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Chapter 213: Drumstick Gun

Chapter 213: Drumstick Gun
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Jiang Liushi had guessed that this group of people was related to Chu Songming. And he had asked Shen Tao about Chu Songming’s father, Chu Chongshan. Chu Songming was able to form the Fierce Wind Squad and establish that casino thanks to his father’s support.

Unfortunately, in the first district of Shenhai Island, Chu Chongshan couldn’t do anything to Jiang Liushi, so he ordered them to take back the sniper rifle and annoy Jiang Liushi. Moreover, Chu Chongshan believed that it was too dangerous allowing Jiang Liushi to possess such a gun. He could kill him at night from kilometers away. Naturally, Chu Chongshan could not let such potential threats looming over his head.

"Brother Jiang, this…" Shen Tao felt embarrassed. Actually, according to Zhang Jing’s words, that gun belonged to Jiang Liushi. "Comrades, when we faced against fierce zombies, brother Jiang saved us using this sniper rifle. According to the rules, brother Jiang should be able to keep it as a reward. You are excessive!" Shen Tao snarled.

Shen Tao defended Jiang Liushi against the unfair treatment from the bottom of his heart. Actually, Jiang Liushi should be rewarded with many resources based on his contribution during the mission. Unexpectedly, the military treated Jiang Liushi with injustice.

The pickets’ Captain looked at Shen Tao coldly and inspected Shen Tao’s rank. Then he said with contempt, "I’m just doing my job, and who allowed you to talk? Sh*t up!" His yelling was very loud.

At that moment, hurried footsteps came from upstairs. Sun Kun and Zhang Hai rushed down. "Brother Jiang, what happened?" Sun Kun saw the picket team and was perplexed. "Who are they?"

The Captain looked at Sun Kun and Zhang Hai with an ugly expression. Those two held steel forks in their hands. And on those forks, there were roasted chickens. After doomsday, many people were unable to eat food, but they could eat roast chicken! So that Captain, who could only have tasteless tea and scanty meals, was annoyed by that scene. He stared at Jiang Liushi, angrily and said, "I’m following orders, so hand me the gun right now! Our patience is limited!"

Truth be told, Chu Songming was fond of that Captain, so if the former didn’t die, he could have a bright future. However, that was no longer possible. Obviously, he hated Jiang Liushi to the core. His superior had prohibited from fighting with Jiang Liushi. Otherwise, he would already have attempted to kill him.

"Gun? Do you mean this one?" Jiang Liushi said while revealing the gun behind his back, and he played with it in his hand. His actions were so beautiful and graceful, it was like the gun had come to life. He was deliberately provoking them!

"You!" That Captain stared at Jiang Liushi angrily. He never imagined that Jiang Liushi dared to reveal a gun before their team. That’s how powerful pickets were! In the military, nobody dared to provoke members of their team. The Captain was used to others treating him with respect. He had never before felt annoyed to that extent, so he immediately pulled out his gun!

"You are doomed!" The Captain shouted because Jiang Liushi’s childish behavior enraged him. In fact, the Captain had obtained some specialized training, so he was quite familiar with all kinds of guns. And he was very knowledgeable about all types of shooting styles. Taking the quick draw as an example, the fastest record was less than 0.02 seconds. Even in slow motion, a shot could not be seen clearly. Of course, that Captain was unable to pull it off, but he was an excellent shooter. Before they arrived, he had already been informed that Jiang Liushi’s sharpshooting skills were excellent. But he was still quite confident of his own speed.

Even if it were impossible to shoot Jiang Liushi, it would be acceptable to hurt Jiang Liushi’s reputation. In the twinkling of an eye, the Captain took out his gun, but he felt that someone touching his gun. Although he felt confused, he didn’t have the time to think about it; he thought it was his imagination. Gun in hand, the Captain, pulled the hammer to speed up his shooting speed.

His body was already familiar with those movements so he could subconsciously aim and shoot. However, at the moment he pulled the hammer, he suddenly felt something was wrong! As a soldier, of course, he was familiar with the feeling of holding a gun, but…that inexplicable feeling…

He looked down at his hand, and noticed a greasy golden color…chicken leg?

The room was quiet. All the picket members were stunned with their Captain. He actually…pulled out a drumstick from his holster.

What was going on? Relying on their eyesight, they could not understand what just happened.

Shen Tao was also stunned and totally confused.

At that moment, Jiang Zhuying laughed so hard that it echoed in the house.

Jiang Liushi humiliated that Captain. He suddenly glanced at that chicken in Sun Kun’s hands, and he noticed that one of its legs disappeared.

His gun was replaced with a chicken leg!

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