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Chapter 173: Diesel

Chapter 173: Diesel
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[Well, we should buy diesel first.] Jiang Liushi thought in his mind.

He was looking around when Zhang Hai shouted, "Jiang brother, here!"

While Jiang Liusui was looking at the mission board, they had found a counter for buying and selling goods.

Jiang Liushi walked over but later was stunned for a moment, because that Red Knife team just happened to be there.

"We’d like to buy firearms!" The over two-meter-high brawny young man walking like a mountain pushed Zhang Hai straight to the side, saying in a muffled voice. His voice was loud, so when he said they wanted to buy guns, almost everyone in the trading hall looked over. Guns were an expensive asset


Although all the teams in the trading hall had a few guns, they guessed his loud voice’s tone indicated that they wanted to buy more than one gun.

"We’d like to buy a light machine gun, five rifles, five pistols, some bullets, and grenades!" The brawny man said everything they needed in one breath and after he finished a commotion broke out.

They were rich! No wonder they could reach the championship’s top 20. After finishing so many tasks, they should have accumulated a lot of wealth!

The Red Knife squad had a few guns originally, and they intended to develop their team.

A beautiful female soldier, as well as an officer, were responsible for the sale counter. That beautiful female soldier was surprised to see the brawny man, after hearing what they wanted, her exquisite face immediately revealed a warm smile.

As she was about to stand up and speak, she heard a faint voice directed at her.

"I’d like to buy diesel." That voice was much less noticeable than the brawny man’s strong voice. However, Jiang Liushi’s words made the strong man notice him. He did not expect to be interrupted, so he frowned.

He was a young guy?!

At that moment, the officer stood up and asked the brawny man, "What types would you like? How many bullets and grenades will you need?" His attitude was very calm, in fact, although their requirements were large, it was nothing for the military.

The female soldier acted like nothing happened, so she naturally looked at Jiang Liushi, asking, "What did you want to buy?"

As the officer was personally taking care of the brawny man, the latter one was too lazy to deal with Jiang Liushi.

"We have both mutant meat and resources to exchange!We are fully prepared this time!" The brawny man said very proudly.

However, before his voice faded, he once again heard the previous calm voice. "Diesel, 12 tons."

"What?!" The brawny man turned around and looked; he was staring at the kid.

12 tons of diesel? Jiang Liushi’s words had made everyone there to pay attention to him. They glanced at him and found that he was not somebody famous, so they were not concerned anymore.

Only that brawny man felt uncomfortable because he was interrupted. The other two members of Red Knife team did not look at Jiang Liushi at all.

"Boy, do you know what 12 tons of diesel mean?" The brawny man could not help but ask. It was a horrifying number! Those modified SUVs owned by survivors would generally have a tank with 70 or 80 liters capacity.

Stronger teams would have three or four cars, so all the cars together needed about 500L of gasoline. Buying a dozen tons of diesel with a single purchase? The brawny man scrutinized Jiang Liushi, as he believed that the guy’s words were an insult to his IQ.

Another man from the Red Knife squad laughed and said, "Little brother, here is the trading hall. If you are trying to be funny, you will be blacklisted by the army. In severe cases, they may even expel you from the first district of Shenhai Island. I’m just kindly reminding you. "

Everyone felt that there should be something wrong with Jiang Liushi.

For example, military trucks such as SX2150K, needed about 320 liters to fill their tanks; 12 tons was an exaggerated number for a single team.

"Do you really want 12 tons of diesel?" Asked the woman.

To her surprise, Jiang Liushi said indifferently, "Of course, the more the better. Don’t you sell diesel here?"

Although the mining truck’s fuel tank capacity was 4 tons, Jiang Liushi’s space could store the 12 tons, so it was not a big deal purchasing that amount. Only by making sure that his diesel reserve was enough, would Jiang Liushi use the MCV’s second form without restraint.

"We can sell you that amount," the receptionist said politely.

[The more the better?] The brawny man rolled his eyes.

"Okay, what are you going to exchange? Be it mutant meat or food, we accept them as payment." The reception girl was astonished but remained calm as she was well-educated.

Jiang Liushi turned around, Zhang Hai handed him the bags he was holding saying to the brawny man that had pushed him, "Make way, please."

This brawny man did not react at all, but then he heard the bag heavily landing on the counter.

Jiang Liushi had kept that poorly-woven bag…

Seeing that bag, the bystanders were really curious what was inside.

At that moment, Jiang Liushi opened its zipper…


A brand new shiny Type 95 light machine gun fell on the counter immediately.

That woven bag was filled with rifles and pistols! There was also a mini submachine gun!


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