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Chapter 161: Falling Ill

Chapter 161: Falling Ill
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

That night, Ran Xiyu had only drunk two cans of beer but she felt particularly weak and lightheaded. Considering that before doomsday she drank red wine, so her drinking capacity was above average, it was quite alarming. She didn’t know why she felt so uncomfortable that night; the noise everyone made seemed so distant to her.

Ran Xiyu had always been very restrained at drinking, after all, she was a girl. Even if she was in the upper ten, she should protect herself, so she never got the knock. But this time she felt a little tipsy. Fortunately, she was in a secure environment and she believed that Jiang Liushi was an upright gentleman.

So she put down the beer can, and placed a piece of mutant meat in her mouth to dispel the effects of alcohol; Jiang Zhuying’s handicraft was above average. The mutant meat was delicious, Ran Xiyu ate a lot but she still felt dizzy. The bonfire was reflected on Ran Xiyu’s face, making it redder and enhancing her beauty.

Although she felt quite uncomfortable, she still insisted till the end of supper because of education instilled in her family. As she was sleepy, she stumbled on the car and lay on the warm ground floor. With the moonlight, she vaguely saw the young man’s face beside her; very clean angular face with sophisticated features. It was a kind of indescribable feeling. Thinking about the stories she knew about him, Ran Xiyu slept deeply. Ran Xiyu’s mouth had a slight arc, which seemed like a smile. It was obvious that she had a sweet dream.

At midnight, Jiang Liushi turned around and accidentally touched her face, which was very soft but... very hot.

Jiang Liushi woke up and unconsciously touched her head. Although Ran Xiyu’s skin was very delicate, Jiang Liushi sat up at once, her head was too warm. Jiang Liushi turned on the lights and saw that her forehead was filled with fragrant sweat. She had pushed away the quilt in her sleep, and even some of her shirt’s buttons were not holding it together, exposing some white neckline skin, which exuded a rosy fragrance, extending to her chest…

That slight sweat on her chest was attractive, but Jiang Liushi was worried because Ran Xiyu had a fever. He touched her forehead again testing her temperature of her; it was more than 40 degree Celsius.

Although Jiang Liushi had prepared some medicine before doomsday, he forgot to prepare a thermometer, so he could only give an estimate of Ran Xiyu’s temperature; it was too hot!

"What's wrong?" Ying suddenly sprung from the sofa, almost instantly awaken from her sleeping state.

Then Jiang Zhuying also pushed the door out. She wore cartoon pajamas, rubbing her bleary sleepy eyes, "Brother, what happened?"

"Ran Xiyu has a serious fever. You should get some ice from the refrigerator and a cold towel."

"Ah? Fever?"

Jiang Zhuying awoke from her sleepy state, and then hastily touched Ran Xiyu's forehead. It was terrible! In doomsday, falling ill would be very dangerous.

"Hot..." Just then, Ran Xiyu called and her hand pulled her clothes unconsciously.

"So hot! It should be forty degrees, which can be life-threatening if it keeps increasing. We should help her, otherwise, her organs will be damaged." Jiang Zhuying said. Ying had already taken a cold towel. However, the minibus’ small refrigerator could only make a little ice. The cold towel became warm quickly.

"Take off her clothes, there’s no other way." Jiang Zhuying said and helped Ran take off her wet clothes. Anyway, they were all girls, so Jiang Zhuying didn’t care at all. As for Jiang Liushi, he was her brother. However, Jiang Liushi was petrified seeing Jiang Zhuying removing Ran’s clothes.

"Uh…" Jiang Liushi originally wanted to say something, but in the end, he swallowed his words. Actually, Jiang Liushi it was impossible for Jiang Liushi not to feel anything since he had been living with two beauties all those nights.

Moreover, Ran Xiyu fell ill at that moment. It was a good excuse to for him to be there, but he still felt very embarrassed.

Jiang Zhuying was indeed honest and frank. She almost took off all of Ran Xiyu’s clothes in a very short time; only the underwear was left. Her underwear a matching pair, which looked delicate and expensive. In fact, her Ran Xiyu's was not plump but very smooth and her legs were long and thin.

Jiang Zhuying pulled a towel to rub Ran’s body. It was a wonderful scene for Jiang Liushi, [Stop. How can I have lewd thoughts right now…"Jiang Liushi urged himself in his own mind, unfortunately, all his actions were seen by his sister.

As a result, Jiang Zhuying couldn’t help but laugh, "Oh, my dear brother, don’t beat yourself. You’re watching for an honorable cause." What Zhuying said just hit the nail on the head. Jiang Liushi didn’t know what to say.

"Stop joking here, little rascal!"

"Eh?" Jiang Zhuying smiled and continued saying, "Did you think I don’t know those videos on your computer?" After hearing that, Jiang Liushi could not refute.

However, his sister explained, "I did not mean to open your player, I just carelessly saw the recent playlist…" Jiang Zhuying said exposing a pair of pointed tiger teeth to her brother. She was like a little devil.

Jiang Liushi refused to speak with his sister because he felt awkward.

Fortunately, Ying was absolutely faithful to him and had no idea about those things. Otherwise, Jiang Liushi would have to find a place and disappear forever because of the embarrassment.

Jiang Liushi quickly gave some medicine to Ran. However, Jiang Zhuying was deliberately messing with him. She took off Ran’s blue bra and wiped her chest in front of him…

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