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Chapter 162: Give It A Try?

Chapter 162: Give It A Try?
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At that very moment, Jiang Liushi was startled with his sister’s actions; he started seeing her in a new light. However, what Zhuying did indeed was good for Ran Xiyu’s condition. Seeing the little devil stretching her hand into the quilt to wipe, Jiang Liushi felt his mouth parched and tongue scorched.  

"Brother, do you want me to stop wiping? Do you want to do it instead? Gee, do you feel guilty that I covered her with the quilt?"

Jiang Zhuying noticed that blinking her eyes, and then she said with a malicious smile, "My dear brother, what’s wrong with you? Do you want to give it a try? Do you need my help to lower the quilt?"

Jiang Liushi said angrily, "What nonsense are you spouting!? You are just a young girl. Hurry up and help her."

"Hum!" Jiang Zhuying muttered, "Your words do not match your character. I clearly knew why you had a computer with such a large hard disk drive!"

Jiang Liushi was utterly defeated, he didn’t dare to talk about that topic with his sister again, so he paid attention to Ran Xiyu’s condition.

Jiang Liushi touched Ran Xiyu's forehead, which was still very hot, although she had been given some broad-spectrum antibiotics; he wasn’t sure if they’d work, but they had to try.

"Mom…Grandpa…" Ran Xiyu was having a nightmare. She clenched her lips, while her two slender hands were struggling desperately, shouting her loved ones. During her struggle, accidental exposure happened, but Jiang Liushi didn’t have time to look. He just sighed and speculated that Ran Xiyu witnessed her father's mutation, eating a lot of people, of which…maybe…there were her relatives.

Thinking of that scene, Jiang Liushi felt sad, but his mind slowly calmed down.

"Jiang brother…" Ying came to Jiang’s side and said, "Don’t you think that Ran Xiyu’s energy fluctuations are stronger?" Ying’s words reminded Jiang Liushi.

[Energy fluctuations?] He was surprised and observed Ran Xiyu… Actually, such a sudden fever was indeed abnormal.

Hard to be… evolution?

"Evolution will lead to a high fever? Zhuying, did you have a fever before obtaining your power?" Jiang Liushi asked his sister because both Ying and he didn’t have the chance to evolve.

However, Jiang Zhuying just shook her head and said, "No, I didn’t. I just remember falling asleep feeling my body hurting all over. After I woke up, I slowly found myself with the special ability."

"Pain? Where?" Jiang Liushi asked again.

"Every part of my body." Jiang Zhuying answered.

Jiang Liushi as if absorbed in thought, said, "Zhuying, your body's cells evolved, turning into special lightning cells. Maybe that’s the reason for the pain you felt. I think Ran Xiyu’s situation is just same as yours."

Suddenly, Jiang Liushi was enlightened!

Ran Xiyu suffered too many miserable things before meeting them and she always struggled along on the verge of starvation. However, after she joined his team, she could eat three meals of mutant meat a day, which offered her lots of energy. As a result, it wasn’t strange that her suppressed special ability starting manifesting slowly.

Not to mention they started eating level 2 mutant meat, which accelerated the speed of their evolution!

"Ran Xiyu should be evolving!" Jiang Liushi speculated.

"Evolution? Isn’t that really good?" Jiang Zhuying felt amazed, "I wonder how Ran sister’s ability will evolve…"

Ran Xiyu simply could not help them in battles, she could only help with cooking. However, as an elite, Ran Xiyu’s culinary skill was inferior to Jiang Zhuying’s.

"Zhuying, continue wiping her sweat until she wakes up." Jiang Liushi said worriedly.

"Oh." Jiang Zhuying nodded, "Brother, I’m being serious here. Don’t you want to give it a try?"

"Not again!" Jiang Liushi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, "Be a decent person, we have to help her!"

They quietly waited for about an hour until Ran Xiyu’s fever was gone. She slowly opened her eyes, seeing Jiang Zhuying and Jiang Liushi’s faces.

"I...what's wrong with me?" Ran Xiyu struggled to sit up, but she suddenly felt that there was nothing supporting her ‘twin peaks’. She was shocked, holding the quilt with a red face.

"My...my clothes?" Ran Xiyu’s mind had frozen, but…

Her imagination ran wild! She started thinking that some ecstatic events followed after drinking, but watching Jiang Liushi, she believed she was wrong…

"Ran sister, your clothes were all wet because you had a high fever, so I helped you by wiping it. Take it easy because my brother didn’t see anything at all." Jiang Zhuying explained with blinking eyes to Ran Xiyu.

Ran Xiyu felt embarrassed to see Jiang Liushi and said, "I didn’t think that…" She naturally trusted Jiang Liushi, but to be honest, in that post-apocalyptic world, a vestal body was nothing.

Although Ran Xiyu valued her chaste and being undefiled, if Jiang Liushi hadn’t saved her, she would already have lost her chaste. As a result, Ran Xiyu was deeply grateful.

"Haha, what do you mean, my dear Ran sister? Did you think it didn’t matter…"Jiang Zhuying was totally a sprite, her words made Ran Xiyu bashful.

Ran Xiyu was aware that there were no laws to abide to anymore, so the strong one could make weak people their private property.

Actually, Ran Xiyu didn’t know how to repay Jiang Liushi for his great kindness. She would like to say something, however, she found there was something different with her hands, so she murmured, "I feel…my hands have changed…"

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