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Chapter 231: Abandoned Nuclear Power Station

Chapter 231: Abandoned Nuclear Power Station
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Qinshan Nuclear Power Station was the first multi-unit nuclear power plant to have been constructed in mainland China 1 , with an annual generating capacity of 50 billion kWh. And it was the largest nuclear power plant in China. Actually, it was the pride of China.

Although in many aspects, China was not as advanced as foreign countries in technology, Qinshan Nuclear Power Station was a state-owned enterprise with strict safety measures. During several decades, it was never shut down without planning. As a result, it was consistently ranked at the first place of the world's most secure nuclear power plant. Unfortunately, it was just a glorious history.

Su Tong, wearing a thick and solid hazmat suit, looked toward those blurred buildings far away through the window, and then she sighed in regret. Once upon a time, that nuclear power plant was the pride of researchers in the radioactive fields in China, but now it had become a scar on the earth in the southern area.

Because of doomsday's sudden onset, the nuclear power plant's personnel were either dead or wounded, and then the cooling water could not be circulated, so the continuously working reactors became hotter, causing the metal and water vapor have a chemical reaction. A large amount of hydrogen was cemented out, eventually leading to hydrogen explosions and nuclear leak. Fortunately, Qinshan Nuclear Power Station's safeguards were strong enough. Not like Chernobyl's nuclear power plant in Ukraine.

Su Tong came to the Qinshan Nuclear Power Station ten days ago, and they tried their best to stop all of the nuclear power plant's reactors, but…after completing the task, the accident happened. An unknown monster attacked the military, killing a large number of soldiers and causing heavy casualties.

The remaining soldiers protected the scientists desperately, and they found refugee to residential quarters far away from the nuclear power plant. To their misfortune, they were trapped there for nearly half a month. Every day they spent there seemed like a year.

During that time, Su Tong became thin gradually. Formerly, she looked sanguine, but now she looked ten years older than she was. Twenty days ago, she was wearing a lab coat in the lab, teaching her daughter microbiology. That happy scene was gone forever. Actually, her daughter was her pride. Although they were rich, her daughter was a very sensible child, who had always been the school's top student.

At present, Su Tong was worried about her daughter. Once she couldn't return to Shenhai Island, how could her daughter live happily? Moreover, doomsday's real face was terrible. She was indeed anxious about her daughter… Su Tong's heart was trembling every time she thought of her. She did not know how many times a day she looked out the window, but the rescue team didn't come at all. She knew a terrible tide of zombies was approaching Shenhai Island. She could do nothing, but she didn't abandon all hope.

"Time for lunch." Suddenly, a soldier's voice came from the door.

Su Tong stopped thinking and picked up a bowl. "Dad, I'm going to bring some rice. Wait here." Su Tong said to her father, Su Guangqi, who was already an old man. Initially, he had already retired, but then he was reemployed by Jinling University after his retirement. After doomsday, he was responsible for the study of mutant creatures nearby the nuclear power plant.

"Okay." Su Guangqi heaved a sigh of relief. Actually, he was a stubborn old man, but now he was much calmer. After wearing so long fully enclosed protective clothes, his skin had many ulcerations, which caused unbearable pain.

He was gritting his teeth to withstand the pain, but he didn't know whether he could survive for much longer. Maybe he would become history like that nuclear power station, and get buried in this land full of radioactive rays...

The soldier who distributed the food was an 18-year-old young man with an innocent face. He was one of the five remaining soldiers there. "We just have some boiled porridge, but it's really fragrant." No matter what time and no matter how desperate the situation was, that guy would always make a passionate opening statement. In fact, this porridge was insipid.

The so-called porridge was actually compacted biscuits boiled to paste. A few days ago, it had a little ham intestinal crumbs, but now it was purely paste. The water used in the porridge was tap water from the water tank, at least it was not contaminated with radiation. As for the problem of breeding bacteria, they didn't have the luxury to think about it.

They lined up to get porridge, and the whole process was silent. No one fought for a larger portion, and no one jumped the queue.

Su Tong got a full bowl of porridge. She was really lucky.

"Is Grandpa Su okay? Make him drink more water. I'll help him get to the basement later." The young soldier said with a smile. If they wanted to eat porridge, they couldn't have the mask on, so to ensure their safety, they had to walk to the basement, which was the place with the least amount of radiation.

"Um…" Su Tong gently issued that short word. Actually, when people were desperate, they were always particularly vulnerable so even the smallest things could make people shed tears.

On the desolate country road, the whole team was moving at a constant speed. Tanks moved on two sides. On that kind of county road, it was hard to bear the tanks' weight. As a result, tanks had to drive under the roadbed.

When morning came, they departed at once.

Wang Shiqi had black circles under her eyes, and her whole body ached. Wang Shiqi finally understood what hardships meant.

Li Yuxin was also sleepy, but she was still spirited. After all, she needed to take care of the wounded soldiers.

Ten kilometers further ahead was the radiation zone. The majority of troops would remain in place, and only a few soldiers would go there.

Lin Yaoshan began to arrange the distribution of hazmat suits. Shi Ying Squad had been regarded as the elite squad, so they should participate in the mission, but Sun Kun and Zhang Hai were arranged to stay back.

"Commander, a girl from the ambulance group, wants to join the mission. She said she could take care of wounded soldiers." A soldier ran to say.

"Uh?" Lin Yaoshan frowned. "The radiation zone is quite dangerous. She won't be able to act as usual! "

"She said she is the daughter and granddaughter of two trapped scientists in the radiation zone. I tried to persuade her, but she still insisted."

"Daughter and granddaughter?" Lin Yaoshan was shocked for a moment.

Just then, Jiang Liushi said, "I know that girl. Let her come along, and she'll stay in my car."


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