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Chapter 155: The Key to Evolution

Chapter 155: The Key to Evolution
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Among all the choices offered by Starseed, lots of them needed a level 2 nucleus to be unlocked. If Jiang Liushi set up a laboratory to extract energy crystals, he would get many high-quality energy crystals. They would be better than those the military offered. Moreover, all other members of his team could enjoy the energy crystal.

Jiang Liushi intended to set up one laboratory as soon as possible and he was eager to acquire a special ability related to controlling energy. However, as an old saying goes, "To bite off more than you can chew." Jiang Liushi decided to give up on what he currently wanted and focus on training his brain.

What he needed most was to improve his physique! Three-fold agility let Jiang Liushi’s body reaction keep up with the evolution of his brain, but he couldn’t last long with a poor physique. It was similar in every respect with any machine. It was quite important for Jiang Liushi to improve his physique as he could protect himself and improve his chances of surviving. At least, it could let him get off his minibus in urgent situations.

There were two ways to enhance his physique. One was to consume an evolutionary liquid boosting the physique attribute and the other was to activate the blood vessel!

Although Jiang Liushi wanted to use both methods, activating the blood vessel was his priority. Jiang Liushi communicated with Starseed and then opened the list which activated the blood. He looked through them one by one, and at last, he stopped at one choice—activating blood vessel through blood! It was similar to porphyria or cancer. Actually, Jiang Liushi had heard of a theory claiming that porphyria or cancer was just a result of human evolution. But only at that stage, that evolution was fatal.

Cancer cells could divide and proliferate indefinitely, at the same time cancer cells could transform and destroy normal cell tissue, but cancer cells could hardly affect the strong myocardium. Once the body muscles changed into heart muscles, mankind would be able to get rid of cancer. That’s why many scientists took cancer cells as a key to reaching eternal life. They wanted to study how cancer cells across the telomeres limit had unlimited replication. If this technology made a breakthrough, then in the future we could extend human lives as long as we wanted.

Activating blood vessel through blood meant that there were no side effects involved in the whole process. It could let the host's blood circulation become more powerful. In other words, that’s how a human could achieve real evolution! So what brought by it included powerful power, speed, stamina and terrible resilience! Resilience! Jiang Liushi was most touched by that one. After doomsday, what they lacked most was medical treatment in that poor environment. If one was stabbed, they would likely die due to infection. Even if they could survive, the decline in mobility due to physical injuries would also bring tremendous danger in the long recovery period. Ordinary people's physiques were very weak, so after being injured, they would lose the ability of resistance. Therefore, the importance of resilience was self-evident.

Jiang Liushi repeatedly considered that question, but after sitting in the driver’s seat he snapped out of it immediately. He chose to activate the blood vessel through blood.

"Ka-" The groove opened and he placed the level 2 mutant nucleus decisively in it. As the groove retracted, Starseed transmitted immediately, [A level 2 nucleus has been detected, and those following options are available…]

The options list appeared at once but Jiang Liushi just said in his mind without any hesitation, "Activate the blood vessel through blood."

[Host’s body will be scanned to check its condition… the scan has been completed.] After that a list with the scan’s information on the panel, amongst which his body’s data included heart rate, blood pressure and so on.

[Host has chosen to the blood vessel through blood. The gene evolution liquid is under configuration.]

Jiang Liushi originally thought that the configuration process needed a long period but it only took fifteen minutes. The gene evolution liquid had been configured; it was a tube of almost transparent light pink liquid. Jiang Liushi just took a glance and then drank it immediately. A few seconds later, Jiang Liushi’s body suddenly experienced strange changes.

Everything happened really fast. Jiang Liushi felt that all sounds and noises had been isolated and only his heartbeat was getting louder and louder. Gradually, he could hear his heartbeat through his ears and his limbs lost all of their strength, rendering him paralyzed. After that his body’s warmth increased and started sweating; even his palms were affected. Lastly, the blood circulation’s speed accelerated

Blood created from the heart, through the aorta, middle artery, and capillaries was flowing to every part of his body; then it circulated through small veins, middle veins and large veins returning to the heart.

There were no accurate data about blood circulation in that order, but it lasted about 20 seconds or so. Of course, in the process of activating blood vessels, Jiang Liushi’s blood circulation speed would be much faster than ordinary people’s.

In the scanning panel, Jiang Liushi could clearly see the changes in his real-time body data. Jiang Liushi’s red blood cells, white blood cells were all changed and the amount of oxygen his blood could carry increased. For ordinary people, the average arterial blood oxygen content in 100 ml was about 19 ml, and for venous blood oxygen content was about 14 ml. However, Jiang Liushi’s data showed the triple amount.

For ordinary people, if large oxygen moved into the blood, then he or she would get oxygen poisoning. Firstly, they will feel some comfort, but soon their inhibition of respiratory center would be restrained. Then the respiratory rate would slow, and carbon dioxide emissions would fail. As a result, it could cause coma and death.

But that was not the case for Jiang Liushi, his blood cells were evolving. There would be no side effects at all! Increasing the body's blood oxygen level would bring overall improvement to his physical fitness!

Athletes' blood oxygen content was higher than that of ordinary people. Many athletes would be sent to some areas with low natural oxygen content for training so as to increase their body’s oxygen carrying capacity. Some athletes would even store their blood in a refrigerator and transfuse it back to their body before a match. That kind of self-blood transfusion was also a way to improve blood oxygen content.

That process lasted about half an hour. Jiang Liushi jumped out from his seat suddenly. He checked his hands and took long breaths.

Breaths exhaled from his nose even formed two faint white gases directly rushing a foot away. Seeing that kind of situation, Jiang Liushi was astonished.


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Editor's corner; Did you miss Biology? I don't know about the theory's accuracy, but what I do know is that the self-transfusion is real. It's been banned as it's considered a doping method and its side-effects appear in the long run. D*mn, the PE lessons are useful :p So, please don't get any funny ideas because you read it in a novel, it's fiction. Have fun ^_^