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Chapter 240: Dream and Reality

Chapter 240: Dream and Reality
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"Where are my grandfather and my mother?" Li Yuxin asked again. In fact, she had an ominous feeling because she noticed that Jiang Liushi's reaction was strange. Just then, when Jiang Liushi told her what happened, he didn't mention her mother and her grandfather at all.

"They…" Jiang Zhuying didn't know how to explain.

"Let me tell you." Jiang Liushi sighed, but then he began to explain, "Yuxin…they're in a comatose state…"

"What?" When Li Yuxin heard that, she was stunned as if lightning struck her. [How could this be true… Wasn't the monster dead?]

Initially, Li Yuxin believed that she was fortunate to have her family in that post-apocalyptic world. She wanted to protect her family and keep them safe. But when she woke up, she was told that they…

"Ran Xiyu helped them to sleep using hypnosis…" Jiang Liushi explained again. Unfortunately, nobody knew whether they could wake up when they returned to Shenhai Island.

Lin Yaoshan was anxious, as everything he knew was what they transmitted through the walkie-talkie. However, he believed in Jiang Liushi's judgment, so he ordered everyone to stay away from the minibus and stay vigilant. He also kept a safe distance and frequently looked at the minibus' direction. However, he could not see anything from the window, and he was eager to know what happened.

At that time, Ying's voice came from the walkie-talkie, "Li Yuxin has awakened."

"Great! What about the two scientists?" Lin Yaoshan asked.

"Still in a coma," Ying said in brief.

Lin Yaoshan felt sad, and the atmosphere became heavy. If the two scientists couldn't wake up, then their mission would be a total failure.

[The terrible monster!] Lin Yaoshan fiercely punched an armored car next to him. And then, intense pain came from his fist.

"Get ready to set out!" Lin Yaoshan ordered. They had to return to Shenhai Island. Perhaps there was still hope!

In the minibus, Li Yuxin was still shocked by Jiang Liushi's words.

As a doctor, she knew very well what this meant. It was unable to prevent…Who could imagine that a monster would have such intelligence? Even before doomsday, only a few people were poisoned to death. Li Yuxin felt desperate.

"My mom and grandfather, where are they?" Li Yuxin asked. She could not be sure whether she was speaking out or not. At the same time, Li Yuxin struggled to stand up. But then…she staggered…

Jiang Liushi quickly helped her. When he caught Li Yuxin's wrist, he sighed in his heart. Li Yuxin's body was shaking, and her skin was cold. Jiang Liushi could understand Li Yuxin's feelings. He wanted to help her, but he didn't know what he didn't know how.

Li Yuxin's heart had a glimmer of hope. However, she was clear that it was…equal to zero…

"Get ready to set out!" Lin Yaoshan's order came from the intercom.



They quickly drove to the main road.

Machine guns and flying bullets were the only things one could hear on their way.

Li Yuxin turned a deaf ear to the outside world, but she quietly clenched her mother and grandfather's hands.

Her mother's hands were very rough. And her grandfather's hands were like a dry branch. Li Yuxin remembered all the happy moments with them. Usually, their hands were powerful, but now everything had changed. And, Li Yuxin cannot do anything…

Suddenly, Li Yuxin felt that her grandfather's hands were different. It seemed that she could hear the sound of his heartbeat. And then his skin became transparent!

Li Yuxin could see every blood vessel her grandfather had. However, all of his organs were shrouded by a layer of black gas. Seeing that scene, her heartbeat intensified. Li Yuxin quickly looked at her mother, and she noticed she had the same symptom.

"This is…" Li Yuxin was shocked. She found she could feel any change happening in their bodies. It was a terrible scene. It seemed that the black gas was absorbing her mother and grandfather's life-force.

Suddenly, she found she was just in an operating room, holding a scalpel in front of an operating table. Li Yuxin remembered that sensation, which she had experienced in her dream. Why did she enter her dream again?

Or… was it possible that she never woke up!?

She looked at the scalpel in her hand, whose blade was very thin and sharp. Li Yuxin looked at the operating table, but she found this time the patient was her grandfather.

[Why? This…] Li Yuxin quickly looked around, and in the next operating table, she found her mother. The detection equipment issued a cold mechanical sound, but she didn't know why she could hear the ticking sound of water.

It was too quiet!

[Is it really a dream?] Li Yuxin didn't know where she was. It was quite difficult for her to distinguish if it was another dream or reality. She touched her grandfather's hand, and it felt real.

Fortunately, she gradually calmed down. She was a doctor, holding a scalpel. As a result, she had to save her family.

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Valvrave's corner; Blissey, is that you? o.O Before you say anything, I'd like to let you know that everything will be explained on the next chapters. For those who say it's illogical for zombies and beasts to evolve to such an extent, I'd like to ask why? I mean the zombies can eat powerful paranormals, let's say level-1+, and they can also eat zombies that have eaten paranormals etc. It's a vicious cycle. Coupled with some radition zones, maybe the radiation sped up the evolution process, or I don't know. Don't let other novels to influence you, each novel is different from the other, with their own merits and demerits. As far as the psychic monster's intelligence is concerned, it was taking over other living organisms, especially humans, why couldn't its intelligence be boosted after tking over I don't know how many humans? :P Anyway, that's just my speculations, and you don't really have to agree with me. I just want you to enjoy the novel as much as I do xD Last but not least, we may have a surprise for you on Monday. Stay tuned ^_^