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Chapter 65: Cultivated Immortality Last Night Again

Chapter 65: Cultivated Immortality Last Night Again
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As the bumping king and bumping mahatma, Wang Qian and Li Kun really stressed professional morals. They would take turns going on BBS even when walking; they did not let go of any chance to ravage new posts. They really shocked the four other people in their dormitory that morning when they woke up to go attend their first class. It has to be known that the previous night the other people in the dormitory ganged up to play League of Legends until twelve when lights turned off, then they used a 4G network interface card with a laptop to play League, and at last they laid down only when the laptop ran out of power. They then chatted in bed for an hour about dormitory night chatter, which was nothing but boring topics such as which professors were fools, and which girls’ boobs were big. Which also meant that they had only fallen asleep at 2:00am.

However, Wang Qian and Li Kun were actually like beasts and had still set a seven o’clock morning phone alarm, and the volume was set at the maximum so that it woke up the dorm room next door when it rang. The dormitory boss cursed, and raised his head from his pillow to ask if they had set the wrong time. The two actually seriously replied that it was correct, and that they were going to attend the first big class. "Did you two become muddled with sleep?" The dormitory boss kindly reminded them that they had already asked the girls over there to sign in for them, and the professor didn’t even take attendance, and it would be better to continue sleeping. Wang Qian and Li Kun were of course very sleepy, but the master’s might had already suppressed the seduction of the magic of sleep. "Since master commanded us that we could not skip class," they thought, "then there must be a deep meaning behind it."

Li Kun exclaimed, "Cultivating immortality is bitter, cultivating immortality is tiresome, only those with strong perseverance can get a glimpse of heaven. Master certainly must be testing us. If we cannot overcome even this kind of hardship, then why talk about cultivating immortality?"

Wang Qian agreed.

Because they had skipped the previous classes, they sat on the stairs in the classroom and stared blankly, not understanding what the professor was talking about. But they still gritted their teeth and listened. Besides master’s command, another reason was because there were just so many girls in the classroom—their legs and arms were a field of white. Wang Qian and Li Kun were indeed listening to the lecture, but their eyes were not fixed on the blackboard.

"Big brother, I recall that the ratio of girls wasn’t this high in our department?" Li Kun asked, puzzled. Wang Qian thought deeply for a moment, slapped his thigh and exclaimed, "F*ck, the guys are still sleeping!"

There was only one large class for the whole morning. They were drowsy, but they immediately became energized when class was over. They ran to the university cafeteria to eat breakfast, and then left the school and rushed to Amazing Fate Pet Shop.

Binghai University was also in the Dongcheng district. Taking the shortcut from the school’s entrance to Amazing Fate Pet Shop only took twenty minutes. But it would be an additional ten minutes if heading there from the dormitory or the education district. It would be very convenient if there were on bicycle, but in this lousy school, as long as it had two wheels, then it would usually be stolen in one night.

"Ring-a-ding-ding." The cat bell sounded the moment they pushed open the door.

Wang Qian and Li Kun smiled at each other; they knew in their hearts.

Hanging a cat bell on the door handle facing the inside was probably master’s cruel amusement right? With master’s ability, he presumably had already cultivated the ability to hear really well—master would even be able to hear a mosquito that flew by on the other side of the Earth. To have purposely hung up this cat bell was to play….to show weakness on purpose, and then viciously slap the enemy when the enemy was acting pretentious!

Trap, it was all a trap!

Just as they entered, master yet again enlightened their senses.

The first to notice something unusual was the attentive Li Kun. They stepped on a piece of paper the moment they stepped through the door, and almost slipped. He picked up the paper and wanted to throw the trash away for master, but then suddenly realized that it wasn’t a normal piece of paper.

"Diamond, g…g…g…g…rading…report? What’s this?"

Li Kun recognized the first word "diamond" and also recognized the last word "report". But he had only figured out that the middle word "grading" was the past tense of "grade". Translated to Chinese was…diamond grading report?

He stared at the word "diamond" a few times, and recalled if he had mixed up this word with some other words. But the huge diamond stamped on the paper told him that there was no fault in his memory, that he hadn’t played too much League of Legends the previous day. There were even shapes of the letters "GIA" next to it. Of course he didn’t know what the initials stood for.


Lu Kun heard Wang Qian swallow loudly, and then elbowed him with his arm.

"Second…second brother, what kind of object is held in that cat’s paw? Did I play too much League yesterday and am having blurred vision?" Wang Qian said with a tremble.

It was a little cloudy in the morning, but now the ocean breeze had blown the dark clouds away, and the sky had turned sunny. Li Kun stuck out his head and looked around, and only saw the golden cat sitting in the sunlight that was pouring into the room, with all the fur on its body glistening with golden light. In contrast to the brilliantly shining fur that blinded damned eyes, it was playing with a ring in its claws. The front of the ring’s inlay was an emerald shaped shiny stone, and due to the prism effect, the sunlight shot from outside the room onto the stone, which was broken down into a colorful glow behind the stone. It gave the golden cat’s aquamarine eyes an additional touch of radiance.

The golden cat stretched out its sharp claws, with the ring hanging on the tip of its claws. It turned its head from side to side, admiring the ring under different angles of the sunlight. It grinned slightly, its beard quivered gently, and its eyes were almost fully narrowed as if it was intoxicated.

"Second brother, we must have come across a fake diamond, right? Hehe, the master appeared cold but he is still pretty humorous inside," Wang Qian said with a forced smile. Li Kun silently passed him the GIA certificate, "Big brother…"

Wang Qian gazed quietly at the certificate for a moment, and joyfully replied, "I know, the English that we learned in the past must have been fake English."

Lu Kun shook his head, "Big brother, don’t try to run away from reality anymore. Master’s pretentiousness was much higher than what we had thought!"

Wang Qian’s heart ached, "This was not possible! Why does the cat have a diamond ring, but I don’t!"

Li Kun patted his shoulder, "In the world of cultivating immortality, talk about what’s possible! Or it could be said that from the moment we met master, possibility had been decreased to zero. The heavens and the earth are big, but master is bigger!"

The two fixed their eyes attentively on the diamond ring that was being played within the cat’s claws. It glowed brilliantly like a fantasy illusion.

The torn pieces of the shopping bag that was scattered around the cat, the elegantly wrapped box, and the red velvet swan pad that was trampled on under the cat’s claws obviously showed that it was a brand new diamond ring that was neither found nor passed down by the ancestors, but that it was newly purchased from a designer store.

Just what kind of person was master that he could just casually throw a newly purchased ring for the cat to play!

Upon thinking about this, they felt sad again. Could it be that in master’s eyes, we were not even as good as a cat? Wang Qian held Li Kun’s hands, and transferred his firm faith through his palms, "Second brother, don’t be let down! This means that we just have to get on the same level as the cat under master’s care, and master will also throw us rings to play with!"

Li Kun’s face overflowed with tears, "Big brother, I don’t want a diamond ring, I just want the advanced animal-taming skills!"

Zhang Zian heard the door’s bell from the second floor. But with Fina there, no one dared to come steal anything. He had only slowly come down after a while.

"How come it’s you two again…" He frowned the moment he saw the two of them. "Can’t more decent customers come?"

"Master!" The two ran over crying and bowing their heads!