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Chapter 188: The Approaching Zombies

Chapter 188: The Approaching Zombies
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Jiang Liushi didn’t like it when someone aimed at him with a gun, even if he was behind bulletproof glass. As for Ying, she was Jiang Liushi’s loyal defender, so once she witnessed such a scene, which aroused her killing intent, regardless of the surrounding environment, she was willing to kill that enemy at once without hesitation.

"What are you doing?" Zhang Jing asked angrily. As an officer, he hoped that everybody could obey his orders. And the answers could only be "Yes", "No", "I’m sorry" and so on. But undertaking that mission he felt like he was in charge of a motley crew. He was worried that those squads would turn into a disorderly mob and collapse at the most critical moment.

"Clank!" Several loading sounds could be heard, and that fat man was surrounded by guns.

"Put down the gun!"

"Okay!" Although the fat was angry, finally he put the gun down.

At that time, every member of Fierce Wind Squad jumped out of their car. One of their cars was damaged, so they demand an apology.

"You! Get off!" Zhang Jing shouted to Jiang Liushi and all the guns were pointed at the latter one.

Jiang Liushi was infuriated, so he said, "Captain Zhang! I’d like to remind you once again that I’m not your soldier! So don’t order me like this." Jiang Liushi said calmly. He considered the general situation. As a matter of fact, Jiang Liushi could understand Zhang Jing’s behavior, but he had his own principles. Nobody could change them.

Disobedient soldiers in the army were severely punished, and Zhang Jing had been in such an environment for a long time. It was normal for him to treat Jiang Liushi as a soldier.

"Although I understand your position, I’m not obliged to follow your orders. In this mission, we will act as we want without hindering the operation, and we deserve the spoils if we’ve contributed. It’s quite simple." Jiang Liushi was still sitting in his minibus. Actually, he didn’t worry they would shoot at all. Because once they shot, their agreement would be rendered useless.

"Rewards? Are you bloated with pride?" Zhang Jing said angrily, "Do you think you have the strength to contribute?" Zhang Jing, at this time, suddenly had an ominous feeling. He suddenly turned back and only saw a dark shadow flying through the air with a whistling sound.

"Be careful!" Someone shouted! Zhang Jing, after all, was a paranormal with nimble reflexes and speed.

"Bang!" that shadow directly tore through that SUV, which Jiang Liushi had damaged! That black shadow crashed into the glass from the side, leaving countless shattered glass shards, and then piercing through the seat’s headrest! That fat guy looked at his car, feeling a chill passing through his spine.

"This is..."

" Rebar 1 !?"

Someone saw clearly what that shadow was. Everybody was suddenly shocked as it turned out to be a rebar’s section! What? Did some paranormals ambush them? This idea flashed in their mind, but later they found they were wrong.

Through the grove of the roadside, they saw a large mass of black things approaching. They were moving slowly with dirty clothes, but their direction was to where the convoy was. In fact, they were silent like demons of the underworld.

"Humanity is still…" Zhang Jing frowned because across the distance of a few hundred meters with so many branches, it was quite difficult to tell what they were.

"Zombies!" Jiang Liushi said. After the evolution of his blood, he had a sharper vision.

"Zombies?" Zhang Jing felt it was strange because that group of zombies was totally different from those he met before. Although zombies were quite sensitive to sounds and odors, they didn’t have any interest in remote targets. They would wander all the time. But that group of creatures appeared suddenly, moving toward them. It was a strange situation.
"How could it be? And they seem to be holding in their hands!" Some soldiers found that all the zombies had some items in their hands. Most of the things they were holding were black boards.

"Steel plates!" Jiang Liushi answered, "As well as some rebars!" It was too far away, and it was absolutely difficult for ordinary people to notice those details.

Some soldiers using binoculars gave the same answer. Hearing that, Zhang Jing had an uneasy feeling. Steel plates and rebars could be found everywhere because they were the most common materials. What was inconceivable was that those zombies apparently started using weapons! It was horrible!

"Get ready to fight!" Zhang Jing immediately jumped on an SUV. All the people felt uneasy.

"Swing!" At this moment, another rebar flew toward them!

"Bang!" It heavily crashed into a military vehicle. Fortunately, the soldier inside had prepared in advance, but the military vehicle was totally ruined. How terrible was the arm’s strength!? It was beyond their imagination!

[Mutant zombies?] That thought suddenly came into Jiang Liushi’s mind. Actually, he expected many situations of meeting mutant zombies in his mind. But he didn’t expect mutant zombies understanding how to use weapons! He guessed that zombie in the middle surrounded by ordinary zombies was their leader!

"Shoot!" Zhang Jing shouted. Although both sides were separated by obstacles and a few hundred meters, and their visibility was greatly obstructed, Zhang felt a great sense of crisis and believed that they couldn’t wait anymore. However, after shooting, the zombies in the front line suddenly used the steel plates as shields and hid behind them!

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