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Chapter 179: For Some Extra Gains

Chapter 179: For Some Extra Gains
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While recalling, Jiang Liushi deduced a swifter method of attack in his heart and stopped from time to time to practice. He realized that what he lacked was not only combat experience, but also familiarity with his own body after the activation of the blood vessel. He had a pretty clear idea of his strength before, for example, his sprint’s speed, running speed and push-up ability. However, he had no idea about his strength at all. His sister always practiced to improve herself, so Jiang Liushi decided to practice more. After all, practice makes perfect.

He walked slowly, so it took him almost half an hour following the short way.

Jiang Liushi suddenly stopped.

[What happened?] He slightly frowned, and then strode toward that two people walking to the housing estate. They were Zhang Hai and Sun Kun. Both of them covered in dirt, with swollen faces, and Zhang Hai's mouth was also broken.

"What happened?" Jiang Liushi asked.

Seeing Jiang Liushi, Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were stunned for a moment.

Sun Kun grit his teeth looking down and Zhang did not speak either.

"It is too shameful. In fact, nothing special." Zhang Hai said with an indescribable look.

"Tell me." Jiang Liushi said.

"That casino entrapped us!" Sun Kun answered.

"It was the second time we visited the casino today. We encountered a group of people and lost our money. Of course, we admitted defeat, but we found out that the dealer collaborated with our opponents. We tried to question them, but they threw us out. We were not convinced, so we returned to demand our money back. But they used violence and forced us out...

"How are you sure that they were partners?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"We later realized and observed that the dealer would make a hinting gesture to that group. The crux of the matter is that we lost our money and blamed ourselves. If we hastened to sever our connection with them, we would have some materials left. Alas!"

Jiang Liushi nodded, but if what Zhang said was true, he had to avenge his comrades.

"We aren’t powerful enough, so they stomped on us." Zhang Hai tightened his fist with a flushed face. "After this, I made up my mind to practice more! I want to be useful"

Although Sun Kun did not speak, he apparently was completely stimulated.

"That’s for the best. I also wanted to practice more, but we should treat your wounds first," Jiang Liushi said.

Watching Zhang Hai and Sun Kun move toward their residence, Jiang Liushi had a gloomy expression on his face.

[That casino…]

While they were eating, Jiang Liushi after sipping the fragrant soup, asked, "Did you go shopping today?"

Ran Xiyu was wearing a new dress, giving her image a leisure style. However, the simple T-shirt and shorts gave her a very special air of sexiness.

Jiang Liushi glanced at his sister and Ran Xiyu, and then...he thought that because Ran Xiyu’s bosom was too big, the tight T-shirt made her look sexier.

"Well, many things that used to be expensive before doomsday, are very cheap now," Jiang Zhuying said.

Jiang Liushi immediately saw her adding some beautiful and valuable rings on her hand. Of course, after doomsday, the price of them would be very low.

Seeing her brother notice her rings, Jiang Zhuying raised her hand and waved her fingers like playing the piano. Suddenly, the currents flowed through the rings and briefly left a few arcs in the air, just like visible notes.

She reached out at once, and those notes suddenly gathered together glittering on her fingers, rapidly creating a ball of electricity in her hand.

"Good," Jiang Liushi nodded. It was obvious that Jiang Zhuying worked hard secretly.

"Oh, do you know how many casinos the first district has?" Jiang Liushi suddenly asked.

"Just one casino, which is in an alley west of the city. I also heard from other people that many teams gather and play in it," Jiang Zhuying said and she looked her brother in surprise, "Why do you ask, brother? Do you want to gamble?"

Ran Xiyu also felt very surprised because she thought Jiang Liushi was not that kind of person. The only silent one was Ying.

"Well, I’d like to earn some extra money." Jiang Liushi answered and suddenly looked at Ran Xiyu. "Do you want to come with me?" Jiang Liushi asked.

Ran Xiyu was stunned for a moment, then nodded, "I’ve never been to a casino, so I’d like to accompany Jiang brother."

Zhang Hai wouldn’t lie, so Jiang Liushi wanted to see how that dealer and that group of people cheated people.

"Hum, casinos are boring…" Jiang Zhuying had no interest in gambling, and she was more willing to stay home watching anime.

The western part of the first district of Shenhai Island was already at the edge of the town; it looked like a large dark mass mixed with some lights. Refugees and many workers who helped to build the walls lived there in tents.

In the area close to the town, there were some brick houses. Those houses were totally different from the former ones. When Jiang Liushi and Ran Xiyu arrived they saw one of the largest houses with intense lights all around; it was the casino.

As soon as the door was opened, two rows of girls wearing cheongsam and black silk bowed neatly, "Welcome!"

One of the girls greeted them with a warm smile and said in a sweet voice, "Is it the first time you’re visiting?

[Why would they ask something like that?] Jiang Liushi was confused.

"I wouldn’t forget such a beautiful girl accompanied by a handsome man, if you had visited before," the girl then laughed voluntarily.

Although that girl was not old, she was quite good at sweet-talking.

"How are you playing here?" Jiang Liushi looking around found that several tables were filled with people followed by a cheongsam girl respectively. He guessed it was a one-on-one service, so he asked this girl while walking.

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