s neck, but because of his enhanced defense it could not deal a fatal wound.

"Ah!!" Bai Pinghai cried. He was charred all over, and his clothes were burning. He saw Ying trying to attack him once more, so he gave a punch toward Ying’s chest. He wanted to break Ying’s ribs, as she wouldn’t be able to move after that.

"Ying, away!" At that moment, Jiang Liushi commanded her. She immediately swung her body to avoid Bai Pinghai’s attack, stepped on one of the collision ram’s edges and landed on the ground. When she landed she threw the tri-edge bayonet with all her power.

"Clank!" It stabbed Bai Pinghai’s throat, and at the same time…

"Bang!" A bullet was shot across the windshield’s cracks and landed on Bai Pinghai’s chest! He felt like a huge hammer had hit him and his body was sent flying!

The bullet's force was enough to penetrate three people but it had failed to penetrate Bai Pinghai. However, it sent Bai Pinghai's body flying; it was definitely a terrible experience.

Bai Pinghai looked at the broken windshield as well as Jiang Liushi who was holding the Type 81 rifle, exposing a strange smile.

That smile was the last thing Bai Pinghai saw. After that he died...

Jiang Liushi took a deep breath. That battle had consumed most of his energy, it took a considerate toll on his brain.

"Ying, get on the MCV!" Jiang Liushi said. After all, it was too dangerous staying outside. Although most people were running away, there may be someone hiding and waiting to shoot.

Jiang Liushi felt that he had to strengthen his body more than ever! Otherwise, he could only hide in the car and shoot. If the MCV encountered any problems, he would be placed in a very dangerous situation!

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