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Chapter 234: Meeting Again

Chapter 234: Meeting Again
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Jiang Liushi was sitting in his minibus' gunner room of, holding an AMR sniper rifle in hand, observing the situation around him. After the refitting, the gunner room's view was a little wider. But because of the residential buildings, Jiang Liushi's vision was still very limited.

Ran Xiyu was indeed Shi Ying Squad's eyes. At that time, Ran Xiyu was sitting on the sofa. She kept her eyes closed while focusing her mind on searching for anything abnormal...

[Well, it is-] Ran Xiyu was scared, and then she shouted, "Brother Jiang!"

"What's wrong?" Jiang Liushi's vigilance reached its peak. He was very nervous while aiming at his surroundings. A blink of an eye may decide the outcome of a life-and-death battle.

"At seven o'clock direction. It's about 800 meters away. There are several survivors on the seventh floor of the residential building! There are about 15 or 16 people."

"Oh? Survivors!" Jiang Shushi heaved a sigh of relief.

The nuclear power plant's personnel was dead, and the residential buildings' occupants should have long been dead due to lack of food or nuclear radiation's proliferation. Naturally, only a handful of soldiers and scientists should still be alive, and that's thanks to their hazmat suits.

"Ying, report to headquarters!" The sooner the rescue mission was completed, the burden on Jiang Liushi's attention would decrease. He couldn't be distracted for a single second. In order to stay vigilant at all times, he had Ying use the walkie-talkie and transmit the good news.

Ying picked up the walkie-talkie and said indifferently, "Shi Ying squad has detected survivors, 800 meters away, at seven o'clock direction. Seventh floor." Ying's words were brief.

In the armored car, Lin Yaoshan felt happy after hearing those words. It was likely that they were those trapped scientists. He did not expect that Shi Ying Squad could find them so easily. He felt Ran Xiyu's detection ability was excellent. It could simply be regarded as a priceless treasure.

"Headquarters speaking. Headquarters speaking. Seven o'clock direction. Proceed cautiously!" As they were getting closer to their goal, Lin Yaoshan became extra careful.

The 700-meter distance was just a few minutes away. After getting closer, Lin Yaoshan saw those survivors waving their hands at them from the balcony of that residential building. Wearing protective suits, they were desperately waving in excitement. They were the trapped scientists and soldiers!

Lin Yaoshan heaved a sigh of relief. Finally, they confirmed that they were alive. As long as they protected them to the rendezvous point, the mission could be regarded as half-completed.

Soon, the armored vehicles reached the building.

The residential building's door had long been completely sealed, blocked by heavy objects. It was the only way to protect themselves.

Jiang Liushi always stayed in the gunner room. So far, everything was going smoothly.

Li Yuxin became excited because she had seen her mother and grandfather from the window. Although they were wearing thick protective clothes and masks, Li Yuxin recognized them immediately. She was scared during these days, even on their way she was worried about an unfortunate outcome.

The moment the survivors got out of the door, they felt as if someone had liberated them from their oppressive shackles.

At that moment, Li Yuxin and Song Qianwen hurriedly carried the medicine box and got out of the minibus.

"Professor Su, I'll let you down. Brace yourself!" That optimistic young soldier said happily.

"Mom, grandpa!" At that time, Li Yuxin rushed from the crowd. She dropped the medicine box and hugged her own mother. It was quite difficult to embrace someone while wearing protective clothing. But Li Yuxin still hugged her mother. She clutched her mother and her grandfather's hands, and finally, she could not help but cry.

"Yuxin, how did you come?" Professor Su wanted to curse, but he was very fond of his granddaughter. Along the whole way, Li Yuxin went through untold hardships. Su Tong was moved by her daughter. Moreover, she was a survivor of a disaster. So she also cried. She used to think that she might not see her daughter anymore. After doomsday, life and death didn't mean much. However, to them, it'd cause unbearable emotional pain. That soldier also smiled.

But then, that young soldier suddenly fell on the ground.

Su Tong cried, "Little comrade!"

"Let me check. He fainted due to overexerting his body and malnutrition. Help me carry him back to the car." Li Yuxin quickly ran over. She didn't have enough time to talk with her mother and grandfather. And then she was busy. "Mom and Grandpa…"

At that time, Song Qianwen carried the medicine box and went over. "Take it easy. I will check them."

"Okay. Thank you, Sister Qianwen." Li Yuxin nodded.

Song Qianwen examined the two professors' heart rate and pulse. "Except for professor Su's poor skin condition, everything else is fine. But we should take good care of them," Song Qianwen said. Then she took a small bottle from her pocket and said with a smile, "These are vitamin tablets. Take two each, and quickly consume them."

Su Tong looked at the young lady doctor who gave off an amiable vibe. She took the pills and gave two of them to her father.

"Get some people to bring our experimental samples out." Professor Su was concerned about the safety of his research.

"Professor Su, you should take your medicine first. Don't worry." Song Qianwen comforted.

In the MCV, Ran Xiyu tried her best to observe the surrounding situation. Ran Xiyu was worried about zombies. Out of a sudden, she felt her spirit was affected by something!

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