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Chapter 163: Spiritual Special Ability

Chapter 163: Spiritual Special Ability
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Hearing Ran Xiyu’s words, Jiang Liushi was sure that her fever had to be related to her special ability. Ran Xiyu’s ability had been suppressed due her imprisonment and malnutrition, due to eating mutant meat, she obtained enough energy to break through.

"Give us the details, please!" Jiang Liushi looked at Ran Xiyu with eyes full of curiosity; having one more paranormal in their team would boost their overall power.

"It seems…" Ran Xiyu confusedly looked around and Jiang Liushi immediately noticed that her eyes had transformed. When they met Ran Xiyu, her eyes were already special as they were grey, giving an indescribable sense of indifference to others. That’s why Bai Zhanshan was really infatuated with her and wanted to buy her regardless the price.

When Ran Xiyu activated her ability, her eyes turned into a beautiful sky filled with gray stars, it was like the manifestation of her shining spirit.

Jiang Liushi could feel all those changes due to his enhanced brain, [Her eyes have a special power able to hypnotize…]

Before doomsday, there were some rumors about a hypnotist, who could through psychological and spiritual guidance hypnotize a patient to heal a psychological trauma.

Bright spots kept flashing in her eyes, and about a minute later, Ran Xiyu’s eyes returned to normal; she seemed a little scared with a pale face.

"What's wrong?" Jiang Liushi asked.

Ran Xiyu hesitated for a moment and said, "It felt I was in a dream... I saw a gray world, in which everything was linear… everything was linked together… changing to a line. Between those lines…a fire…among which was a man?" Ran Xiyu didn’t know what she said, but then she said firmly to Jiang Liushi, "I’m sure that person was Jiang brother. You had a fire too, however, it looked stronger than others’…"

"Oh? It is amazing." Jiang Liushi speculated that what she saw was the so-called legendary spiritual world. That meant Ran Xiyu could see a complete spiritual world.

Those without spiritual power would turn into monotonous lines in the spiritual world, while those who possessed it would how a burning flame. Probably, the more powerful the flame, the more spiritual power one would have.

"How far can you look?" Jiang Liushi asked again.

"As far as my eyes can see…" Ran Xiyu thought about it and then said. In fact, when she looked at the road, it had been extended to the end of her vision.

"Ran sister, you are cool! Can you help me see my spiritual energy? And how about this cup? Could you lift it up using your mind?" Hearing Ran Xiyu’s words, Jiang Zhuying was interested; there were rumors about some people having similar abilities.

Ran Xiyu stared at the cup in Jiang Zhuying’s hand, and her eyes once again turned into a gray starry sky. That shining sky was fascinating. She tried her best but in the end, she shook her head. "I do not know how to exert mental power on the cup…"

"It's a pity…but if you can lift the cup, then it would be possible for you to raise me in the future…then I could release current attacks while flying. That would be amazing!" Jiang Zhuying imagined that excellent scene.

Jiang Liushi knocked her head and said snappily, "If you fly in the sky, the enemies will easily target you!"

Jiang Zhuying threw a mischievous smile but did not speak anymore.

"That… Jiang brother, my ability… is useful…" Ran Xiyu blinked, looking at Jiang Liushi with a nervous look. In fact, Ran Xiyu would like to help them, so she needed to know Jiang brother’s evaluation.

"That’s great. I believe you can play an important role in the future." Jiang Liushi said. At least, Ran Xiyu’s special ability would be useful if they need to observe something. In doomsday, having information on one’s enemies would give a huge advantage for surprise attacks, etc.

In addition, Jiang Liushi knew that Ran Xiyu could communicate directly with people before her spirit’s evolution. She could pass on her own voice to others' minds, so her ability had two attributes that far; investigative and voice transmission.

Other abilities should be slowly developed. After all, everything was possible and nothing was impossible! Jiang Liushi believed that Ran Xiyu had great potential. After listening to Jiang brother’s affirmation Ran Xiyu showed a smile. She felt happy that she could finally help them with her ability in the future.


"Go to bed. We will study further your ability tomorrow." Jiang Liushi said.

Naturally, they had to have a good rest in order to be in top condition.

Jiang Zhuying yawned and went back to her room, naturally, Ying was already lying on the sofa.

Ran Xiyu and Jiang Liushi would continue sleeping on the floor. In the darkness, Ran Xiyu quietly opened her beautiful eyes watching Jiang brother.

Slowly, she fell asleep…

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