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Chapter 202: Dreadful Opponent

Chapter 202: Dreadful Opponent
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Zhou Long failed to kill Jiang Liushi, so he became annoyed.

"F*ck! The minibus’ window is bulletproof!" It was hard to believe.

That black barrel stretching from the window scared Zhou Long. It was evident that the bulletproof window forced Zhou Long to give up the idea of fighting. He just wanted to run away. "Let’s go! Speed up!" Zhou Long shouted. However, they were blocked by that freezer car from the back.

Zhou Long had no choice but to rush out. Another one of his team's off-road vehicles followed him, but when Zhou Long looked in the rearview mirror, he made a sudden turn. The off-road vehicle quickly turned to follow but it hit the curb on the sidewalk.

He witnessed the minibus’ terrible speed, so there was no way for the people in the off-road vehicle to escape. As a result, Zhou Long decided to run away like a lizard giving up its tail. Zhou Long’s behavior astonished everyone in the car. "Captain Long! What are you doing?"

"Shut up! Do you want to live?" Zhou Long stared at them angrily, and they didn’t dare to say anything. Indeed,they also wanted to live. Compared to other people's lives, of course, their own was more important.

"Ah!" That car was hit directly turning around on the road. Seeing the minibus rush over them, the people in that car were all despaired. In front of that minibus, they were just like a piece of tofu.

At that moment, Jiang Liushi shot!

Jiang Liushi’s bullet shattered the SUV’s rear windshield and went straight to the cab! Zhou Long opened his eyes suddenly. He lowered his head and glanced at his chest. That bullet had penetrated into the driver's seat and ripped open his chest after killing another guy first. Type 81 gun’s power was terrible. But Jiang Liushi’s sharpshooting skills were terrifying.

"F*ck..." Zhou Long was spurting black blood, and his awareness quickly blurred. Others in that car became scared before the SUV issued a sharp friction sound and then burst into a roadside shop.

"Quickly...run!" The off-road’s driver did not even know how to drive.

The minibus stopped at a distance just like a Death God. They only knew that after one gunshot, Zhou Long was dead. That terrifying fighting force had exceeded the understanding of those people entirely. Regardless of what they had done, they were just ordinary people. All of them were in extreme panic, and their mind was almost empty…

"What’s that sound?" In that farmhouse, Zhang Jing suddenly took his eyes away from the map and looked around.

Then a soldier ran in and reported, "There was an explosion in the distance." Actually, gunshots were normal, after all, there were many zombies in the town, but how could there be such a loud noise? Was it another mutant zombie? Chu Songming sitting beside Zhang Jing pushing his glasses had an ominous feeling as if, a catastrophe was about to occur.

When they arrived, countless zombies were blocking that street. Zhang Jing quickly ordered to stop and observed with his binoculars for a while. He found that many of the zombies were clogged by the debris of a collapsed building as if something beneath attracted them. Then, Zhang Jing saw a car’s roof in the middle of those crazy zombies. The crushed vehicle had been deformed, but it still looked somewhat familiar…

At that moment, out of another street, three cars were driving out. They were that minibus, that freezer car as well as a strange off-road vehicle. That off-road vehicle had experienced a severe car accident, and its front was deformed.

Zhang Jing stopped looking at the debris, and he frowned at once. Jiang Liushi’s minibus and that freezer car stopped, and the off-road vehicle stopped in front of Zhang Jing. Then an unfamiliar body fell out from inside, and Sun Kun also jumped out from the cab. He shook his head with an expression of disgust.

"What's going on?" Zhang Jing asked.

"This person was probably the town’s leader, and tried to rob us! When we heard the noise and drove here, that house had collapsed. Fierce Wind Squad’s Captain decided to act separately. We guess that they perished together with those guys."

"How did the house fall down?" Chu Songming asked.

"How do I know?" Sun Kun replied. He answered without any sympathy on his face as if he was talking about an insignificant and even unlucky thing. Jiang Liushi was satisfied with Sun Kun’s performance, who volunteered to do that job. However, Sun Kun indeed did not know how that house collapsed. He only knew that Jiang Liushi had accomplished it.

Zhang Jing noticed that the off-road vehicle was also modified, and when he checked the body, he also found perennial calluses in his hand.

"Soldiers?" Zhang Jing frowned. It was indeed possible for a soldier to demolish a house if he arranged in advance. When Zhang Jing heard Sun Kun’s description, he immediately started doubting Shi Ying Squad’s credibility in his heart, but that house… the minibus couldn’t have made it collapse. Moreover, the body was also a good proof. Zhang Jing could not say anything.

"We should leave here quickly. It will be dangerous for…" Zhang Jing said. And soon the zombies wandering in the town gathered continuously, and the entire street was almost blocked.

Hearing Zhang Jing’s words, Jiang Liushi was relieved. The off-road vehicle and Zhou Long's body were abandoned there. Zhang Hai had already collected all the firearms and ammunition.

Another car of Zhou Long’s team had run away, but Jiang Liushi didn’t want to pursue anymore. Initially, he tried to kill them all, but then he changed his mind.

When Jiang Liushi started his minibus, he felt someone staring at him. He turned around and saw a man with glasses looking at him. That guy was Chu Songming. Although he was a Deputy Commander, Jiang Liushi felt that he was unfathomable. However, Chu Songming gave a friendly smile to Jiang Liushi and then jumped onto the armored infantry vehicle.

"Go!" They left as soon as possible. For those zombies, bodies buried under the rubbles were treasures.

Blood, living…

"Ho! Ho!"

A zombie suddenly pounced on another zombie with its sharp nails breaking the peer’s chest directly, and then about a dozen zombies went in a frenzy. That area was immediately dyed with blood…

"Bang!" That runaway off-road vehicle rushed back to the building's underground area, and then they closed the iron door.

"Bang! Bang!" The sound of zombies quickly came out of the door. Actually, they followed their car at an alarming speed. Those people were staring at the iron door with a scared expression, but they couldn’t do anything.

"What should we do next?" Zhou Long was dead, and those people felt absent-minded. However, the continually moving obstacles and iron door, let them gradually calm down again, and they realized another cruel reality...

"Otherwise…, when the convoy leaves, we will bring along those survivors and search for a new hiding place outside of this town. I know a lot of good places. But we should be careful of mutant beasts." One member of Zhou Long’s team said. Although in front of Zhou Long they didn’t dare to say anything, Zhou Long was dead.

"Who was that terrible man?" Everyone had the same thought for a moment before they decided to hide upstairs.

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