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Chapter 229: Men Cannot Be Judged By Their Looks

Chapter 229: Men Cannot Be Judged By Their Looks
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The village was not large. There was a small kiosk near the county road, and that's where the convoy was stationed.

Obviously, it was unrealistic for a battalion of armed forces to carry rations, such as raw meat and vegetables, that would last them for 15 days. Moreover, it was too dangerous to cook in the wild. Once zombies were attracted, the losses would outweigh the gains. Therefore, most of their food was compressed biscuits, a small amount of jerky and vegetable powder.

As for sleeping, hundreds of people wanting to spend all their time in their cars was impossible. As a result, the military put down a lot of military tents. Due to the limited space, the tents were densely packed and looked like a dense dark mass. The number of military tents was very limited, so three guys were assigned to a tent.

Although they could stay in the villagers' houses, it would be hard to assemble right away, under unexpected circumstances. The tents were easy to erect, but also easy to attack. Unfortunately, sleeping on the field, coupled with the humid southern air, made it hard to sleep. To make things worse, in the evening, the mosquitoes started driving people crazy.

Wang Shiqi and Li Yuxin were assigned with an older nurse to a tent. Wang Shiqi was a little dumbfounded after seeing that tent. It was tiny, with rough bedding, and humid. How could they possibly sleep?

Initially, Wang Shiqi thought they could sleep in the ambulance. But she didn't expect that there would be so many wounded people after the fight! Not to mention herself, even if her brother couldn't sleep in the ambulance.

"Yuxin, how can we sleep?" Wang Shiqi measured the size of the space inside the tent, looking at that middle-aged nurse. She had a slightly plump body.

Wang Shiqi had claustrophobia from an early age, and she felt she couldn't sleep at the tent. But outside the tent were countless terrible blood-sucking mosquitoes. She really did not expect that she would experience such a harsh environment in the military expedition.

"Do not complain." Li Yuxin glared at Wang Shiqi. "There are still a lot of wounded people we need to treat tomorrow. We are lucky that we do not have to go to the battlefield. Look at those wounded people. They cannot fall asleep because of pain. Soldiers have to take turns to keep watch." Li Yuxin said to Wang Shiqi, and then she saw Jiang Liushi's minibus was parked on the roadside. She pulled Wang Shiqi and said: "We should thank Jiang Liushi. He saved your brother and us."

"I…" Wang Shiqi felt embarrassed. She was prejudiced against Jiang Liushi. Moreover, she was thin-skinned with strong self-esteem. She wanted to find an excuse, but Li Yuxin was already dragging her toward the minibus.

The minibus' door was open, so Wang Shiqi saw Ying sitting in the driver's seat.
Ying's looked perfect in her black leather jacket. Wang Shiqi couldn't believe what she was seeing.

[She is the driver...? A girl?] Wang Shiqi couldn't believe it.

"Li Yuxin?" Jiang Liushi saw Li Yuxin, and he smiled, "Come in."

"Okay. I'd like to thank you for your invitation and saving all of us…" Li Yuxin was about to continue, but she froze.

Wang Shiqi was staring at the interior of Jiang Liushi's minibus with wide eyes, and her mouth formed an O. Was that really Jiang Liushi's car?

How could the interior be so luxurious?

Thanks to the 18 mutant nuclei, Jiang Liushi rebuilt the minibus, and as a result, its interior had changed completely. The interior space had expanded a lot, and he even added a king-sized bed, about 1.2 in width, which looked really comfortable.

At that time, Jiang Zhuying was like a lazy kitten sitting on the couch while watching anime on her tablet. And Ran Xiyu was in the kitchen… cooking!?

There were even a stove, rice cooker, and microwave working at the same time! An exquisite fragrance spread all over the minibus.

[Vegetables?] It was rather hard for Wang Shiqi to fathom what she was seeing. It was amazing!

At that moment, Ran Xiyu opened the rice cooker. Wang Shiqi couldn't hide her envious expression after glancing at that crystal clear rice.

Most of the food supplied in the first district of Shenhai Island were potatoes. And they could only eat hybrid rice with a higher yield. It was apparent that Jiang Liushi's rice was delicious.

Wang Shiqi touched her pocket filled with compressed biscuits. Compared with what Jiang Liushi ate, it was a vast difference. Thinking of the first time she met Jiang Liushi, she even regarded him as a refugee.

Just as an old Chinese goes, "Men cannot be judged by their looks."

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