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Chapter 169: Luxurious Coffee House

Chapter 169: Luxurious Coffee House
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"Where is that guy?" Wang Shiqi asked that telecom boy.

"He is waiting in Huaxia Telecom for the reply." He quickly answered.

"Ah? The first district of Shenhai Island..."

Before Wang Shiqi’s voice had died away, Li Yuxin said, "Please help me tell him that I’ll come to find him soon… Tell him to wait at Leisure Coffee House." Li Yuxin felt they should celebrate the reunion.

"Shiqi, you can accompany me if you want." Li Yuxin asked for her friend to come because she would feel embarrassed meeting Jiang Liushi alone.

"So far!" Wang Shiqi was unwilling to go. But at the same time, she felt curious about the so-called classmate. Obviously, the name indicated he was a man, so Wang Shiqi would like to check. "Alright, although it’s far I will come with you," Wang Shiqi took Li Yuxin's arm and slyly winked, "But in exchange, you should go with me for dinner tonight."

Li Yuxin reluctantly agreed, "Okay, I'm afraid of you."

That worker had already left. Li Yuxin subsequently changed her shoes and left.

Jiang Liushi with Li Qinghui waiting in Huaxia Telecom had spent almost an hour before the telecom employee returned.

"Li Yuxin instructed to meet at Leisure Coffee House first. They will probably arrive after you." That telecom boy gave all the information.

"Leisure Coffee House? That’s great. I didn’t have the chance to visit." Li Qinghui said excitedly. "Oh, this is indeed a really different day. Jiang Liushi, the Leisure Coffee House is magnificent. Let’s go and enrich our experience."

Jiang Liushi was also curious about how the coffee shop in after doomsday would be.

About 10 minutes later...

They arrived at the destination, but Jiang Liushi was greatly disappointed.

"What’s with that expression? Are you disappointed? My brother, this is the end of the world, what did you expect? Ordinary people can’t afford anything here! Remember a man who is content will be happy!" Li Qinghui said.

In the cafe, there were few people, and a row of waiters dressed in uniforms was standing in front of the reception. They all had good looks and the most importantly they were young, which could bring a different feeling to people. Although it was transformed from an old outdated restaurant, tables and chairs were excellent.

"The two of you?" A waiter immediately asked warmly.

"We are expecting two more people," Jiang said.

"Please, this way." It was relatively empty, so the waiter took them to a larger table. "Do you want to order now?" The waiter asked.

"Give me a drink list, please." Jiang Liushi said.

"Okay." The waiter immediately took the drink list.

Jiang Liushi opened it, Li Qinghui also looked together with him.

"F*ck!" Li Qinghui’s eyeballs would almost go out. It was too expensive.

A cup of fresh coffee actually needed five pounds of rice! No wonder there were not many customers in the cafe.

In the first district of Shenhai Island, grain was used as the standard currency, and the military department had issued a kind of special food stamp for that purpose, equivalent to money before doomsday.

In doomsday, no ordinary person would want to drink a cup of coffee by wasting valuable food! However, Li Qinghui glanced over and found that two tables’ guests had all ordered coffee. It seemed that nobody could bridge the gap between the rich and the poor no matter the period. That’s why the coffee shop could exist in this poor and miserable environment.

[We indeed live in different worlds.] Li Qinghui thought and could not help but touch his own pocket. Jiang Liushi just arrived, so naturally, he didn’t have money. Li Qinghui estimated he could not afford the prices! It seemed only Li Yuxin could pay…

What a loss of face...

"Did you decide what to order?" The waiter asked.

"Wait a minute, we’re waiting for our friends." Li Qinghui said.

Jiang Liushi also nodded.

Forty minutes later, two beautiful girls appeared in front of the cafe. The two girls just stood there, immediately attracting the eyes of most pedestrians in the street.

One of them looked petite and exquisitely dressed, coupled with perfect makeup and doll-like curls, which gave others a feeling that she was living in another world.

Although the other girl just wore a simple white T-shirt and a pair of tight jeans, her superior temperament made her look more beautiful, coupled with her waterfall-like black long hair casually falling on her shoulders. Some people could only stare!

However, they were in the first district of Shenhai Island, so nobody dared to hurt them.

"Oh, my God. I am exhausted, I cannot continue." Wang Shiqi stopped and refused to walk further. She was regretful due to her curiosity, she had walked so far away!

Even in the beginning of doomsday, she hadn’t walked that far. The first district of Shenhai Island was broken and old with many bizarre people on the street. They wore dirty clothes, and several times someone accidentally touched Wang Shiqi, so she was anxious to dust off her small exquisite coat.

Her dress cost tens of thousands Yuan before doomsday! Although it was valueless now, Wang Shiqi still cherished it.

"Shiqi, we will arrive at our destination quickly. Hold on! My classmates are still waiting for me." Li Yuxin said a helpless tone.

Wang Shiqi turned a blind eye when Li Yuxin mentioned that classmate. In fact, Wang Shiqi blamed him!

"Well, my eldest sister. I needed a break." Wang Shiqi gently rubbed her legs and then walked into the cafe. Li Yuxin also followed.

"Jiang Liushi?"

Hearing a clear and very nice female voice, Jiang Liushi looked up. A beautiful young lady with a beautiful smile appeared before Jiang Liushi’s eyes.


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