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Chapter 233: Rescue

Chapter 233: Rescue
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A bundle of orange vintage flashlights, from the residential building, lit up the dark basements. The soldiers' military-issued flashlights were out of power. In fact, the so-called basement was not underground, only half of it. Originally, there was a small well, but now, to cut off radiation, it had been completely sealed.

Su Guangqi who was sitting in an old chair, panting, wanted to take his mask off. The protective mask was airtight, so it was quite hard to take it off.

"Dad, let me help you." Su Tong hurried to help. In fact, even in this basement, the amount of nuclear radiation was only lower than outside. As a result, Su Tong worried about her father's health.

Nuclear radiation could kill cells, which may be useful or useless. If the useful cells were killed, it would cause the break of DNA strand. Breeding cancer was possible! Actually, nuclear radiation was a strange killer. According to research data, some people would be still fine after nuclear radiation exposure, but some people may suffer from cancer.

Seeing her father's gray hair, Su Tong just wanted to cry. Finally, the mask was taken off, and Su Guangqi said out of breath, "It's just for a meal, don't worry. We always said that the Soviet Union's Chernobyl nuclear radiation zone was unsuitable for humans to live for the next 20,000 years. But some people still went to Chernobyl to study the damage. Moreover, some people staying there remained alive till their 80s and 90s." It was painful for Su Guangqi to talk. He drank half of the porridge, and then he pushed it to Su Tong.

"Dad, drink more…" Su Tong could not help but say. But, Su Guangqi was very stubborn. He didn't say anything and just put on his mask directly. Hunger was a kind of terrible torment. Even a simple porridge became delicious.

Su Tong was trying to persuade her father, but just at this moment,

"Bang!" The door of basement opened. Su Tong was shocked, seeing the hurry-scurry excited soldier.

"Come! Come!" The soldier said incoherently.

"What's coming?" Su Tong subconsciously asked. She dreaded the terrible truth…

"The rescue team is here! They are driving in armored vehicles!"

"Really?" Su Tong cried. That kind of feeling couldn't be described with words. She felt that they were rescued from a desperate situation.

"Professor Su, I'll carry you on my back." The young soldier said. He carried professor Su and ran upstairs. Su Tong also followed. When they entered the apartment, she could already hear the sounds of gunfire. It was the sound of hope!

Su Tong ran to the window and saw those military vehicles. Their steel armors were covered with a layer of smoke, but it brought people an unprecedented sense of security. However, among these military armored vehicles and tanks, a strange minibus was mixed within. The minibus attracted Su Tong's attention. [That car…] Su Tong thought carefully.

The zombies in nuclear radiation zones were terrifying and much more powerful than normal zombies. Although many zombies' skins were rotting, they had sharp teeth and long nails. Su Tong had witnessed the terrible force of their sharp teeth and long nails. As a result, during those days, they did not dare to make the slightest noise. After all, the anti-theft door simply couldn't stop them!

Su Tong was a biological expert. Although time was short, she had finished a preliminary study. She believed that radiation was not affecting the zombies' variation and mutant beasts. But radiation caused the super virus' variation!

The so-called super virus that led to doomsday was a kind of new virus that possessed both DNA and RNA structures. And at the same time, its DNA fragment was much longer than a typical virus', which meant it was easier for an error to occur when it transcribed its own genetic fragments. And in the nuclear radiation area, it would be more dangerous. The DNA structure was interrupted by radiation, only God knew what new varieties would come out!

Just then, the heavy artillery's guns rang! It was a 25mm Howitzer! It was enough to blow people into pieces, but those zombies were unusually strong. Even after they were shot, they could still move forward!

This scene was extremely bloody! Even if she was quite familiar with the anatomy of animals, seeing that kind of scene, Su Tong still felt uncomfortable. Although zombies' claws could rip metal, they were obviously powerless to those armored cars, but Su Tong was worried about that minibus. She watched those zombies rush toward that minibus, but even though they fought fiercely, that minibus was still intact. Such a high-intensity glass surprised Su Tong totally.

"That minibus has bullet-proof glass!" All soldiers exclaimed.

Su Tong shook her head and said, "This is not ordinary bullet-proof glass. It's stronger…"

[What material is that glass made of?] Su Tong was shocked. In her memory, bullet-proof glass was difficult to achieve such a degree. It was apparent that the minibus didn't use guns at all. It just proceeded with the convoy. However, on the roof of the MCV, a technologically sensational metal hemisphere was very noticeable. As for what it was, Su Tong was in the dark.

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