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Chapter 159: Leaving for Shenhai Island

Chapter 159: Leaving for Shenhai Island
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Jiang Liushi was in a state of exhaustion because the energy stored in his body had been depleted. Although his physique had been greatly improved, the relative energy consumed he consumed also had increased. They were supplementary to each other. Just as when his MCV was improved, its consumption also increased.

Jiang Liushi gradually realized that the stocked mutant meat could be eaten up very quickly and the mutant meat’s price would rise quickly. No matter if it was mutant meat or mutant nucleus, they would be the most important consumables.

[I will try my best to collect mutant meat, but my top priority is still the mutant nuclei.] Jiang Liushi said in his mind. Although he was wealthy, the consumption rate was amazing. Actually, he wanted to live a life without worrying about food or clothing.

Ying drove very quickly, and Zhang Hai, as well as the military car, followed her all the way. They soon left the Jinling Port. Finally, they caught their breath.

That monster brought an amazing shock to all of them, it was similar to the feeling brought by the beginning of doomsday. They were once again survivors of a disaster.

"Zhuying, give me some mutant meat to eat." Jiang Liushi said looking at Ran Xiyu and Jiang Zhuying. "I’m hungry…"

"Oh, I got it." Jiang Zhuying understood immediately, and then she walked to the kitchen, "Wait a minute." Ran Xiyu was staring at him. "What's wrong?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"Nothing…" Ran Xiyu became silent, for a moment and then she said, "I'm sorry, but I did not expect there would that kind of situation." That kind of afflictive feeling let Ran Xiyu almost think they would die there; she didn’t expect they could escape in time. Jiang Liushi had rescued her for the information she had on that mining truck. Although she provided accurate information, she felt quite ashamed not accomplishing the mission.

"Fortunately, it was threatening but not dangerous. Moreover, nobody is to blame." Jiang Liushi said.

"But that mining truck…"Ran Xiyu started speaking and then hesitated. They all thought Jiang Liushi had no gains. Ying was the only one who knew that his MCV had obtained the second form.

"My dear brother, here’s some mutant meat for you." Jiang Zhuying held out a big pot filled up with mutant meat.

It was about 5 kg, but it was like a piece of cake to Jiang Liushi. His sister was staring at him, while he was eating leisurely. Jiang Liushi ate up, and Jiang Zhuying asked, "Do you need more?"

"Yes." Jiang Liushi nodded. In fact, Jiang Liushi could eat another 5 kg.

Jiang Zhuying didn’t say anything, and immediately stood up walking toward the kitchen, and after a while, another pot of mutant meat was taken to the table. Mutant meat could be regarded as the top ingredient, it was the best and most delicious thing one could eat. Jiang Liushi picked up a piece of meat and threw it into his mouth. It just melted into his mouth leaving behind an amazing feeling.

One piece after another, Jiang Zhuying's sight followed her brother’s chopsticks moving to his mouth back and forth several times! Jiang Liushi’s strength had soared as well as his appetite.

"I finished, and thank you, my dear sister." Jiang Liushi was fully satisfied and content so he put down the chopsticks. As nearly 10 kg mutant meat was moving into his stomach, Jiang Liushi got a kind of comfortable feeling.

After activating his blood vessel, Jiang Liushi’s stomach had become stronger, so he could eat more and harness more energy; he knew it was due to improving his digesting ability. Jiang Zhuying’s eyes blinked because she felt her brother was getting stronger and even more mysterious. However, she didn’t have any interest to ask. She would only feel extreme happiness as long as her brother was getting stronger.

When Jiang Liushi carried her while running, she felt extremely happy. Although that situation was filled with tension, Jiang Zhuying felt secure because of her brother. Actually, she decided to take her brother as her role model.

They left Jinling Port and drove to Shenhai Island’s direction. Before doomsday, they would need around 5 hours to reach it, but after that, the time had at least doubled.  


That meant they would arrive at Shenhai Island the following day, so as they had reached the highway, they decided to stop and have rest. Although the highway had been cleaned, there would be many unknown dangers at night, naturally, they wouldn’t move recklessly at night. After seeing that huge monster in that ship, Jiang Liushi became more vigilant. Shen Tao also thought that they should be careful.  

"Let’s rest here tonight. I’ll go to check the perimeter." Jiang Liushi said.

"Ok, I will go to barbecue!" Jiang Zhuying said and jumped off the car.

Ran Xiyu did not wait, she silently stood up and said, "I’d like to help Zhuying."In the blink of an eye, only Jiang Liushi and Ying were left on his MCV, so they left the camp moving away.

Seeing the MCV driving away, Shen Tao felt confused. "What does he want to do?" Shen Tao asked, but nobody answered him at all. Shen Tao could not understand after repeated thinking but it was none of his business.

"We also brought some meat, so could we roast by your fire?" Shen Tao said.

"Are you joking? Quickly join us, I’ll cook it." Zhang Hai answered just like a chef.

Shen Tao looked at the bottles and jars filled with spices, his admiration was expressed not only in words but also on his face.


Zhang Jiaying lying on the fence looked blankly with her big eyes. She had not eaten a good meal for a long time, however, today she could finally eat to her heart’s content!

At that time, Jiang Liushi had driven his MCV a kilometer away. Looking back, they could no longer see their camp anymore.

"We should stop here." Jiang Liushi said. At the same time, his mood was inevitably agitated. He wondered what the second form of his MCV would be like.

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