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Chapter 245: Upgrade Program

Chapter 245: Upgrade Program
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After leaving the CMC office, Jiang Liushi and others the drove back to the apartment. The aftermath of battles and stains of blood were everywhere on the road.

The giant earthworms had attacked and wreaked havoc all the way. Although the military had cleaned the road, there were still remnants of the terrible battle.

Many people were sitting on the road with weapons in their hands. Most of the survivors' lives were pretty comfortable in the first district of Shenhai Island, psychologically speaking. However, the reality was cruel. They had witnessed and participated in the perilous battle. In a single moment, their world came upside-down. Most of the survivors couldn't accept the sudden changes, but it was not like they could do anything.

Jiang Liushi's minibus kept moving along the road. When they passed by the coffee shop, Jiang Liushi thought of his old classmate, Li Qinghui, but it was too late to try and find him now. More importantly, Li Qinghui stayed there, in fact, he would be safer than following Jiang Liushi. After all, their mission was quite dangerous. Jiang Liushi would need to pay all of his attention to the fights on the road.

After a while, they arrived at their housing estate.

Ying and Jiang Liushi stayed in the minibus, but the others got off to pack up.

Sitting in the minibus, Jiang Liushi called the Starseed. On its panel, the minibus' information appeared clearly.

Model: MCV (Normal version), First form: Minibus, Second form: Mining truck
Space Configuration: Upgraded bedroom X1, kitchen X1, bathroom X1, small living room X1, and primary gunner room X1.
Weaponry: Primary compressed Air Cannon, Collision Ram.
Shell: Level-1 Special Alloy, Defense: D-class.

Compared with the MCV he had refitted in the past, its current upgraded version was clearly superior. However, after confronting with the psychic monster in the radiation area, Jiang Liushi felt that the vehicle was still lacking.

Jiang Liushi skimmed through the available options to upgrade his MCV again and then focused on three of them.

"Option 5: Increase the MCV's weapons: Fuel-based flamethrower: it needs to consume large amounts of gasoline to initiate it, and pure oxygen combustion can produce a high temperature of 2000 °C."

"Option 8: Add radar to the MCV."

"Option 9: Gunner room upgrade."

In the past, Jian Liushi was interested in the radar, because he could detect many dangers. In such a post-apocalyptic environment, it would be beneficial. However, it was too expensive; one level-2 mutant nuclei was needed. After carefully thinking it over, Jiang Liushi decided to give up on it. He had Ran Xiyu who could help detect danger. Her ability was really cool!

However, the options of adding a new weapon or upgrading the gunner room had caught his attention.

Currently, only one person could stay in the gunner room. It was kind of expensive too, as three mutant nuclei were need to upgrade it. Moreover, it also required some special metals. However, Jiang Liushi deemed it was necessary to upgrade it.

He was aware that Jiang Zhuying's ability was much stronger than before, but she couldn't use its full potential in the minibus. She needed a larger area to fight freely.

Although Jiang Liushi had successfully found his sister, she kept helping him. He was quite regretful of that. He didn't want his sister to continue protecting him in order to survive. Jiang Zhuying had lots of talent. In that cruel world, the best way to protect his sister wasn't to keep her from harm's way. On the contrary, she should be allowed to grow stronger eventually, and the reason for her growth shouldn't be because she had to protect someone. Thinking of that, Jiang Liushi no longer hesitated, and he decided to upgrade the gunner room.

As for the fuel-type flamethrower… Although the 'Air Cannon' was powerful, it needed some time to restore, and it's fuel consumption was terrible too.

Jiang Liushi also needed to consider the upgrade of the mining truck. There were two important factors; speed and impact. In other words, Jiang Liushi wanted to upgrade the 'Acceleration' function because the MCV's two forms could both use that feature.

[Every improvement needs mutant nuclei…]Jiang Liushi said to himself.

After Jiang Zhuying and Ran Xiyu packed their things, they returned to the minibus to cook and rest.

At the same time, Zhang Hai and Sun Kun parked their car next to then minibus and inspected their surroundings. They decided that it was better to stay in the car at night. The giant earthworms' threat made it unsafe for them to keep staying in the apartment. As for Li Yuxin, she did not return that night.

They all noticed that toward the city wall's direction, there were many campfires lit, and they could hear lots of gunfire coming from the wall.

The sounds coming from the wall made them feel uneasy.

Jiang Liushi, lying in bed, whispered, "Do not worry and go sleep."
Ran Xiyu blinked before gently pulling her blanket. In the post-apocalyptic world, they could only feel safe in Jiang Liushi's minibus.

At that moment, Jiang Zhuying tried to hide under her blanket. However, she immediately heard Jiang Liushi's voice, "Jiang Zhuying, take off your headset and stop watching anime."

Jiang Zhuying was like a rabbit caught by a predator. She spat her tongue out, and then said, "Okay, my dear brother…"

That night seemed longer than usual...

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