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Chapter 217: Exorbitant Price

Chapter 217: Exorbitant Price
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"Accident?" Jiang Liushi was confused because he couldn’t understand the so-called accident. After all, armed helicopters and Type 99 tanks were dispatched. It was simply amazing.

"Is it related to zombies’ groups?" Jiang Liushi asked. It was plausible, but…Even if the Type 99 tank couldn’t pass through the sea of zombies, the armed helicopters could. As long as an armed helicopter could transfer the technical personnel, they could get close to the nuclear power plant.

"Zombies’ groups were just part of the reason." The old General just said, but then he let out a sigh, "At that time not only soldiers went to Qinshan Nuclear Power Station, but many scientists, including several excellent professors, also went to the nuclear power station. They went there to study the re-mutation of mutant beasts caused by nuclear radiation. I originally thought that armed helicopters and tanks would protect them and allow them to do research. But no one expected that they would have an accident."

"They should have returned the day before yesterday according to the schedule, but only two soldiers who were severely wounded came back last night. They fought with lots of zombies to return. They reported that the problem still mainly lies at the nuclear power station."

"According to their intel, a monster is lurking near the nuclear power station, and it has the ability of mind control. At that time, the soldier who operated the Type 99 tank’s weapon lost his mind because of a mental attack. As a result, the main gun of the tank controlled by that soldier not only failed to kill zombies but also blown off armored vehicles, leading to the death of many soldiers…"The old General explained.

"Mind control?" Jiang Liushi was totally surprised.

"Listening to the course of events, I thought that you needed my help. I feel very honored about it, but my special ability can just refit cars. How could I deal with such a hard task?" Jiang Liushi said shaking his head. Although he would like to do something for the country, he wouldn’t suffer for nothing. As long as he could live, and improve his minibus, he could play a more critical role in the future.

"I know it’s really dangerous. But…"The old General said, looking toward Ran Xiyu. "You are Miss Ran, right?" Ran Xiyu was shocked, but she nodded her head.

"As far as I know, Miss Ran's special ability is psychic-related…" The old General continued.

"So you want to make Ran Xiyu fight against that unknown monster?" Jiang Liushi was gently turning over that empty cup, and he said after thinking, "What if she fails to control that monster, and instead the monster controls her? What do we do then?"

"I can give you some details about that monster's mental strength, which is not very strong and it should control only one person at a time. However, it indeed has gained intelligence. When it controlled the Type 99 tank’s main gunner, no one knew he was under control, resulting in heavy casualties with just a shot. And then, about 10 minutes or so later, it controlled another person. It’s estimated that it also needs to restore its mental power…"

The old General introduced, and Jiang Liushi looked toward Ran Xiyu, who was nodding. That meant what the old General said was true. It was a serious matter, so Jiang Liushi had to act with caution.

[In this sense, the mental control of the monster is not too strong.] Jiang Liushi thought. After all, it was doomsday’s initial stage, so the mutation of that monster should belong to the first level. But it would be hard to estimate the speed of its growth.

"Mr. Jiang, if we delay any longer, I’m afraid that the first district of Shenhai Island will face a crisis in the near future and it may even cease to exist. Moreover, those scientists are also critical. If they die, all the research they’ve made will be lost. That would be a major loss."

"Oh, those scientists are still alive?" Jiang Liushi asked immediately.

The silver-haired old General shook his head. "At that time, they were protected by the soldiers. After the first round of monster's attacks, the snipers took turns for 24 hours with infrared scopes to protect them. After that, the monster no longer appeared. Most likely, its mental power was insufficient. Currently, the soldiers and scientists are trapped in the Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant. They can’t come back because of the tide of zombies." The old man said sincerely.

Jiang Liushi didn’t answer, but the old General had taken out a wooden box from the table. He put that box on the table, showing it to Jiang Liushi. There were five glistening blue shiny things in that box.

"This is…" Jiang Liushi was attracted.

[What’s that?] Jiang Liushi had no idea at all.

"They are evolutionary crystals." The old General explained. "Actually, it’s a kind of energy extracted from the mutant nucleus and mutant meat. Ran Xiyu can consume them and increase the speed of her evolution." Jiang Liushi nodded happily.

It seemed that the military had found the way to develop evolutionary crystals. Undoubtedly, their price was extremely high. Jiang Liushi noticed that the military had done everything in their power to rescue those scientists.

At that moment, the silver-haired old General said to Ran Xiyu again, "Miss Ran, I met your grandfather once, and I felt very sorry hearing that your grandfather is no longer with us. But…I heard that you also have a sister. And she was a student of Yuhang University before doomsday. Maybe, the military can help you find her. We’ll do our best, but I can’t guarantee…"

Ran Xiyu's identity was not difficult to check, even though after doomsday many files were lost. Ran Xiyu was a princess from a family of upper society. Hearing the old General’s words, Ran Xiyu was shocked from excitement. After all, her little sister was the only family member she had. Yuhang City was huge, so Ran Xiyu felt the chances her chances were small. But if the military could find her, Ran Xiyu would cry with joy.

She bit her lips, looking at Jiang Liushi. After all, Jiang Liushi was the Captain...

Jiang Liushi took a deep breath, looking toward Ran Xiyu. He knew that Ran Xiyu would play a decisive role in that battle.

Jiang Liushi didn’t have a reason to refuse at all. Although he wasn’t sure whether Ran Xiyu could control that monster, he decided to help Ran Xiyu. Of course, at the same time, he had his own conditions. "We’ll carry out the mission, but I have some conditions. I need lots of bullets for my sniper rifle. At least, a thousand of them! And other weapons. Also, I’m in need of many mutant nuclei no matter if they’re level-1 or level-2. I need about twenty!" Jiang Liushi answered casually, but the old General was stunned…

Jiang Liushi’s demand was exorbitant!

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