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Chapter 146: Hard to Choose

Chapter 146: Hard to Choose
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After taking a shower, Ran Xiyu washed her own dirty clothes and she carefully picked up her underwear. In fact, she never thought that she would take a shower under such special circumstances.

Moreover, an unacquainted man was close at hand just separated by a door. That meant he could hear the sound of water! Ran Xiyu felt embarrassed but she also had a kind of special feeling. She didn’t have clean clothes to wear, so she wore Jiang Zhuying’s clean pajamas with animated bear patterns all over. Actually, it was the first time that Ran Xiyu wore something like that.

Ran Xiyu did not know how she would look like in the cute pajamas. She was originally a sickly slim girl. In the lovely pajamas, she looked like a girl around fifteen or sixteen years old. When she went out, she subconsciously looked at Jiang Liushi, who was wearing a tight-fitting vest. His body muscles were turning more solid thanks to eating mutant meat. Ran Xiyu could feel some kind of energy coming from Jiang Liushi. However, Jiang Liushi had focused all his attention on his hands.

In his hands, there were six coins, which were rotating with an incredible speed as he threw them in the air and caught them. The coins were reflecting the light in the air while they were rotating rapidly, and it was extremely dazzling!

[This is…] Ran Xiyu was completely shocked, she could not imagine someone having hands with that much speed and flexibility... What was he doing?

Ran Xiyu’s eyes couldn’t keep up with the actions Jiang Liushi’s fingers were performing. It was quite amazing as if Jiang Liushi’s hands had some magical power. After the completion of four or five fancy actions, six coins fell together on a small table one by one.

"Paa-pap" Six coins were stacked together, neat and beautiful.

"Whoo…" Jiang Liushi spit out. He had just tested the dexterity of his hands. He had drunk the agility gene evolution liquid, so his body’s agility had greatly increased. He needed to familiarize with his body by exercising. Even paranormals needed to exercise in order to improve. Otherwise, he or she would become a lubber.

At the same time, Jiang Zhuying was holding a cell phone, with great interest, recording her brother’s training session.

"Woo, my dear brother, you are so cool." Since she met her brother at Jinling, Jiang Zhuying had witnessed all kinds of miracles caused by her brother. She thought her brother had become stronger. It was obvious that her brother’s ability was increasing by leaps and bounds each day.   

"Well, today’s practice is over. Zhuying, don’t laze around all day watching anime. You should also practice in order to get a better understanding of your ability and take a step further."

"Okay, I got it." Jiang Zhuying spat her little tongue acting like a spoiled child. Indeed, she also felt she needed to practice. They should have a good rest tonight because they would encounter many fierce battles on their way back to Jinling.

But…Jiang Liushi worried about that there wasn’t enough space for all of them to rest tonight. There was only a folding single bed on this MCV. Yesterday, only he and his sister were on the MCV...

At ordinary times, Jiang Zhuying slept on that single bed, and he slept on the sofa. But Ying had just joined them in the morning, and Ran Xiyu joined in the afternoon. It was quite a difficult puzzle for them to solve.

The team’s SUV had weak defenses, so it was out of the question. Even Sun Kun and Zhang Hai did not dare to spend the night in the SUV. As for the freezer car, it could only accommodate two men. That meant Ran Xiyu had to sleep at his MCV.

That’s the reason why Jiang Liushi wanted to expand the MCV’s internal space even in his dreams. But space’s expansion was expensive. A mutant nucleus could expand it by five square meters. Jiang Liushi even wanted to split one mutant nucleus in a half to use.

"Well, I will sleep on the floor." Ran Xiyu was clever, so she got Jiang Liushi what was thinking about at once. Between her words, she had already picked up a group of quilts, tightly held it on her chest, because she didn't…

In fact, she was not wearing underwear… knickers could be easily dried using a hair dryer but bras were really difficult to dry with it. So Ran Xiyu could only reluctantly put on Zhuying’s bear pajamas. Fortunately, the pajama was a onesie, and quite furry as well. But if Jiang Liushi noticed that, she’d feel uneasy

"That…I will be the one sleeping on the floor..." Jiang Liushi said. In fact, the minibus’ floor was very clean, and inside the car, it was warm. So no one would feel uncomfortable sleeping on the floor.

However, Jiang Liushi felt it was inappropriate to let a girl sleep on the floor. But at this time, Jiang Zhuying laughed and said, "My dear brother, you don’t get it. Two of us will have to sleep on the floor. Even if you sleep on the floor, you’ll have to choose one to accompany you. Which one do you like, Ying or Ran sister?"

Jiang Zhuying’s smile was complex. Hearing Jiang Zhuying’s words, Ran Xiyu felt embarrassed at once. She was a shy girl, and she secretly looked at Ying. Ran Xiyu wondered what the cold beauties would choose.

"Uh..." Jiang Liushi looked at the floor, in fact, space was limited. Behind him was the bathroom, and a small storage room; the side was the bedroom, and in front was the kitchen. The living room was next to the bedroom. In fact, two people sleeping on the ground would be quite crowded, basically, it was equal to sleeping in the same bed.

Thinking of the scene, Jiang Liushi suddenly had a heart like a capering monkey and a mind like a galloping horse. He was restless.

There were three beauties on the minibus, and one of them was his sister. It was indeed hard to choose…

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