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Chapter 142: Unexpected Gross Profit

Chapter 142: Unexpected Gross Profit
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Ying jumped on the MCV as fast as lightning. That steel column was still inserted in the seat; it was striking the eye and rousing the mind. Ying directly kicked the steel column’s end.

"Clang!" The 500 kg steel column was sent flying, heavily landing on a concrete wall; it was stuck there. The entire trading hall was in a mess. The ground was full of the bullet shells and broken glass. All the people had run away. The place look as if it had been robbed by an army. Basically, Jiang Liushi had destroyed the black market with his monstrous vehicle.

Jiang Liushi threw away the Type 81 Automatic Rifle, sitting in the driving position, and then the Starseed transmitted, [Level 1+ energy detected. Should it be absorbed or not?]

[Absorb it!] Jiang Liushi directly confirmed. Compared to a mutant beast, a human beings’ energy was relatively weak. So far only Blood Wolf's energy had brought a lot of gains to Jiang Liushi. As for "Yu brother", his energy was even less than a half-small mutant nucleus. Just mentioning Yang Qingqing was enough, her energy was useless. But this time, Jiang Liushi had made a killing.

Bai Zhanshan was blown into pieces, so most of his energy had been scattered. However, Bai Pinghai’s situation was totally different. His energy was completely preserved.

The Starseed directly began absorbing all of Bai Pinghai’s energy. At the same time, Jiang Liushi directly launched the MCV. He drove the MCV searching carefully the battlefield. If anyone was hiding somewhere in the black market, with bad intentions, it would be extremely dangerous for all of them.

Fortunately, no one was there except the almost dead Yuan boss. His body was like a broken blood bag. In fact, he was directly hit by the air gun’s shock wave, but he was barely alive.

Seeing Jiang Liushi’s MCV slowly approaching, Yuan boss felt desperate. He never thought that he would meet such a tragic fate. All the powerful guys of that black market were killed by an ordinary young guy. It was inconceivable! And it was a nightmare too.

"You…you…" Yuan boss’ fat body was trembling with tears flowing out of his eyes. Jiang Liushi was looking at him coldly, and then got off the MCV walking toward Yuan boss directly. He checked Yuan boss’ fat body. Jiang Liushi found a bloody mutant nucleus in Yuan’s coat.


"Save…save me…I’ll give you the mutant nucleus... all the mutant meat in my car… can give you…" Yuan stretched his hand in vain. He was afraid of death and he tried to cling to life with everything he had.

Although to most people doomsday was hellish, to Yuan doomsday was a blessing from heaven. Even if there was no water, no power, no network and no food, in many times as long as people could step on others, they would feel that life was wonderful. Yuan was such a case. He desperately grasped Jiang Liushi’s trousers with tears in his eyes. His forehead was full of sweat, which was caused from pain and fear.

"The mutant nucleus and mutant meats belonged to me originally. It’s none of your business." Jiang Liushi said quietly and the he took out a gun, "You’ve been fatally wounded. I can ‘help’ you if you want." Even if it was before doomsday, not even the best doctors could treat that wound. Not to mention now, Yuan boss had yet to die because he was a paranormal.

"No…please don’t kill me! I don’t…" Yuan boss was shouting, but Jiang Liushi had already pulled the trigger.


A single gunshot released the degenerate soul, full of desires and wickedness. After doomsday, there were tens of millions of people like Yuan boss.

[Level 1 energy detected. Should it be absorbed or not?]

[Absorb!] Jiang Liushi faintly nodded. He believed that the circumstances would change a person very quickly. He was one that had changed because of the current circumstances. Compared to doomsday’s beginning, Jiang Liushi could face bloody situations calmly now.

For Jiang Liushi, what he needed to consider was the wealth and the upgrading direction of his MCV. This trip to the black market led Jiang Liushi into making staggering profits. As an old saying goes, "The horse is not fat without the night grass, and no man was rich without ill-gotten wealth." Jiang Liushi returned to his MCV. He asked Zhang Hai and Sun Kun to repair their SUV.

Jiang Liushi drove his MCV to the warehouse’s gate, and then stepped on the gas. The collision ram on its front directly destroyed the door. The metallic frame was torn apart and the steel lock was completely distorted.

In that warehouse, a lot of food was stored; flour, rice, dried vegetables, edible oil, peanuts, and a large number of canned food and so on. Before doomsday, that black market was originally a farmer's trade market, which was the reason why Bai Zhanshan could build it so quickly.

Originally, in the farmer's market, there were a lot of food and agricultural products. Some people had come from the surrounding areas to find food but they were shocked when they got there. All the resources were occupied by Bai Zhanshan. They fought with him but failed. As a result, Bai Zhanshan killed them and put their bodies on the market’s gate.

For those who didn’t take the initiative to find trouble with him, Bai Zhanshan made friends with them, which could be regarded as a skill. The black market’s development would have helped Bai Zhanshan to build the Kingdom of his dreams. However, it was a shame. All the things belonged to Jiang Liushi now.

"So much food!" Seeing all the food in the warehouse, Ran Xiyu’s eyelids jumped. She was clear about what it meant possessing such a large amount of materials in doomsday.