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Chapter 206: Strike Back

Chapter 206: Strike Back
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Chu Songming had witnessed the lethality of the mutant mouse. They could gnaw reinforced alloy, let alone the surface of his armored infantry vehicle's armor. Moreover, they excelled in speed. Chu Songming became anxious because he realized that they would be delayed by that group of mutant mice. And then those zombies would catch up…

At that moment, he suddenly changed the direction of that machine gun. Jiang Liushi was shooting a mutant mouse, but he suddenly felt a sense of danger.


Starseed immediately transmitted, [Tire no.4 has been damaged. The damage is about 60%.] Starseed sent an alarm because 60% of damage meant his minibus couldn’t use its ‘Acceleration’ function anymore.


Jiang Liushi was extremely annoyed. His tire had received damage of the highest degree. Actually, his tires were bullet-proof, so they couldn’t be damaged unless machine guns were used! Jiang Liushi immediately understood everything.

At that time, that armored infantry vehicle quickly rushed passing them! Although Chu Songming knew Jiang Liushi was a good sharpshooter, he believed he would be safe in his armored vehicle. Five consecutive machine gun shots were needed to break one of Jiang Liushis’s tires. Smelling the pungent smell of gunpowder in the air and the smell of rubber scorch, Chu Songming's eyes flashed a trace of a sneer. Since Jiang Liushi did not want to give up the freezer car, he would have to suffer.

The explosion suddenly attracted those mutant mice, while the minibus suddenly slowed down with a sharp, harsh friction noise.

"What are you doing?" Zhang Jing snapped.

Chu Songming glanced at him and calmly said, "Look at the present situation. If we fight against those mutant mice, do you really think we’ll return to Shenhai Island? And we must report the current situation to the higher-ups."

Then, the pressure on Zhang Jing’s waist disappeared. Obviously, Chu Songming had removed the muzzle. Zhang Jing looked back, and he saw Jiang Liushi’s minibus stopping along with that freezer car. However, those mutant mice almost had surrounded them. Moreover, the group of zombies was rushing all the way. The scene was terrible…

"Brother Jiang!" Military vehicles were rushing past from the side one by one, and Shen Tao just shouted from the window, but he was pulled in at once.

"F*ck, those mothef*ckers! He dared to shoot us." Zhang Hai could only curse seeing the minibus’ tire.

"That guy is unforgivable." Ran Xiyu said looking that car driving away. She didn’t feel any murderous intent until the minibus was attacked. Chu Songming’s emotions were hidden too deep.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Zhuying’s murderous intent reach its peak and burst out!

Ran Xiyu looked at her at once, in fact, it was the first time she witnessed Jiang Zhuying’s anger. Currently, Jiang Zhuying was different from any other time. Blue and white light flashed in her eyes.

Mutant mice rushed over them one by one. They couldn’t be killed just by bullets. Fortunately, only one of the minibus’ tires was ruined, but that freezer car would be ripped apart quickly.

"Get on quickly!" Jiang Liushi shouted.

Ying stepped on the accelerator, turning around and driving to that freezer car’s door.

[No. 4 tire’s damage increased.]

It would inevitably impact the minibus’ speed. Moreover, they had been delayed at such a critical moment, so they were surrounded by those mutant mice. Zhang Hai and Sun Kun quickly jumped to the minibus, and just when the door was closed behind, they heard an unsettling sound. A mutant mouse had torn the freezer car’s cab like cutting tofu.

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were covered in cold sweat. How could they survive? Even if they were safe in the minibus, it wouldn’t last for long. What’s worse, the zombies' group behind them would catch up quickly…they felt desperate! They had seen those zombies’ crazy faces, which seemed to smell the fresh human flesh and blood, running faster and faster!

"Everyone, sit tight." Jiang Liushi said.

Sit tight? Were they going to rush out? But one of the tires was broken so they couldn’t accelerate like before!

However, at that moment, Zhang Hai and so on, they all felt that they were watching from a higher place. Not waiting for them to react, accompanied by a burst of loud noise, the entire car suddenly rushed out.

‘Bang! Bang!’

Mutant mice were knocked continuously away, and they even saw their blood splattering, dyeing the windows. A fierce mutant mouse filled with blood jumped and hanged on the window.

‘Zizi-!’ Current flashed, and that mutant mouse suddenly became stiff, and then disappeared from the window.

‘Boom!’ The vehicle continued accelerating forward.

Ran Xiyu felt that their height had reached four or five meters. What shocked Jiang Liushi’s team most, was that the minibus’ front had been replaced!

"This…is also…your special ability?" Sun Kun was shocked, but at the same time, he felt extremely excited. They had escaped from the jaws of death.

Jiang Liushi nodded, and he looked at the front intently. Although they were delayed, they drove at a high speed, so they saw the military’s vehicles soon.

"Rush over." Jiang Liushi coldly said.

Anyone would notice that although Jiang Liushi was calm, actually he was enraged to the core. With the rapid narrowing of the distance, the huge noise emitted by the mining truck reached the front and also passed into Chu Songming’s ears. He turned and looked back, but his was scared sh*tless.

"What’s that giant monster!? Where did it come from?" He quickly lifted his binoculars and focused on the oncoming giant monster. His gaze fell upon that glamorous girl named Ying, and Jiang Liushi beside her…

That massive vehicle showed brought overwhelming fear to Chu Songming as it was crazily rushing toward them. Behind them was the dark mass of zombies.

"Collision!" With Jiang Liusi’s command, Ying immediately followed it..

The mining truck exhausting out billowing smoke quickly rushed in Chu Songming’s direction!

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