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Chapter 246: Urgent Task

Chapter 246: Urgent Task
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The next morning, Li Yuxin came. She was standing outside in dressed in a simple T-shirt, jeans, and a very youthful cap. She was carrying a backpack and a huge bag.

"Sister Yuxin, good morning. I was sure you'd wear something like this to travel," Jiang Zhuying said. She had just gotten out of the bathroom while biting her toothbrush.

"Haha, I thought it was okay." Li Yuxin said with a smile.

Seeing Li Yuxin, Jiang Liushi looked up and smiled at her happily. Although they just had one night to prepare, Jiang Liushi believed that Li Yuxin should have packed everything necessary.

"Are you aware that the scientists will leave Senhai Island?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"Yes. The Institute's scientists have all received instructions, but they will go to different locations, and the time they'll leave is different. It depends on which group they'll be assigned to. There is still some unfinished work back to the Research Institute. Not to mention that the Research Institute is much safer than the outside world. The military has to make a lot of plans," Li Yuxin said.

Seeing her expression, Jiang Liushi believed that she was confident in the Institute's defenses. It was likely that she had confirmed it by herself. Otherwise, she would be more worried about it than others.

"My grandfather and my mother are eager to sort out the experimental results and samples taken from the nuclear power plant…they will work with the military... if Shenhai Island's situation…" Li Yuxin did not continue.

Tens of thousands of scientists were being firmly protected, so their chances of survival were much higher.

"General Zhang asked us to help and escort some scientists to Star City Base." Jiang Liushi said. At the time of making that decision, Jiang Liushi hadn't asked his team members' opinion on the matter because he knew they'd support him. However, Li Yuxin was a new member.

"If you would like to…" before Jiang's voice had died away, he saw Li Yuxin nodding her head.

"Thank you. But I have decided…Believe me. I will work hard…" Li Yuxin answered, while putting down her baggage. She only brought several clothes, and the rest of her things were medicines and medical tools.

"... Okay," Jiang Liushi said. He knew that once Li Yuxin decided to do something, she would carry through with it.

By the time they had finished breakfast, a military jeep had come to the district. An officer got off the car and spoke in a muffled voice, "Captain Jiang, please follow me with your team. We will depart today."

"So fast?" Jiang Liushi was shocked for a moment. Instead of starting from the transit area of the army, they reached one of the city gates. That place was heavily guarded, and there was a large number of ordinary people living there.

A part of the ordinary people was resting while others were repairing the city walls. At the same time, they were installing roadblocks beside the green belt.

Jiang Liushi also saw someone, dressed in chemical and biological clothes, spraying something to the land.

Several military vehicles were parked before the city gates. The ordinary people stopped to look at those vehicles. Jiang Liushi's minibus attracted a lot of attention as soon as it appeared.

"That is Shi Ying Squad."

"I heard about them last night. They are brave and powerful. Do not underestimate that minibus. It's very cool."

"It is said that the squad's Captain is an excellent sharpshooter."

"Really?" The officers were eager to exchange information. Although only a night had passed, the news concerning Shi Ying Squad had already spread to most of the officers.

While those officers were discussing, a pair of eyes glanced out of a window and then shrank back...

Jiang Liushi's team quickly reached the city gate. Jiang Liushi was observing the situation around the city gate, and he noticed an officer running toward his minibus.

The soldier saluted and said, "Captain Jiang, I'm this mission's Commander, Zhu Changqing. I received the order to cooperate with your squad to complete the escort mission. If necessary, I'll obey your commands."

"Okay, Captain Zhu." Jiang Liushi nodded.

Zhu Changqing handed a bag over: "This is your team's remuneration."

"Thank you." Jiang Liushi picked up the bag. He opened it and saw many mutant nuclei. At first, he felt excited, but he was a little disappointed later.

General Zhang handed them 21 mutant nuclei and 5 Evolutionary Crystals! Also, all the metals that Jiang Liushi needed were delivered to his minibus.

"Everything is ready," Zhu Changqing said.

Jiang Liushi was satisfied with the payment, but he was also disappointed because there were no level-2 mutant nuclei. Of course, Jiang Liushi was not unreasonable. General Zhang had tried his best.

"In order to ensure the scientists' safety, it'd be for the best to split them into small teams. Would it be okay for some of them to stay in your squad's minibus?" Zhu Changqing asked.

"Uh, I have already a lot of people, and all of them are females. It'll be inconvenient-" At that moment, two people got off a military vehicle. Seeing them, Jiang Liushi's words were suddenly stuck in his throat.

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