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Chapter 178: Get Out by Yourselves or Not?

Chapter 178: Get Out by Yourselves or Not?
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

At that time, another of Duan Dingbang’s subordinates witnessed that scene.

"F*cker!" The man's eyes suddenly turned red, and he suddenly rushed over. His huge body smashed down towards Jiang Liushi the latter suddenly moved two steps forward, bypassing his slam, and then threw a punch!

"Poof!" The man suddenly intense pain came from his stomach before he was sent flying and harshly landing on the ground; he rolled a few times on the grass and cried in pain.

"Oh, I did not expect that there would be someone who knows how to fight." Seeing that scene, Duan Dingbang’s pupils shrank and he walked.

He couldn’t feel any energy fluctuations coming from Jiang Liushi’s body, but he was very swift and powerful. Moreover, he could find the exact moment and body part to attack.

"Punching the head, punching the offal, you are quite smart." Duan Dingbang staring at Jiang Liushi said coldly.

Jiang Liushi calmly looked at him; he was unwilling to talk with that guy.

"Okay, you can keep silent for now."Duan Dingbang said, and his body erupted like a flexible monkey attacking Jiang Liushi. His palm, sharp as a knife, aimed to cut Jiang Liushi's neck, and his other hand pounded toward his throat. Not only was he fast as lightning speed, but his power was even more horrible!

Li Yuxin's heart skipped a beat!

Compared to Duan Dingbang, Jiang Liushi stood still quietly until Duan Dingbang's first arrived, then he suddenly moved.

At that moment, Duan Dingbang suddenly shouted. Blue veins popped on his face, it was like flaky scales had covered his body. His two hands were directly changed into a fan at a high speed.

At that time, Jiang Liushi’s movement didn’t change at all, but his hands’ speed accelerated!

Unexpectedly, his punch passed between Duan Dingbang’s hands landing on his nose!

"Ah!" Duan Dingbang screamed. Following that, Jiang Liushi kicked his leg.

"Bang!" Duan Dingbang heavily kneeled on the ground, creating two holes. His eyes flashed, as he was just struggling to stand up, Jiang Liushi severely stamped on the leg he was trying to support his weight on.

"Ah!" Duan Dingbang was screaming.

Deadly silence!

Unless Duan Dingbang became faster and more violent beyond Jiang Liushi’s current reaction speed, he would not even touch Jiang’s clothes.

Everyone was shocked seeing Jiang. Although he stood there, no different than a young college student, he had shocked everybody. Qiu Wenlong felt his throat becoming dry. He had a conflict with Jiang Liushi, if Duan Dingbang hadn’t come, he would probably be the one suffering Jiang Liushi’s beating.

Soon after, Jiang Liushi looked down at Duan and his members; they were pretty shaken.

"Do you want me to help you leave, or will you deliberately leave?" Jiang Liushi asked.

Duan Dingbang with a pale face and cold eyes, squeezed out from his teeth a sentence, "Let's go!"

His teammates quickly ran to help Duan stand up.

They never expected running away in such a manner. Qiu Wenlong and Luo Donghai also had to leave, so they followed Duan Dingbang and quietly drove away.

"Are you a paranormal?" Li Yuxin asked.

Jiang Liushi nodded his head, "You can say that."

"This ..." Li Yuxin did not ask again, but she showed a smile, and then said in a worried tone, "It will be quite troublesome since you beat them up. I'm not worried they will cause you trouble on the Island, but privately they may still be able to take revenge, so you should be careful."

Jiang Liushi smiled indifferently and said, "It’s okay."

He only taught them a little lesson today, but if they dared to retaliate, it would still be fine…

"I'll go back first," Jiang Liushi said.

The garden grass was full of speckled bloodstains, and no one was in the mood of continuing the party…

Li Yuxin nodded and said, "Well, see you next time."

As Jiang Liushi was walking on the road, he was recalling the feeling of fighting.

It was the first time he fought with his own strength.

Although Jiang Liushi was powerful, he was lacking battle techniques compared to those people.

If he was good at fighting, they would be bedridden for a few weeks or leave hidden wounds. However, even if he was lacking techniques, Duan Dingbang’s nose had still broken...

"Yuxin, that guy was your classmate, right?" The storm had passed, but Wang Shiqi was still a little bit unsteady, but she was even more shocked.

"Yeah," Li Yuxin nodded but was suddenly stunned for a moment, looking down at the coat, "Oh, I forgot to return his coat…"