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Chapter 145: Configuring the Gene Evolution Liquid

Chapter 145: Configuring the Gene Evolution Liquid
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Looking through the introduction, Jiang Liushi was suddenly enlightened. The so-called evolutionary blood was totally different from what he saw in the film. Actually, it just meant a stronger blood circulation system, so that the blood cells had stronger abilities to carry oxygen, nutrients and energy. If the blood circulation became strong, then the digestion of mutant meat would be enhanced. As a result, he or she could eat more mutant meat and harness more energy to evolve the body. It was quite beneficial in the long-term.

"If I activate the evolutionary blood, I could become stronger quickly. But the daily consumption would increase! No problem. I have the Starseed…"Jiang Liushi thought and was very pleased with himself. He analyzed all the advantages and disadvantages of the evolutionary blood.


Of course, all this should be considered deeply after acquiring a level-2 mutant nucleus. He had only one remaining level-1 mutant nucleus, which was a shame.

"Let me think. Uh, I must use it to configure a tube of evolutionary liquid…" Jiang Liushi kept on chattering though no one was listening. After that he placed the last mutant nucleus to the biological laboratory. He dreamed of his reaction speed becoming three times faster than any ordinary people’s.


"The process of liquid configuration takes an hour." In the blink of an eye, all the mutant energy and mutant nuclei he had gotten from the black market had almost been used up by Jiang Liushi. In fact, Jiang Liushi had kept one for the mining truck’s transformation.

Jiang Liushi kept 95% of the resources they got from the black market. The others just needed some mutant meat. Although Jiang Liushi was the team’s main force, Jiang Zhuying had also played a very important role. As her brother, Jiang Liushi had to ensure Jiang Zhuying’s growth.


"Let’s wait for a few days! There is enough mutant meat for Zhuying to eat, but she can’t eat that much by herself. What she really needs is the military’s Evolutionary Crystal. But it is a pity that we don’t know how to purchase it for now. However, if the MCV can create the Energy Crystal, it will be excellent! …"Jiang Liushi murmured. Jiang Zhuying was accompanying him all the time without any complaints. So Jiang Liushi felt he should do something for his dear sister.


That also motivated Jiang Liushi to become stronger. He could help Jiang Zhuying only if his strength was strong enough. He wanted to protect her!

"Brother, are you going to repair the minibus?" Jiang Zhuying put down the iPad and lazily stretched her waist. Sun Kun, Zhang Hai, even Ran Xiyu had been sent off.

As Jiang Zhuying stretched, she revealed a length of white waistline filled with beauty.

"Yes, I’m going to repair it."

Jiang Liushi smiled, he needed Jiang Zhuying’s help by providing electric energy. As for all the food and mutant meat in the warehouse, Jiang Liushi had absorbed them directly because he trusted his sister.

Since he said that his special ability was related to mechanical transformation, Jiang Zhuying could accept all the unreasonable things. She knew that maybe her brother had kept some secrets, but it didn’t matter as long as her brother was strong.


Jiang Zhuying happily ran to the battery pack, and then began charging it. Actually, it could be regarded as a kind of training for her, although the effect was not that strong. Ten minutes later, the new 10 cubic meters of storage space had been filled with food and mutant meat. Then, the MCV was repaired, and the gene evolution liquid’s configuration was completed.

The battlefield was also cleaned, and all scattered firearms were collected by Sun Kun and Zhang Hai. They even brought back some damaged bulletproof shields. In doomsday, nobody cared about who used them before. Anyway, they could be sold at a lower price.


Everything was ready so they could leave! At dusk, a minibus, a freezer-car, as well as a SUV, were driving away from the black market. After driving about twenty or thirty kilometers, it was already dark, so they parked in the wilderness to rest.

They made hot soup accompanied with barbecued mutant meat, dried vegetables and freshly brewed rice. It was a fancy dinner, especially in that cold night. In fact, the dinner was the best praise and honor for them. If they could take a hot shower, then… it would be perfect!


However, this preferential treatment would only be enjoyed by Jiang Liushi and Jiang Zhuying. As for Sun Kun and Zhang Hai, they had almost forgotten the phrase ‘I’m going to take a shower’.

After doomsday, taking a shower was an extravagant luxury to them. But now there was a river next to the road, so they simply jumped and enjoyed their cold bath happily.

However, for Ran Xiyu, when she saw Jiang Zhuying getting out from the bathroom with wet hair, she begrudged her extremely. She never thought that she could have the chance to take a shower after doomsday. It was just like a story from 1001 Arabian Nights for Ran Xiyu.

However, she was ill at ease because it wasn’t her bathroom. But she urgently needed to take a shower, so she hesitated a bit but asked with a red face, "Jiang brother, uh…could I… use your bathroom?"


Looking at Jiang Liushi with her invocatory eyes, she was very worried about being rejected, so her fingers pinched the skirt lightly.

"Oh, no problem." Jiang Liushi casually said. Ran Xiyu felt grateful and she went into the bathroom. She carefully shut the door, taking off her clothes. She opened the faucet, and hot water rushed out.

Ran Xiyu found a long-lost sense of happiness. In many cases, happiness was that simple. Before doomsday, most people led a voluptuous life but they couldn’t realize that kind of happiness. That is, growing up in happiness, one often failed to appreciate what happiness really meant. But after doomsday, it was the first time for Ran Xiyu to feel real happiness coming from the bottom of her heart.


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