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Chapter 239: Li Yuxin’s Change

Chapter 239: Li Yuxin’s Change
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At the moment of waking up, Li Yuxin still had memories of everything that happened. If she weren't saved and thought that the dream was real, would she ever break free from it?

Li Yuxin thought of the people in a comatose state. When she was an intern at the hospital, there was a man in a coma. She had once stood in front of the ward and looked through the window, staring at the man lying inside. That person had not woken up for a few years! Was he always dreaming? That was not an optimistic speculation, in fact, it let Li Yuxin feel terrible. A man relying on a hospital's equipment to sustain his life, who knew what he was dreaming? Perhaps he had been stuck in a box, hoping someone could help him get out of it.

Jiang Liushi felt relieved after Li Yuxin finally opened her eyes.

"Jiang Liushi…" Li Yuxin whispered.

Jiang Liushi quickly got up and asked, "I'm here. What's the matter, Yuxin? Tell me."

Li Yuxin said weakly, "You woke me up, thank you." In her dream, she could hear Jiang Liushi's voice all the time.

"It is not me who woke you up," Jiang Liushi said. And then he turned his head to see Ran Xiyu. Because she was too tired, Ran Xiyu's face was pale, and her gray eyes were also very bleak. She was burned out from saving Li Yuxin. What Jiang Liushi said was true. It was she who imitated Jiang Liushi's voice to help Li Yuxin wake up.

However, there was no need to point this kind of thing out, so Ran Xiyu shook her head to remind Jiang Liushi. He knew what she wanted to say, and then he stopped speaking.

When she woke up, Li Yuxin felt happy to see Jiang Liushi was fine. It was obvious that monster had been killed. But then she thought of Song Qianwen, who was innocent. Li Yuxin believed Song Qianwen was a victim.

"Where are my grandfather and my mother? They must be seriously worried about me, right?" Li Yuxin quickly asked. However, when she stopped, she found Jiang Zhuying and Ran Xiyu were looking at her with a pessimistic look.

"Yuxin, how do you feel?" Jiang Liushi didn't answer her question but suddenly asked. Li Yuxin was stunned for a moment, but soon she remembered her wound. It was impossible for her to wake up again. Why? How could it be possible?

Under such circumstances, how did she wake up and was able to speak? It was unbelievable. Li Yuxin even found that she couldn't feel any pain! Regardless Jiang Liushi, she touched her wound and then struggled to sit up. She had a horrible wound in her chest, but the clothes were dyed with blood, while the wound had stopped bleeding. Li Yuxin reached her hand touching the wound, and she felt that this wound itched all over. [Could it be…healing? How could it be?]

No one had performed a surgery on her, and a lot of blood was lost, but her wound began to heal by itself. What happened?

Li Yuxin remained perplexed despite much thought. She quickly turned around and looked at the others, but she found that they were all just silently looking at her. In fact, from the time Li Yuxin fainted till she woke up, only a short period had passed.

When that monster struggled to move into her body, Jiang Liushi noticed that her wound began to heal. Especially when Li Yuxin was dreaming, it healed faster.

Jiang Zhuying had checked Li Yuxin's body, and she found that the latter's wound had stopped bleeding, and even the damaged tissue had started regenerating.

This speed of recovery shocked Jiang Liushi.

He had been wondering how Li Yuxin's current situation would be after the whole process.

No pains, no gains. They paid through the nose for that monster so that they could get a better result. Maybe Li Yuxin would gain all of the monster's special abilities. But it was just one of Jiang Liushi's speculations, after all, it was the first time such a peculiar thing happened.

The current paranormals had mutated in the early stages of doomsday. Jiang Liushi didn't know whether once a person was infected by the virus of a mutant beast if they could mutate into a paranormal.

"Yuxin, please be calm and listen to me…" Jiang Liushi told everything to Li Yuxin.

Li Yuxin's face looked deathly pale after Jiang Liushi finished, but she felt grateful to Ran Xiyu for saving her.

"Did you feel any changes in your body, Yuxin?" Jiang Liushi asked.

Li Yuxin was silent for a moment, and then she shook her head, "No, I just feel a little dizzy…a little…"

"Good." Jiang Liushi nodded, and he believed that everything was normal.

"Do you feel that your vision has become clearer? Or can you feel our emotions?" Ran Xiyu asked.

Li Yuxin tried for a moment, and then she shook her head again, "No…no changes at all." She felt disappointed in herself.

"Do not worry. After all, it's a special case. You're still alive, that's what really matters," Ran Xiyu said.

Jiang Liushi also nodded, but he still felt Li Yuxin was different from before. Maybe it was his imagination.

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