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Chapter 242: Great Change

Chapter 242: Great Change
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The convoy moved on and soon arrived at the site where the large force was stationed. Wang Shiqi quickly walked toward them. She was busy all day around. On the one hand, she urgently wanted to know what happened to Li Yuxin's family members. And on the other hand, she wanted to appeal to Li Yuxin. Li Yuxin was a kind friend, so she would definitely comfort Wang Shiqi.

"What? So many things happened? In this case, Yuxin, you became a paranormal?" Wang Shiqi asked. Her expression became complicated. They had left the Island and headed to the outside world, which scared Wang Shiqi. For the first time, Wang Shiqi realized that her brother was also an ordinary person, and not a superhero. She should rely on herself rather than her brother from now on. Initially, she believed that Li Yuxin was in the same boat, but she didn't expect that the latter one would become a paranormal during the mission…

"Shiqi," Li Yuxin suddenly said.

"Ah?" Wang Shiqi recovered.

"Shiqi, I think that I should enhance my special ability. It could be useful in the future," Li Yuxin said excitedly.

"Use it? Yes, it's a good idea." Wang Shiqi nodded and then said, "Yuxin, you have experienced too many things the last few days. You must be tired. Go and relax."

"I'm okay. Shiqi, how about you?" Li Yuxin asked.

Wang Shiqi just opened her mouth, but then she shook her head without saying what was on her mind. "I'm also okay."

Li Yuxin stared at Wang Shiqi, and she noticed that she seemed to be somewhat different from the past. Wang Shiqi seemed to have grown up suddenly because of the cruel environment.

"The meal is ready, so you should eat more." Li Yuxin just returned to the minibus, and she saw Ran Xiyu taking a pot filled with mutant meat. Li Yuxin sat down at the table, watching Jiang Zhuying put a bowl of meat in front of her. It was quite delicious. Li Yuxin smelled this appetizing aroma and exclaimed, "Wow."

"By the way, you should eat a lot of vegetables too." Jiang Liushi added a clip of vegetables to Li Yuxin's bowl. Li Yuxin felt grateful to the people in the minibus.
Li Yuxin became silent and then revealed a smile before saying, "I'd like to join your team. I'd like to know whether you're in need of unqualified interns?" She slightly crooked her head, and her ponytail swung.

Her sweet face and this natural action made Jiang Liushi recall the days of their high school…

Jiang Liushi was silent for a moment and then nodded. "Well, if you're okay with the wage, then… welcome."

Ran Xiyu watching the scene, smiled and stood up again. "I'll go to prepare two more dishes, to celebrate."

A moment later, Su Guangqi and Su Tong also woke up.

Even though that monster had poisoned them, fortunately, after they woke up, their faces were glowing with health. The deep sleep helped them recover from exhaustion. Seeing that Li Yuxin was okay, they cried with joy.

"My dear mother and grandfather, I'd like to stay in Shi Ying Squad, because I have to practise my special ability. At the same time, they've already accepted my request." Li Yuxin said happily.

Su Guangqi and Su Tong looked at each other with worried looks. But finally, they accepted Li Yuxin's decision. Actually, they felt happy.

Li Yuxin had decided to join Shi Ying Squad for many reasons. One of them was that she wanted to thank Shi Ying Squad.

Blood was thicker than water. Su Tong knew all of Li Yuxin's thoughts, so she decided to support her. Li Yuxin felt very happy that her mother and grandfather supported her, and then she continued, "As for my security, I will be extra careful, so you don't have to worry. Mom and grandfather, I want you to trust me. I want to live a better life relying on my strength."

Su Guangqi smiled and walked toward Jiang Liushi, and then he stretched out his hand to shake hands with Jiang Liushi.

Jiang Liushi was shocked, but he immediately stretched out his hand.

Su Guangqi said, "Mr. Jiang, I'm leaving my granddaughter in your care. Thank you. I hope you can support each other in the future."

However, listening to professor Su's words, Jiang Liushi didn't know why, but he felt it was strange.

"I will," Jiang Liushi answered.

At that moment, Jiang Zhuying said suddenly in a low voice, "Uh? In this way, the minibus will become smaller…" Before her voice's sound faded, her brother hit her head at once…

At the same time, Lin Yaoshan came to greet the two professors. They felt pleased with the result. And then Lin Yaoshan decided to return Shenhai Island immediately, so he ordered the whole team.

Still far from the island, they could hear the sound of guns. Standing on the roof of their cars, they could see the tide of zombies, which scared all of them. Along the way, blood coagulated and zombies emerged in a wave.

After a difficult battle that lasted a few hours, the convoy finally reached the area of Shenhai Island. However, they were shocked totally by what they saw!

The black dragon-like city walls were emitting thick smoke! While feeling incredible, at the same time, they were in a panic. Suddenly, it was like a boulder was pressing on everyone's hearts!

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