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Chapter 243: In Imminent Danger

Chapter 243: In Imminent Danger
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"What's going on? Did the zombies find a way to destroy Shenhai Island's defenses…" Some people couldn't help but ask while looking at the Island's direction...

The convoy gradually approached the first district of Shenhai Island. Along the way, the ground was almost covered with the bodies of zombies. Some of them were pulverized with distinctive tire marks on them. Even if someone wanted to look somewhere else, they'd see more bodies like that. Some others were penetrated by bullets or hit by bombs.

As they approached the walls, they felt relieved with the scene before them. There were soldiers on the towers, behind which were the heavy artillery and machine guns.

When the team reached the gate, the thick door made of a mix of alloys was tightly closed, with splattered blood all over it.

Lin Yaoshan shouted and then the door slowly opened.

Jiang Liushi's minibus passed through the door and followed the military vehicles. Jiang Liushi looked at the soldiers beside the door. He was sad because he found that most of the soldiers were hurt. They were lying on the ground in blood. One of the injured was clutching his thigh in pain, and his face was pale. His thigh was penetrated, even his bone could be seen, which led others to 'feel' his pain too. Jiang Liushi also saw a lot of bodies covered with white cloth.

"What's that…" Li Yuxin was also worried about the situation.

Lin Yaoshan could not wait any longer, and he got off to ask about the situation. After that, Lin Yaoshan followed the officer-in-charge somewhere. After a long time, Lin Yaoshan came back.

During that period, some soldiers and officers came and carried out a routine infection check.

"Professors, I'd like you to get off the vehicle. I will escort you back to Shenhai Island for medical examination and treatment," said Lin Yaoshan.

Su Tong got off. She was quite worried about the situation, so she asked, "What happened?"

"I know too little at the moment, but please rest assured that there is no problem with Shenhai Island. You should go first to get examined. You're safe." Lin Yaoshan said.

"The vehicle is ready, and the other survivors who returned from the radiation zone are also required to be examined together, so please go as soon as possible." Su Tong nodded, and Li Yuxin helped her grandfather get off the car.

"I'll go with my mom and my grandfather, and come back soon." Li Yuxin said to Jiang Liushi and waved at them. She also needed to go home and get some clothes and pack up some things.

Jiang Liushi nodded, at the same time, he was also observing the first district of Shenhai Island's condition.

Once a very lively street, it was now in a total mess with dead bodies and wounded people everywhere. The majority of the wounded and dead were not soldiers, but survivors. Apparently, Lin Yaoshan was withholding the truth. Even if zombies had crawled their way up the wall, how and why could they kill so many survivors?

"Captain Jiang, you have to stay for a while longer," Lin Yaoshan suddenly said.

Jiang Liushi was shocked and then asked, "What's the matter?"

"Oh…General Zhang wants to see you," Lin Yaoshan said with a glum expression.

Jiang Liushi would like to ask him about the situation, but the Commander turned away immediately. They followed a military car all the way to meet General Zhang.

Miserable scenes could be seen all the way. In many places, it was as if the bomb had exploded, and even some houses had collapsed. Many ordinary people didn't have the ability to resist at all.

On the road, Jiang Liushi also heard someone talking about "the monster" or something similar, which made Jiang Liushi doubtful.

[Did a monster similar to that monster appear in the tide of zombies?]

The military's office area was also within Shenhai Island, but not in the villa area. Following the car, Jiang Liushi arrived in front of a courtyard. That place was different. It was quieter than anywhere else.

"This is the office of the CMC," a soldier said.

"Thank you." Jiang Liushi and Ran Xiyu got off. This courtyard was very large. As they followed the soldier and walked into an office, they could feel a tense atmosphere.

Several officers were standing inside. Until several officers left, the low-ranked soldier saluted, "General! They are here!" General Zhang was looking down at the desktop, and he looked really exhausted.

Hearing the soldier's voice, General Zhang looked up and glanced at Jiang Liushi with a smile. "These are the mission's heroes. Captain Jiang and Miss Ran, you really gave me a surprise! The mission's success was the only good news we've heard these days!"

Once Lin Yaoshan came back, the news quickly spread to the Central Military Commission. The safety of those scientists was a major event for Shenhai Island.

"Please, sit. Do you want to drink some tea?" General Zhang asked.

"No, thank you. We just want to know what happened," Jiang Liushi could not help but ask.

General Zhang put down the teacup and said, "A terrible accident happened. You know about the zombies' tide eruption, right? It got bigger."

"Even if it got larger, it couldn't be that serious of a threat."Ran Xiyu said.

"Of course, when we built Security Island, we considered all aspects of zombies' invasion and the threat of mutant beasts. And the city was covered by our fire network. It's impossible for those monsters to break in from outside." On that point, General Zhang was also very confident.

"But…What we did not expect is that in the early hours of yesterday morning, a monster suddenly drilled its way underground and attacked Shenhai Island. To be more precise, it was an earthworm. And then, several hundred earthworms, of different sizes, appeared. They launched a large-scale attack at the same time…" General Zhang said.

He paused for a moment, and then said in a serious tone, "I don't want to say it, but I have to. The overall situation is perilous! There are still many, many monsters!"

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