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Chapter 144: Blood Vessel

Chapter 144: Blood Vessel
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Thinking about this, Jiang Liushi frowned. He did not want to just survive only because of luck and coincidence. If possible, Jiang Liushi would naturally upgrade all of the MCV’s parts into the special alloy, but he didn’t have this capital at the moment.

"Firstly, I have to upgrade the bulletproof glass…" Jiang Liushi thought in his mind and another unit of mutant energy was used to upgrade the bulletproof glass. As for the mutant nucleus he got from Yuan boss, Jiang Liushi decided to use it to configure the gene evolutionary liquid.

The biological laboratory’s control panel popped up. Jiang Liushi immediately found that after the second upgrade, the biological laboratory control panel’s appearance had changed. There were several big categories with different gene evolutionary liquids that he could choose from.

The first category had to do with physical strength. Jiang Liushi entered and found that all the defensive abilities he knew before collected in that category. Moreover, there was a panel, which could directly reflect Jiang Liushi’s status.

Master: Jiang Liushi

Strength: 1.0

Agility: 1.1

Physique: 1.0

Defense: 0.9

Spiritual Power: 1.1

Virus Immunity: 1.1

Brain Domain: 3.1

[Uh? This is…] Jiang Liushi was stunned for a moment. In fact, his status had been fully reflected in the panel. The so-called 1.0, in fact, was an ordinary person's physical condition, which meant his physique was normal. 1.1 virus immunity, which was probably the reason he survived when the virus infection broke out. As for the brain domain 3.1, there was no doubt that it was an effect of his brain’s evolution.

Regardless of defense, agility, strength, as long as drinking a bottle of gene evolution liquid, they would be raised by three points. Jiang Liushi would like to obtain all of those but he wasn’t in a hurry to choose…

He continued looking. The second category had to do with controlling materials and energy. After opening, the control panel also showed some information about Jiang Liushi’s properties, but all were zero. The energy option included wind, fire, ice, thunder, poison and so on, among which controlling lightning was Jiang Zhuying’s ability.

But that special controlling ability needed at least one level 2 mutant nucleus. So Jiang Liushi could only dream about it. He had never seen the so-called level 2 mutant nucleus. Moreover, some other stronger abilities needed several mutant nuclei to be upgraded. Jiang Liushi had no choice but give up. He was proud of his sister’s special ability! As for the third category, it had to do with the activation of blood vessels.

It could transfuse to the master special blood, such as werewolf blood, bear blood, which Jiang Liushi had seen before. That’s why Blood Wolf could change into a wolf, and Bai Zhanshan could change into a bear. They could multiply their speed and energy in a flash. However, the blood vessels that the Straseed offered didn’t need a body transformation to activate them! The special blood vessel could blend in Jiang Liushi’s body directly. There were various choices. One of them attracted Jiang Liushi’s attention.

Evolutionary blood? Jiang Liushi was quite curious about it so he looked the introduction. And then he was suddenly enlightened. In the introduction, human beings had strong blood and bone marrow genes. However, ordinary people's blood and bone marrow strong gene was in a blocked state, and it could not be activated. But some people, before doomsday, had activated it. But unfortunately, they were lacking the energy and the virus’ stimulation. Actually, that kind of stimulation had the opposite effect, which would shorten those people’s lives.

In medical studies, that disease is called porphyria, also known as vampire disease, which was a genetic disease. Porphyria is a group of diseases in which substances called porphyrins build up, negatively affecting the skin or nervous system. Jiang Liushi knew that porphyria had been suggested as an explanation for the origin of vampire and werewolf legends, based upon certain perceived similarities between the condition and the folklore. Those sufferers were afraid to see the sun and be irradiated with ultraviolet light, because the porphyrin contained in their skin would be converted to toxins, so they would feel their skin burning. They wanted to drink blood, because they needed blood to make themselves feel comfortable. In addition, garlic disgusted them. In fact, their teeth would be exposed because of the variation of the gum and become ferocious as fangs.

However, if there was enough energy as well as stronger mutated cells, then the so-called porphyria patients could activate the blood and bone marrow gene. They gain unfathomable power! Blood was a very magical fluid, which accounts for 7% -8% of the body's weight. All living cells are inseparable from the blood, and the length of blood vessels is close to 100,000 kilometers, which can tie around the earth two times and a half! If there is sufficient and powerful blood circulation, then the body will undergo qualitative change!

Why can people's hearts beat a lifetime but not get tired? For one day, the amount of blood made by our hearts is enough to fill a tanker! It is hard to imagine! Textbooks said that’s because myocardium diastolic is a kind of rest. Actually, it talked nonsense.

In the final analysis, the heart is not tired because there is a special blood circulation to supply it, that is, coronary circulation. The heart accounts for only 0.5% of the body weight, but that small coronary circulation accounted for 5% of cardiac blood output. And the coronary artery is the first branch of the aorta.

People's muscles would be tired, not cells. In fact, the cells would not be tired. The fatigue is caused of waste accumulation in the cell, which cannot be discharged in time. If all was enough, anybody's muscles could work all the time without getting tired. The myocardium is strong, in the final analysis because the blood supply is strong. What if a person's every inch of muscles could reach the heart’s level? It was obvious that a person's strength, physical strength, endurance, would have a crazy growth!

Not only that, the healing power and immunity would be greatly enhanced. Even one’s life would be increased, because the cells were sufficient, so the waste would stay less in the cells as well as negative oxygen ions oxidation. This was the so-called evolutionary blood. Powerful strength, speed, endurance, old mythology, and terrible resilience!


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