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Chapter 199: Murdering a Person with a Borrowed Knife

Chapter 199: Murdering a Person with a Borrowed Knife
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Jiang Liushi could hardly sit still and itched to have a go. However, he had only obtained one blood nucleus, so he should be 100% sure before deciding. He was curious about the military research institute’s results on the blood nucleus. Jiang Liushi believed there was an essential difference between mutant and blood nuclei. As a result, all the functions related to blood nucleus offered by Starseed were different.

[It would be a rare occurrence meeting mutant more zombies. So during this period of time, what I need most is to find some level-2 mutant nuclei.] Jiang Liushi thought in his mind. His special ability had improved by drinking evolutionary genetic fluids, so he was entirely different from other paranormals. Jiang Liushi’s special ability could only be enhanced by relying on the biological laboratory.

After seeing that terrible mutant zombie, Jiang Liushi realized that his ability was defective. If his ability could be improved to the level of that mutant zombie, he would become formidable. However, it would be a long process.

"Continue moving forward. Come on!" Zhang Jing shouted, "Next, the infantry chariot will clear the way, and Shi Ying Squad is responsible for scouting and support. Long Yue Squad and Fierce Wind Squad, you two help engineering corps to clear the obstacles along the way alternately!"

"F*ck!"Bo Zhengchong cursed and hobbled. Zhang Jing assigned the task according to the combat effectiveness of every team, which was understandable, but in the view of Bo Zhengchong, it was a slap in his face.

[F*ck! Let’s sail with the wind for now!] Bo Zhengchong ferociously stared at Zhang Jing. And then he looked toward Shi Ying Squad, but Jiang Liushi didn’t see him at all. But in the freezer car, Zhang Hai and Sun Kun noticed Bo Zhengchong staring.

"Hey, hey." Zhang Hai revealed a complacent smile. Bo Zhengchong was accustomed to tyrannically abusing his power. But times changed, and Zhang Hai made fun of Bo Zhengchong. How could he feel comfortable?

"Captain Jiang, nice to meet you. I’m the Captain of Long Yue Squad." Wang Chuanfu, Long Yue Squad’s Captain, greeted Jiang Liushi from his car. Jiang Liushi’s ability attracted Wang Chuanfu, so he decided to befriend Jiang Liushi.

"Nice to meet you." Jiang Liushi smiled. Actually, after doomsday, many people were pragmatists. In other words, people were like grass on top of a wall which swayed with every wind.

"I heard that you just arrived in the first district of Shenhai Island, but we have been staying there for a long time. So if you need any help, please let me know. I can provide you with some relevant information. Most information outside the trading hall is false." Wang Chuanfu said.

"Oh, thank you! But I don’t have a communication code…"Jiang Liushi answered.

"Haha, take it easy. In fact, you do not need the communication code. When you arrive at the trading hall, you can naturally see our members holding a sign. We have a person who’s responsible for acquisition." Wang Chuanfu said. And then he looked inside Jiang’s minibus. It was indeed a motorhome! Moreover, there were three delicate beauties in that minibus.

"Captain Jiang, you live freely and unrestrained." Wang Chuanfu said with an envious smile. Jiang Liushi was speechless. Ran Xiyu also heard those words, so she blushed.

After all, nobody dared to be bold enough to jest with her before. However, attracted by her looks, even Zhang Hai and Sun Kun would like to call her sister-in-law. Fortunately, Jiang Liushi prevented them from doing so.

The convoy quickly accelerated. They should speed up; otherwise, more and more zombies and mutant beasts would be attracted. Leaving the highway, they entered a small town. This was an ancient town, which was a very famous tourist area before doomsday. There were a lot of similar towns in this area, so the population was relatively dense.

It was estimated that all the zombies were coming from those towns. Not even a speck of light could be seen from the buildings, and the doors were wide open dyed with blood. The engines’ roaring sounds broke the town's silence. They cleaned up an entire street. As it was getting dark, they stopped at the door of a farmhouse. That farmhouse was relatively independent, with a yard and a more extensive parking lot, followed by fields and orchards.

A team of soldiers went in to check, and then they dragged out a few zombie corpses. Those bodies were dragged to a distant place and quickly sprayed with some disinfectant.

"We should stay here tonight." Chu Songming said.

Bo Zhengchong shouted and got into the house. Chu Songming talked with a soldier outside, and then he returned to the room.

"I had told you not to communicate with me during this mission." Chu Songming said as usual; however, Bo Zhengchong looked gloomy. He vigilantly looked at the door, while quickly saying, "Shi Ying Squad’s Captain is that guy who caused huge losses to our casino!"

Chu Songming was slightly stunned and asked, "What did you say?"

"I apologized to him, but he just answered ‘Got it.’" Bo Zhengchong said in a low voice, "He refused my apology."

"What? He didn’t accept it? "Chu Songming frowned.

"I think he will cause us more trouble." Bo Zhengchong said.

In fact, Bo Zhengchong dreaded Jiang Liushi from his heart. Bo Zhengchong was sitting on pins and needles, so he intended to murder Jiang Liushi with a borrowed knife, Chu Songming. After all, Chu Songming was a Deputy Commander.

"Your priority is to focus on the mission, and take it easy. He won’t dare to act." Chu Songming did not directly answer but just comforted him. Bo Zhengchong nodded reluctantly, but he cursed in his heart.

After the room was tidied up, Zhang Jing and the officers began studying the roadmap. From there to Tongnan City, they should create a new secure route, so they had to record and compare step by step. The squads didn’t participate in those activities, so they went to check and tune their vehicles.

In a distant high-rise building, an excited person put down his binoculars.

"F*ckers, they are indeed from the army!" After that, he pulled up the window shade and then ran into the house. That high-rise building looked dead outside, but the top floor was thoroughly cleaned out, and 20 individuals lived there. They were all men, who exuded a strong temperament. One of them was calm, but there was a terrible knife across his left eye. He was sitting there slowly wiping his gun. His Type 81 gun was wiped clean, and a lot of bullets were placed next to his gun.

"Captain Long, the army arrived." The man with the binoculars approached him and said.

Zhou Long continued rubbing his gun, and then he asked calmly, "How many people?"

"Give or take about 40 to 50." The guy holding the binoculars replied immediately.


Suddenly a bullet fell down, and Zhou Long stopped.


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