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Chapter 160: Launching the MCV’s Second Form

Chapter 160: Launching the MCV’s Second Form
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At that crucial moment, Jiang Liushi didn’t have enough time to see that mining truck, so he couldn’t wait any longer He wanted to check that mining truck, which was the MCV’s second form, at once. He was sitting in the driver's seat with his hands clutching the steering wheel tightly.

In fact, after launching the MCV’s second form successfully, a new button appeared on the MCV’s operating console. That button, hidden next to the dashboard, would be opened automatically from a gap as soon as Jiang Liushi’s mind ordered it. Seeing the black button, Jiang Liushi felt quite happy.

[Change to the second form!] Jiang Liushi stretched out his hand pressing that button at once. After a light sound, there were no obvious changes, but then, in Jiang Liushi’s mind, the MCV’s projection appeared.

Jiang Liushi felt the vehicle transforming while he was watching the ground from a higher place than before. Compared to the original minibus, the truck's steering wheel was larger. Actually, all the components and parts changed in a very short time; it was like he was playing a VR simulation game.

He could naturally see the internal changes, as for the external changes he could see them in his mind. Starting from the tires, all the shells of the original minibus quickly disappeared, and they were replaced by huge tires and thick steel. In less than a second, his minibus disappeared from the highway, and a terrifying mining truck appeared immediately!

‘Boom!’ The ground trembled for a moment and a layer of dust blew under the truck’s tires. Jiang Liushi was astounded by the changes.

The height of Caterpillar 793D mining self-unloading truck was almost 6.5 meters. Sitting in the cab and looking at the cars parked along the road, Jiang Liushi felt he was looking at some children's toys. At that moment, a transmission with the mining truck’s information and data appeared in his mind.

Model: mining truck.

Empty car quality: 165769kg (in line with standards).

Height: 6.494 meters.

Width: 7.68 meters.

Length: 12.862 meters.

Energy: diesel-powered.

Power: 1743kW.

Fuel tank capacity: 4354L.

Top speed: 54.3km / h.

Functions: ‘Acceleration’, ‘Collision’ and level 2 storage space. First form’s functions cannot be used for the second form. For example, ‘Air Cannon’, ‘Collision Ram’, ‘Gunner room’ as well as bullet-proof glass and so on.

Holy cow!

Caterpillar's 797 self-unloading truck was known as the world's largest truck! Although this one owned by Jiang Liushi was smaller, its data was still horrifying. The so-called Land Rover, Hummer and so on couldn’t be compared with it at all. As for the 40.00R57 giant construction machinery tires used by the mining truck, a single tire’s mass was about 3.5 tons and its outer diameter of 3.6 meters! Each tire costs up to 20,000 US dollars, while its consumption exceeds 78L; that meant the fuel consumption of 100 km was almost crazy.

[Excellent but also terrible!] Jiang Liushi thought sitting in the driver's seat with a complex feeling. Although the car's fuel consumption was terrible, it could help them in critical moments. He didn’t really mind it that he couldn’t use the ‘Air Cannon’ as the mining truck was powerful enough to obliterate and prevent anyone from harming them. Fortunately, the mining truck had been filled up with diesel, so he had the chance to give it a try.

‘Boom!’ The truck’s engine issued a thunderous low roar and it ran just like a giant man with two legs.

‘Bang! Bang!’ Those cars on the roadside were just like cans being flattened! Jiang Liushi turned around, aiming towards the middle of the green belt, it was like the truck was howling to the one-meter high cement greenbelt!

‘Crash!’ Cement blocks flew everywhere! The mining truck’s destructive power was horrifying!

Suddenly, Jiang Liushi heard a big noise, he turned and his jaw almost fell to the ground. There were some large cracks in the road like a huge explosion had taken place. Actually, the roadbed was very thick and sturdy, but the ‘Collision’ function coupled with the truck’s terrifying weight made it cave in!

Jiang Liushi looking at the ground, felt fearful. He checked the remaining fuel in the tank and found it had harshly depleted. Naturally, he began worrying as he wondered where he could find some diesel.

After doomsday, almost all the modified cars survivors used were gasoline-based instead of diesel, which was used by the military since such kind of military trucks, they all burnt diesel. As a result, all the gas stations encountered on the road should have been cleaned up by the military. Jiang Liushi decided to try his luck and search nearby, otherwise, he had to find it in the Shenhai Island.

Jiang Liushi went off continued testing the truck, and then he switched it back to the first form to return to their camp.

Shen Tao and so on looked over at a distance of one kilometer. Although they could see nothing, they had heard the mining truck’s earth-shattering noise. They were confused about it and didn’t know what Jiang Liushi wanted to do. But Jiang Liushi drove back quickly as nothing had happened…

"Jiang brother, supper is ready, come to eat." Zhang Hai waved a bunch of fragrant barbecued meat, calling Jiang Liushi. Zhang Hai and Sun Kun had already been accustomed to Jiang Liushi’s mysterious side.

Everyone was sitting at the same dinner table enjoying their meal, Jiang Liushi had even taken out some beer bottles for that occasion. Shen Tao and his members were happy enough to have the chance to enjoy that beautiful supper.

After doomsday, beer or cola had become a luxury! Moreover, they were actually still iced!

"Beer can also be found in the first district of Shenhai Island, but not much," said Shen Tao. Jiang Liushi nodded. Actually, he took out the beer today because those soldiers gave him a good impression, and in order to exchange a lot of information about Shenhai Island with them. Moreover, the beers would exceed the time limit soon. Ordinary beer’s life was only 6 months, which was too short.

"Well, Shen brother, do you know where the survivors from Jiangbei live?" Jiang Liushi asked because he thought Li Yuxin should live on that Island.

"Jiangbei?" Shen Tao seriously thought for a moment, and then shook his head, "Sorry, I was responsible for Jinling area. I don’t know about Jiangbei. Did you come from Jiangbei? Who would you like to find?"

"Yes, I’m not searching for anyone in particular. I just wanted to know." Jiang Liushi shook his head. 

"I can help you ask when we arrive at Shenhai Island." Shen Tao said.

"Thank you." Jiang Liushi answered, but he wasn’t really optimistic.

"Cheers!" Jiang Liushi shouted. He didn’t usually drink, but he felt happy today. Jiang Zhuying also holding a can of beer, was drinking slowly. Although professor Zhang and his granddaughter didn’t drink, they also felt very happy.

"Would you like to drink?" Jiang Liushi asked the quiet Ran Xiyu and gave her a can of beer.

"I…" Ran Xiyu originally decided to refuse but she nodded her head.

"Thank you." She took that can with her cold white fingers.

Beer… before doomsday, she would always drink slap-up red wine. However, in that apocalyptic environment, Ran Xiyu felt very happy to have such kind of supper with others.

Unexpectedly, her face became red and hot, it looked like she had a fever!

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