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Chapter 176: The World Is Small

Chapter 176: The World Is Small
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"Childe Qiu, welcome." Song Feng attentively helped open the door.

Qiu Wenlong got off wearing bright leather boots, a very clean military uniform with a gun at his waist, looking very solemn.

He was a member of Wolf Fang’s Special Brigade, whose level was even higher than Song Feng’s father. All those young people, whose parents were working on the Island, didn’t share any extraordinary accomplishments. Although there were several paranormals, their strength couldn’t be compared with Qiu Wenlong at all.

When Qiu Wenlong got off, he suddenly stole the limelight, even the atmosphere seemed to be affected.

Many young girls looked at him in surprise. After doomsday, such young and mighty officers were undoubtedly ideal spouse material.

"Today is a good opportunity to celebrate Childe Qiu joining Wolf Fang’s Special Brigade." Song Feng announced and made a toast.

Jiang Liushi noticed Song Feng carrying a few champagne bottles, which were quite costly. Only after Qiu Wenlong appeared, he was willing to take champagnes out.

"I do not drink, thank you." Qiu Wenlong refused immediately, "Our team stipulated that at any time we are not allowed to drink alcohol, which would reduce strength, speed, muscle endurance and cardiovascular endurance, leading to our ability, balance, and coordination to reduce."

"Haha, excellent! No wonder Childe Qiu was able to join the Wolf Fang’s Special Brigade. You are strict with yourself and we all should learn from you…"Song Feng said.

At that time, the door opened again and another person got off.

Song Feng was surprised for a moment, then he immediately said pleasantly, "Oh, brother Luo also graced us with his presence! I wanted to invite brother Luo to drink a few days ago, today is indeed a wonderful day. This humble party is honored by your presence."

Suddenly, Jiang Liushi became happy.

That Island was really small. In other words, the world was small…

This so-called "brother Luo" impressively was Red Knife team’s member he encountered yesterday. Birds of a feather flock together.

However, it was also quite normal for him to interact with Childe Qiu, after all, they were all soldiers. Luo Donghai got off and when he saw all the girls and the party’s entertainment, he felt very excited.

"How about the environment, old Luo?" Qiu Wenlong asked with a smile.

Luo Donghai nodded, sucking his nose and said, "Yes. You can’t even distinguish a hint of rotten smell in the air."

"Haha, I’m sure you will be satisfied. Come here, Childe Qiu and brother Luo, here please." Song Feng said very attentively.

However, just after taking two steps Luo Donghai suddenly stopped. He noticed Li Yuxin and then Jiang Liushi.

Jiang Liushi noticed that Luo Donghai was staring at him, but he ignored him while drinking mineral water. However, Luo Donghai sneered.

"Uh? Brother Luo, you know that person?" Song Feng asked.

"Well, yesterday we met him in the trading hall. He bought 13 tons of diesel in exchange for seven or eight guns." Luo Donghai said.

"So powerful? Really?" Qiu Wenlong asked in surprise.

Song Feng heard the conversation and became angry; no wonder Jiang Liushi didn’t need his help! Jiang Liushi played a trick on him! It was indeed abominable.

Song Feng refused to accept the truth, and then he said, "I know some detailed information about him. He is called Jiang Liushi, He just arrived in the first district of Shenhai two days ago. That beautiful girl is his classmate. He would like to ride on her coattails. How could he have so many guns?"

"He must be an errand boy." Luo Donghai said, "You mean he came with that girl? I thought he was following his boss. Our captain would like to cooperate with them, however, he refused us without giving any reason with quite an arrogant attitude."

Luo Donghai did not expect that he could meet Jiang again so fast. Song Feng looked at Jiang Liushi with contempt.

"What? Was he arrogant before Wang boss? I have to go and check his boldness." Qiu WenLong said.

"Are you Jiang Liushi?" Qiu Wenlong straightly walked toward Jiang Liushi and asked.

Qiu Wenlong could not help but look at Li Yuxin. He also thought the girl was quite outstanding. He guessed that Jiang Liushi wanted to chase after her.

"I am," Jiang Liushi glanced at him and replied.

"I am Qiu Wenlong from Wolf Fang’s Special Brigade, which team do you belong to?" Qiu Wenlong asked again.

Which team? Jiang Liushi didn’t have time to name their team.

However, he did not immediately reply, which made Qiu Wenlong angry.

"Go back to your boss and tell him that Red Knife squad wants to cooperate with your squad." Qiu Wenlong restrained himself and slowly said.

Jiang Liushi was speechless.

Unexpectedly, he refused right away, "We don’t want to cooperate with others."

Qiu Wenlong was totally shocked.

"Who is that guy?"

"Just heard that he was Li Yuxin’s classmate."

Many people began gossiping, at the same time, all the bystanders' attention was focused on them.

It was the first time seeing Qiu Wenlong, but they all knew Wolf Fang’s Special Brigade reputation. More than a dozen special brigades had been created to complete some complex tasks, and Wolf Fang’s Special Brigade was one of them. Although Qiu Wenlong was a new member, his strength was not weak. Nobody dared to provoke him!

Many people wanted to see what would happen next…

Qiu Wenlong stared at Jiang Liushi for a while, while Jiang Liushi was still indifferent.

"Good!" Qiu Wenlong sneered.

As a member of Wolf Fang’s Special Brigade, he had been kind enough talking to him, but Jiang Liushi did not appreciate it. Qiu Wenlong was about to say something, but another harsh engine sound interrupted the tense atmosphere...

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