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Chapter 252: Hidden Danger

Chapter 252: Hidden Danger
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Yan Fangfei was standing still as she cannot believe what took place. She had gathered every ounce of determination and tried her best to get there, but the result was sad and miserable. The night's cold breeze made her feel hopeless.

Suddenly, her whole body, from head to toes, trembled with anger! Jiang Liushi did nothing to help her escape from her predicament. She hated Li Yuxin and Jiang Liushi to the core!

Countless thoughts flashed through her mind, but she felt as if her strength had been drained, and her heart was filled with hate and despair. In this unfair and cruel world, she couldn't fight against Jiang Liushi…

In Jiang Liushi's minibus...

"I didn't expect to meet a classmate here," Li Yuxin said with some emotion. She turned around and looked at Yan Fangfei's direction. Although Li Yuxin felt regretful, she didn't say anything.

"It's quite reasonable because we are getting closer to Jiangbei," Jiang Zhuying said.

"She made me feel uncomfortable," Ran Xiyu said. "I could feel her intense desire for survival, but I could also sense that she'd step on countless innocent people to fulfill her goals."

Ran Xiyu had transmitted everything on Jiang Liushi before, but he was the only one who could make a decision.

"Although we didn't know exactly what she did, we all witnessed her abandoning her comrade. I refuse to save such a person," Jiang Liushi explained. He regarded Yan Fangfei as a vicious viper.

"Let's return to the camp first. Everyone should be vigilant tonight. We will leave tomorrow morning," Jiang Liushi ordered.

At dawn of the next day, when the convoy arrived at the place where the zombies appeared last night, the survivors' bodies were lying lifelessly on the ground, but they didn't find Yan Fangfei's.

The team did not stop and soon left the city. For Jiang Liushi didn't care about Yan Fangfei's fate at all.

"They're gone." Yan Fangfei was staying in a two-story farm, looking at the convoy on the road. In the living room, there were two men and a woman behind her. She met them last night. After careful thinking, Yan Fangfei found it impossible for their encounter to be a coincidence. They deliberately approached her.

The three of them asked her a lot of questions about Jiang Liushi and his minibus. After Yan Fangfei said she knew Jiang Liushi and Li Yuxin, they proposed that she should tag along. Yan Fangfei was very desperate at that time, so she agreed to their proposal without a second thought. Later, she found that they wanted to kill Jiang Liushi.

However, they were only three people, while Jiang Liushi had a team…

"Captain," the woman said. "Jiang Liushi has set off," she whispered while playing with a sharp knife in her hand.

The Captain was a 35-years-old man. He was dressed in loose clothes, and he seemed very calm. He had a very sturdy physique, and although he was sitting on the sofa, he was more than 6ft 2 tall.

"Okay." The Captain answered. "Don't call me Captain. If we fail on the mission Commissioner Chu gave us, then we'll be doomed. But if we complete it, our careers will skyrocket," he said and looked up with his cold eyes.

Although Jiang Liushi had left Shenhai Island, Chu Chongshan couldn't let him off so easily. He ordered Chen Biao, who was Chu Chongshan's bodyguard, to avenge his son's death. Moreover, Chu Chongshan regarded Chen Biao as his son, and he even stopped the latter one from going to kill Jiang Liushi after learning that Chu Songming was dead. Finally, Chu Chongshan gave him the order to dispose of Jiang Liushi!
Chen Biao was an experienced mercenary soldier, who had spent most of his time in Africa and South America, so he was quite powerful. Furthermore, after doomsday, he became a paranormal.

As for the other two, they were also sent by Chu Chongshan, but compared to Chen Biao, they were lacking.

They had also heard the shrill screams last night, but by the time they had arrived, only Yan Fangfei was there. Naturally, such a woman wouldn't pique their interest, but Yan Fangfei was cursing at Jiang Liushi at that time.

"You." Chen Biao suddenly looked at Yan Fangfei. "You don't have to pretend you didn't hear anything. I know you've heard everything we've said. Your expression and movements had a slight change…"

Yan Fangfei was surprised, and then she turned around and looked at Chen Biao in panic. That man's demeanor gave her a lot of pressure. She really didn't want to eavesdrop on their conversation, but she tried to pretend she hadn't heard anything.

"Are you a paranormal?" Chen Biao stared at Yan Fangfei's dirty face, and then he asked, "What is your special ability?"

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