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Chapter 193: Every Shot Tells

Chapter 193: Every Shot Tells
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Jiang Liushi was still calm after killing two extraordinary zombies. His eyes were focused, and his fingers were steadily touching the trigger. After his blood evolved, Jiang Liushi's brain domain abilities also evolved. Otherwise, it would be extremely difficult to shoot accurately among so many zombies in such a short time. Although pulling the trigger was simple, to pull such shots, it was all thanks to Jiang Liushi’s enhanced body and abilities.

Because of that, Zhang Jing and the others felt it was incredible. However, after killing two extraordinary zombies, Starseed did not transmit anything about killing mutant zombies.

[They may not be mutant zombies.] Ying’s voice transmitted to Jiang Liushi’s mind. Jiang Liushi nodded, and actually, he had such doubts from the beginning. He believed it was impossible to find four or five mutant zombies in such a small group.

[You’re right, but they must be related to mutant zombies. Maybe they’re in the process of evolving into mutated zombies.] Jiang Liushi said.

Ying was steadily driving the minibus while taking advantage of the military’s fire support. Originally, Zhang Jing gave the order to support them in order to return back to the convoy, but now…

Zhang Jing hesitated at first, but then he shouted, "Continue helping Shi Ying Squad!"

Naturally, Bo Zhengchong frowned. he wasn’t willing to waste their bullets for them. He was even doubting that Jiang Liushi killed those zombies.

Among the dense gunfire, the minibus was rushing toward that zombies’ group like a roaring fierce tiger. Jiang Liushi did not pay any attention to the zombies rushing toward his minibus. Actually, he was waiting for Ran Xiyu.

Ran Xiyu was focusing and searching for extraordinary or mutant zombies. Her gray eyes gave a mysterious aura. The lights kept moving, so it was really challenging to Ran Xiyu keeping track of their movements.

"Right, 3 o'clock direction." Ran Xiyu said again.

"Bang!" After the gunshot, that light diminished. Ran Xiyu’s pupil shrank slightly because it was too fast. The moment she gave its location, the light disappeared at once.

Hawkeye took a deep breath. That was already the third one! It was unbelievable!

The AMR-2’s bullets were really powerful, so one could hardly miss the end result; the zombie heads splitting open like a watermelon.

What Hawkeye saw was such a bright eye-catching scene. Although Zhang Jing was using binoculars, he was still unable to see what was happening. He could only see the flames coming from the roof, but couldn’t see which zombie had perished.

"What a guy!" Zhang Jing was dissatisfied with the binoculars, but Jiang Liushi’s kept shocking him even more.

[There was a girl with a good mental ability, could it be her finding the zombies?] Zhang Jing pondered after playing in his mind their self-introductions. Zhang Jing suddenly remembered that girl. And he guessed that Jiang Liushi was following her instructions to shoot accurately. It was an amazing combination. If that was true, then Jiang Liushi not only was a talented marksman but his reaction speed was terrifying too! How could his reaction speed labeled other than godly!?

Zhang Jing originally thought that Jiang Liushi’s special ability was shooting.

Bo Zhengchong’s face was extremely ugly as he was wrong and had to admit Jiang Liushi’s superior talent. Meeting such a terrible and strong enemy, Bo Zhengchong felt sad.

At the same time, the minibus had been getting closer and closer to the woods!

"F*ck this sh*t!" Zhang Hai roared loudly, and he suddenly stepped on the gas. Jiang Liushi’s minibus was followed by Zhang Hai’s freezer car. They rushed together like splitting bamboo—without difficulty.

Originally, Zhang Jing decided to retreat first because he lost his confidence. However, Shi Ying Squad sudden progress helped them regain their confidence and make their blood boil.

Hearing Zhang Hai’s curses and the minibus’ roaring sounds, everyone felt sympathy toward them.

Zhang Hai shouted, "F*ck you! Bite me to death if you can! You c*cks*ck*rs!" Simple! Rough! Even vulgar!

The soldiers felt happy and excited after hearing his vulgar language! Although only three extraordinary zombies were killed, the atmosphere seemed completely different. The soldiers’ passion rekindled, they were eager to fight again.

"Aaaah!" A soldier growled and his machine gun sprayed flames madly.

Every soldier spontaneously started helping Shi Ying Squad. Even Long Yue Squad’s Captain, after hesitating for a moment, roared angrily, "F*ck! Use the machine gun! Let’s avenge our dead brothers!" As soon as he gave the order, his subordinates immediately climbed to the roof, and the machine gun began roaring. Although those people were fighting together, they were moved by that ‘brothers’.

Every bullet shot carried their anger, loss of confidence and fear that had taken over them earlier!

"What should we do?" The fat man, who Jiang Liushi had damaged his vehicle, asked.

Bo Zhengchong coldly looked at him! "They have so many guns, what do we need to do?" Bo asked in a cold tone. His mood was very bad!



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