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Chapter 254: Accident

Chapter 254: Accident
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As both Jiang Zhuying and Li Yuxin were born and lived in Jiangbei, they felt a sense of loss knowing that the convoy wouldn't enter the city. It had been a long time since they had last seen their friends and classmates. It was uncertain whether they were still alive...

In this post-apocalyptic world, it would be a pleasant occasion to meet some friends.

Thinking of that, Li Yuxin felt quite sad about her classmate Yan Fangfei.

"Captain Jiang, we are about to enter the mountains," Zhu Changqing reminded them through the walkie-talkie.

At the same time, Ran Xiyu also expanded her domain. It was strenuous to her to have the domain activated the whole time, so she'd use it under special circumstances. She immediately started scanning the surrounding area, but she didn't find anything unusual.

"Okay. Pay attention to any mutant beasts," Jiang Liushi said.

The convoy kept moving on the windy mountain road. The dense vegetation on both sides of the roads kept everyone on edge; the soldiers were extra vigilant, and even Qin Xiaonan was quiet.

"The growth rate of many plants has changed since doomsday, and although the virus does not infect plants, the humans and animals' mutation impacted on the ecosystem. In other words, if humans ate the plants as they're right now, then they'd mutate too." Professor Qin stared out the window and observed the plants along the way. Her leading research focused on crops and vegetables, but she was also very interested in other plants.

"You mean to say that they be helpful to us?" Jiang Zhuying asked curiously.

Professor Qin thought and nodded. "I'll simplify it a little. Let's take mutant meat as an example. If ordinary people eat it, their physiques will be strengthened. However, there isn't enough mutant meat, so only paranormals can enjoy it. With plants, it's a different story. There are plenty of them, and we can extract a helpful substances from them. For example, there is artemisinin, which is an extract from the yellow Artemisia. Now, we can find it on other plants too. This begs the question, will the artemisinin extracted from another plants have antimalarial properties?"

"It makes sense. Doesn't that mean that there may be a plant similar to mutant meat? That'll solve the mutant meat shortage!" Li Yuxin said happily.

"At the moment, it's difficult to achieve this goal. Be it Evolutionary Crystals, or something similar to mutant meat, which can quickly replenish strength and promote evolution, needs a lot of research," Professor Qin explained.

Li Yuxin gently shook her head for her wishful thinking.

Jiang Liushi didn't speak but just listened to their conversation as he was interested in the topic.

At that time, the vehicles in front suddenly stopped.

"Captain Jiang, a landslide, probably caused by rain, is blocking the road. Fortunately, the landslide's scale isn't large. We will send two vehicles and some soldiers to secure the perimeter. For safety, Captain Jiang, you should stay together with scientists," Zhu Changqing said.


Zhu Changqing gave his orders to the soldiers, but it was too risky.

"I'm going to take a look if you…" Jiang Liushi just said a few words.

The clever Xiaonan immediately said, "My mother and I mother won't get off, just like the others."

"That's good." Jiang Liushi nodded and then said to Ying, "Speed up."

Another military vehicle carrying two scientists had stopped, but they felt that Jiang Liushi's behavior was strange. They also heard Zhu Changqing's orders through the walkie-talkie.

"Captain Jiang, it's a difficult task," One of the scientists quickly opened the window and said.

"Yeah, we only have one shovel…" said the soldier next to them.

Jiang Liushi frowned.

The military had dispatched more than a dozen people for that mission, and in addition to the combatants, they had a variety of tools that could solve most of the problems encountered on the roads. However, it seemed that "most problems" didn't include a landslide, such as that.

"I will go to check, maybe I can help," Jiang Liushi said.

Seeing Jiang Liushi driving his minibus forward, that scientist reluctantly said, " Captain Jiang is good, but he is too young…"

"Yeah, you are right." The other scientist also nodded.

They all felt that Jiang Liushi was a little stubborn. Moreover, he also brought Professor Qin and her daughter. The two scientists could only shake their heads.

"We should also get closer." Watching the minibus go away, the soldiers felt slightly nervous. It would be troublesome if there were a mutant beast.

The minibus approached the landslide's area. It was a small-scale one, and it seemed like a scar on the hill. Several armed soldiers and some others tried to clear the larger stones.

Even Zhu Changqing participated. He was a muscular fellow so that he could lift a big stone all alone. The exhibition of his power brought cheers from his soldiers. Unfortunately, there were many stones.

"Captain Jiang, why did you come?" Zhu Changqing asked in surprise.

"Clearing the road will take a lot of time, and the soldiers aren't trained construction workers, so it'll be dangerous if we stay here…" Before his voice had died away, he noticed that the gunner room was activated.

Jiang Zhuying appeared inside, waving to them while shouting, "My brother said, you should move to the side."

"Move to the side?" Everyone was shocked.

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