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Chapter 152: Farewell, My Dear Compatriot

Chapter 152: Farewell, My Dear Compatriot
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Before doomsday, all the countries around the world got detailed information about the disaster. As a result, on one hand, they tried their best to stabilize the world situation, on the other hand, they prepared for the coming doomsday by building Safety island.

Shenhai Island was one of them. Shen Tao was clear that Jiang Liushi’s team was strong so they must have heard about Safety island.

Although the military evacuated, some were retained in the Satellite Town. In order to get some special weapons, Jiang Liushi’s team had come in contact with the military. Ever since Shen Tao revealed his identity, Zhang Hai and Sun Kun had complicated expressions.

They were the most ordinary people, so they were angry with the military establishing a Safety Island and abandoning them. Although they knew clearly that the military couldn’t protect everyone, they still couldn’t accept the cruel truth. They were poor guys struggling to survive in a cruel world. But the ones before them were some elites protected by the army.

Although they did not say anything, Zhang Hai and Sun Kun’s expressions obviously turned cold. Jiang Liushi also revealed a glimmer of thoughtful look because he thought of a person…

That was Li Yuxin, who helped him successfully refit his minibus. Moreover, at that critical juncture, Li Yuxin had called to tell him where to escape, which let Jiang Liushi believe that she was kind. He would like to know about Li Yuxin…  

Their reactions couldn’t escape Shen Tao’s eyes. He was clear about what those survivors thought. Only that little girl didn’t know why the atmosphere was colder.

"My friends, my comrades and I are not only soldiers but also ordinary people. After the virus escalated, we were arranged to a toll station intersection to help survivors. At that time, we were told that even we were likely to become monsters, and once this happened, we had to be killed immediately. Nobody believed it, but suddenly we all fainted. When I woke up, two officials beside me had turned into monsters…"

"In the end, we among a total of 500 officers and soldiers, only 72 people left. All of us were dismayed and worried. We were worried about our loved ones but we still had our mission. We remained in our position and let all the survivors meet with troops. We didn’t retreat until the zombies arrived in large quantities. Finally, only 27 of us arrived at Safety Island. The other members of our army were wiped out. "

"But the survivors we protected are all alive." Shen Tao suddenly said, but the little girl, Zhang Jiaying, didn’t know why he said so.

However, she couldn’t help crying and said, "You are heroes. And this time, in order to accompany us to Safety Island, dozens of your comrades died…"

That old professor Zhang was silent for a moment, but also said, "I am just an old ordinary man, and I do not think I am more special than others. If I can help you with anything, I will try my best… I feel sorry for those excellent soldiers."

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun’s looks became a bit complicated. They shook their heads and remained silent. After that, they began dissecting the mutant boa.

"Where did you come from?" Jiang Liushi thought for a moment and asked.

"Jiaying and I have been hiding since the disaster began. But later we were contacted by the military via radio, so they sent Shen captain to take us to Shenhai Island." Professor Zhang answered.

"Professor Zhang and so on were taken to a safe place originally, but all the other team members died. Fortunately, professor Zhang found a safe place to hide." Shen Tao didn’t give many details.

"That is very lucky," Jiang Liushi nodded. He understood that because Ran Xiyu had faced something similar. Doomsday was unbearably cruel to them. Everybody needed to take his or her chance.

"But I have used up all my luck." Shen Tao revealed a wry smile, "I’d like to tell you the truth that there is no way for us to reach Shenhai Island safely with our current ammunition and manpower. So…"

"So you would like to know whether we are interested..." Jiang Liushi continued his words.

Shen Tao smiled because he would like to let Jiang Liushi help them. There were only four people left on his team. To be frank, there were only three because a comrade’s hand was hurt by that monster.

The mutant boa’s saliva contained toxins. As a result, his arm was turning red. The wounded soldier came down from the truck. That soldier looked even younger than Jiang Liushi, he was 18 years old with a round face. However, his lips had turned black and purple, and blood was ceaselessly flowing along his arm. After getting off, he waved his hand toward Shen Tao and opened his mouth, revealing a trace of a cute look.

"It's Biao brother." Zhang Jiaying said and was about to run toward him. But the soldier just smiled and shook his hand to Zhang Jiaying, "Little Jiaying, Biao brother has something to do. Please do not follow me."

Zhang Jiaying was stunned for a moment.

"Captain, I will go for a walk." He carrying a parcel waved to Shen Tao. Shen Tao was about to speak but said nothing.

So he looked his brother turning around and slowly walking to a shop nearby. Looking at his back, Zhang Jiaying somehow suddenly felt grieved. She had a feeling…

"Jiaying, let your Biao brother alone for a while." Professor Zhang said in a low voice. Shen Tao was silent and subconsciously searched his pocket for a cigarette. However, he gained nothing; he was out of cigarettes for a few days now.

All the soldiers became silent. A few seconds later, a light sound came from that shop. It seemed that the table was knocked over and Shen Tao silently walked to that shop. Zhang Jiaying cried out immediately and then covered her mouth with both hands.

Jiang Liushi sighed, also carrying a gun from the car, followed them. The door was opened, and they saw the soldier lying in a pool of blood; a tri-edge bayonet was stuck on his chest.

He did not use bullets because their bullets would be used up soon. Shen Tao did not speak and then picked up his package, which had nothing except an empty wallet with two photos of his family.

One was a photo of a middle-aged kind couple. The other one was a girl dressed in simple attire. She had dyed black hair...At that moment, Jiang Liushi felt sorrowful. In peacetime, family and friends would treasure one’s story. But after doomsday, who would treasure it?

The sun was sinking. Jiang Liushi was quietly watching Shen Tao and the other soldiers move all their comrades’ bodies into that shop.

Shen Tao put Biao’s photos into his pocket, and then blocked the door of that shop and started a fire. Their eyes were wet. A few brothers took Biao's military cap down and hung it on the burning fire.

At that moment, the army emblem seemed exceptionally bright because of the flames. Shen Tao removed a pot of water from his waist. "Brother, I know you usually love to drink. Farewell, my dear compatriot…"

Water spilled on the ground washing the blood on it.

"Today, the military emblem is your monument and the battlefield your mound. You were all outstanding people. Farewell, my dear compatriots."

Before the raging fire, three soldiers standing before the corpses and facing the small military cap made a military salute.

Seeing the scene, Jiang Liushi was absorbed in his own thoughts.

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