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Chapter 183: ‘Viper’

Chapter 183: ‘Viper’
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

That thin man hid in a corner, after seeing Jiang Liushi and so on getting further away, he came out. He looked deeply at the direction they left and walked toward the town. In a moment, the man appeared in front of a small shop on the street.

The shop’s exterior was covered in graffiti, on its door there were two words, ‘The Tavern’, and a black skull beneath them. It seemed quite ordinary, but actually, commoners were not allowed to enter. As a matter of fact, many paranormals would gather there. Members of the Fierce Wind Squad always gathered there. The thin man pushed the door and walked in, and ascended some stairs reaching the second floor, and then he opened another door in the corner.

The room was filled with smoke, and several men were playing poker together. They were all accompanied by a woman. While those people were playing cards, they were kneading those women, who would occasionally laugh.

"Seventh, why did you come back so early? How about the casino?" One of the men playing cards asked without lifting his head.

"Where is our boss?" Seventh did not answer his question but asked.

"Inside… hey, the boss has a guest!" However, while that person was talking, the Seventh had already opened the door and went in.

There were two sofas and a wine cooler in the room with a luxurious decoration. A very tall man sitting on the sofa, his hair tied up falling on his back, whose face was pale; he looked like a dead person. He was sitting with a glass of wine on his hand, and a very mature woman was in his embrace.

Although he hugged that woman, his attention was not on her, but on a more sophisticated man, wearing glasses, sitting on the other sofa. He sat in a very comfortable position,hugging two women left and right respectively. One of the girls looked young and was really nervous, in a panicked state, as he was rubbing her; she was afraid of uttering a single word.

"Boss." Seventh nodded to the tall man and then smiled at the one with glasses, " Greetings Mr. Chu."

"What happened?" The tall man glanced at him and asked.

"There was an incident at the casino," said Seventh. The one with glasses just lifted his eyelids without speaking.

The tall man slightly moved his body and loosened his arm around the woman.

"You, go out." Actually, the tall man was Fierce Wind Squad’s captain, called Bo Zhengchong. He glanced at the man with glasses and asked, "What happened?"

The man with glasses looking the two girls standing up suddenly reached out with his hand and pinched their buttocks exposing a smile. Waiting the three women leave, the Seventh recounted what happened at the casino.

"I guess it’s someone who intended to make trouble right from the start," said Seventh.

Mr. Chu’s smile had disappeared while he was lazily staring at the time on his watch; he had turned extremely cold. After listening to Seventh’s words, Mr. Chu said lightly, "Maybe he wanted to get revenge."

Seventh was surprised for a moment, but then Mr. Chu continued, "But it does not matter."

Seventh looked at Mr. Chu, and he clearly knew about Chu Songming’s real side, and…was baffled with his hobby. This contrast made people feel horrified. Chu Songming was very powerful, that casino and this pub were all his enterprises.

The meaning of his sentence was that regardless of right and wrong…that young couple dared to make trouble, so they had to be punished.

"Two women and one man… One of the two women is really skilled…This combination is certainly strange, so can easily find them." Bo Zhengchong said.

"After finding them, should we kill them?" Seventh asked.

Bo Zhengchong thought and said, "Cut off the man’s limbs and throw them…"

"Well, what about the two women you mentioned?" Chu Songming suddenly asked.

Seventh suddenly revealed an "I understand" smile and said, "They are very beautiful! They are young girls, about 20 years old. One is a paranormal, and the other is hot…"

Bo Zhengchong smiled and said," Such beautiful girls! It would be a shame to kill them. Bring them back!" He looked at Chu Songming with an evil grin. "The sturdier they are, the better. It’s going to be interesting."

Chu Songming smiled slightly and said, "Sounds good."

Bo Zhengchong also knew about Chu Songming’s nature. The ladies in the tavern were scared to death as soon as they heard about accompanying him.

"However, kill them in the survivor squad’s apartment... Although it’s doomsday, rules are rules. Doing so would stain our reputation." Chu Songming said. Although Chu Songming was angry, he didn’t agree with Bo Zhengchong’s methods. After all, Chu Songming was a very cautious person, so Bo Zhengchong had given him a nickname, ‘Viper’.

"What do you think we should do, Mr. Chu?" Bo Zhengchong asked.

Chu Songming glanced at him and then lightly said, "Let them die in a ‘clean’ way."

"Then we will kill them outside." Bo Zhengchong suddenly understood and said. As long as they were survivors, they had to leave the safe area, so that would be the perfect moment to attack.

"Use people to keep watch out of the city, and the moment they leave I want to know." Bo Zhengchong said.

Seventh was about to leave, but he suddenly heard Chu Songming's voice, "Oh, about that cheater… I don’t want to see him again."

Seventh nodded and said, "I will deal with him."

Mr. Chu would always get rid of useless people. Not to mention, that the cheater caused a big loss.


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