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Chapter 190: Borrowing a Gun

Chapter 190: Borrowing a Gun
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

The 8m steel three-pronged spear slightly bent due to the impaled zombie’s weight, but Bo Zhengchong lifted it and threw it at another incoming zombie group. Obviously, Bo Zhengchong’s strength was amazing. Then, he glanced at Jiang Liushi with contempt and full of arrogance because their team was still at the same spot.

Bo Zhengchong believed that Jiang’s minibus was too large, and their freezer was not highly flexible, so they didn’t have the strength to support the other teams. But it would be better to do something than stay still. It seemed that what Jiang Liushi’s specialty was boasting.

Although the other two squads could only kill some ordinary zombies, they felt superior comparing with Jiang Liushi’s team. After all, they were elite teams. Jiang Liushi’s team could only be regarded as an ordinary team.

"Jiang brother, what should we do?" Zhang Hai drove next to the minibus and asked.

Jiang Liushi glanced at Fierce Wind Squad’s direction and answered calmly, "We’ll wait and observe for a while." In Jiang Liushi’s eyes, the two teams’ methods were vulgar and inferior. He disapproved of such tactics, how many zombies could they continue killing that way? Their energy would soon deplete...

As for Fierce Wind Squad’s provocation, Jiang Liushi didn’t care it at all.

"Jiang brother, among that group of zombies, there is a very special light, which has always been moving." At that moment, Ran Xiyu suddenly said. Using her special ability, she could see things that ordinary people could never notice. Hearing her words, Jiang Liushi looked at the zombie group at once. Jiang Liushi guessed that the light was a mutant zombie. "But in addition to that light, there are several other lights, but weaker than this." Ran Xiyu said again.

"A few lights?" Jiang Liushi was shocked for a moment. He couldn’t be sure because he thought it was impossible for several mutant zombies occurring in a small group like that.

"It is difficult for me to count because they’re too fast." Ran Xiyu frowned.

"Ran Xiyu, keep focusing on those lights," Jiang Liushi said.

"Okay!" Ran Xiyu answered. At the same time, Jiang Liushi approached the side of a military car with the minibus and said, "Brother Shen, do you have a sniper rifle?" Shen Tao was sitting in this military vehicle, and next to him was another officer. The officer was shocked by Jiang Liushi’s question and thought that the survivor was quite silly. He should have never touched a sniper rifle before. And in order to train a high-quality sniper usually needed, at least, two to three years.

The low-ranked officer was already confident in his marksmanship, but also believed that he couldn’t reach a sniper’s standard. How could Jiang Liushi use a sniper rifle?

"Jiang little brother, do you need one? I don’t have, but if you want it, I can borrow one for you." Shen Tao was also surprised for a moment.

"If it’s not inconvenient, please borrow one for me," Jiang answered.

Shen Tao shouted, and soon a soldier in camo holding a sniper rifle rushed over.

"That’s an AMR-2 sniper rifle, it is very expensive." The soldier reluctantly handed the sniper rifle to Jiang Liushi. When Jiang Liushi held the sniper rifle in his hand and felt its weight, he was exhilarated. It was a very good gun!

The gun was in excellent condition. In fact, that soldier was not willing to lend such a good gun to an outsider. But Shen Tao was his direct leader, so he had to lend it.

"AMR-2’s caliber is 12.7mm, firing 12.7 × 108mm heavy machine-gun bullets with strong penetrating power. And its effective range is 1.5 km." Shen Tao said. Jiang Liushi nodded and felt satisfied with it.

"Have you ever used a sniper rifle?" The low-ranked officer finally could not help but ask.

Jiang Liushi calmly shook his head and said, "No, this is the first time I’ll be using one, but this gun is good, so it should be easy to handle…"

"…" That officer and that soldier were dumbfoundedly staring at him. And then both of them anxiously looked at Shen Tao. They were sure that according to Zhang Jing's character, Shen Tao would be punished severely.

At this time, another whizzing sound came. A rebar suddenly crashed against a car of Long Yue’s team. Long Yue Squad was attacking those zombies under the cover of the military’s rapid shots, but that rebar accurately hit that car. And then that car continued moving forward, breaking the highway fence and crashing into the trees. A mass of black smoke burst. Seeing that scene, Long Yue’s Captain was shocked.

The zombies that knew how to throw rebars, were hidden in behind zombies holding steel plates, waiting for an opportunity to attack. It was terrible! Nobody dared to attack them anymore.

Suddenly, another whistling sound came and another rebar pierced a military car! Everyone was shocked to death. It was obvious that more than one zombie could throw devastating rebars!  

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