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Chapter 251: Fending for Herself

Chapter 251: Fending for Herself
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Yan Fangfei almost turned crazy because she wanted to drink that Coca-Cola on the table!

"How did you get here?" Jiang Liushi asked.

Hearing the question, Yan Fangfei was startled. She had thought about how to answer, but when she was asked, she still felt a sudden acceleration of her heart rate. "I don't remember. I was running the whole time," Yan Fangfei said.

"How many companions did you have?" Jiang Liushi then asked.

"A total of 17 people," Yan Fangfei said.

"Where are the rest of them?"

"I don't know. We split apart." Yan Fangfei shook her head, but her hands were filled with sweat because of fear. Why did she not know? Simple, she had pointed in the wrong direction on purpose, and most of them ran that way. From the beginning, she never believed that everyone could keep their lives.

She thought that the survivors were fools. If nobody sacrificed, how could they, or she, reach the military's camp unscathed? Perhaps, most of them were under the impression that they wouldn't be the ones dying, but someone else from their group and they could use those sacrifices to their advantage. As a result, Yan Fangfei felt that she had done nothing wrong!

She thought that she could survive because she was a paranormal- stronger than those people. As for the others, she didn't know whether they had died or not. As a matter of fact, it was the first time she had done something like that.

Jiang Liushi's relentless questioning made her feel he had mind-reading abilities. The other women on the minibus were scrutinizing her with their sharp gazes, which made Yan Fangfei feel guilty but also extremely irritable.

"Who are you? Why are you interrogating me? I'm so scared that I can't remember…" Yan Fangfei became angry. But then, she suddenly remembered that the man was familiar…

"I'm Jiang Liushi."

Actually, it was quite reasonable that Yan Fangfei couldn't remember Jiang Liushi. After all, she was haughty when she was a student. No wonder Li Yuxin asked whether she remembered Jiang Liushi or not. But what happened? Why were they together in the same minibus?

Yan Fangfei looked at Li Yuxin in a meaningful way; she was still very arrogant. Although she knew that Li Yuxin and Jiang Liushi lived better than her after doomsday, she could only feel weak energy fluctuations coming from them.

Yan Fangfei said with a strange smile, "I never imagined I'd met you here. My dear classmates, please take me to the military camp quickly." She had a great longing for a bright future. As long as she could join the military, she believed that she could live a better and comfortable life.

"Wait. You have to answer my questions first," Jiang Liushi said again.

"Jiang Liushi, what's your meaning?" Yan Fangfei was stunned for a moment and then said with a squeezed smile.

"If you refuse to answer my questions, I will also refuse to let you get on my minibus." Jiang Liushi gave an ultimatum.

Yan Fangfei was shocked by his tone.

In Jiang Liushi's memories, Yan Fangfei would always bully other girls in school. However, in front of boys, she would always adopt a virtuous façade. If she were just an ordinary survivor, Jiang Liushi would send her to the military camp at once. But Jiang Liushi knew clearly that she was lying.

"It's too complicated to explain. I'll give an explanation after meeting the military's Commander. We were classmates...you…" Yan Fangfei said a bunch of nonsense.

Jiang Liushi did not speak...

Finally, Yan Fangfei became angry and said, "Li Yuxin, why aren't you doing anything? Jiang Liushi, you don't have the right to question me. I want to meet your leader!"

Li Yuxin also didn't say anything. At first, she didn't know why Jiang Liushi didn't let her get on, but then she also felt the situation was bizarre. "Yan Fangfei, you should answer Jiang Liushi's questions."

"You…classmates…" Yan Fangfei felt that she was wronged.

"Where is your leader?"

"I am the leader." Jiang Liushi said.

"What? You...what are you saying?" Yan Fangfei revealed a complicated expression. Although she was unfamiliar with Jiang Liushi, she didn't believe that Jiang Liushi could be the leader.

"Nonsense!" Yan Fangfei almost shouted.

Jiang Liushi lost his patience, and then he said, "Although you refused to answer, your scheme is pretty obvious. I can't let a person like you board my minibus. I can only let you fend for yourself since we were classmates. Good luck!"

Jiang Liushi said to Ying, "We should return."

At first, Yan Fangfei didn't believe that they would leave her but seeing they all got on, she was in a panic.

"Wait! Wait! I am a paranormal! Even if you are the leader, won't you need a paranormal?" Yan Fangfei shouted outside his minibus.


The minibus' door closed at once.

At that moment, Yan Fangfei got Jiang Liushi's answer, "We don't need you!"

And then she heard a girl's voice coming from the minibus, "You're pretty lucky, cherish it."

After that, the minibus abandoned her!

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