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Chapter 255: Opening A Path

Chapter 255: Opening A Path
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Every minute they stayed there, the more dangerous it would be- even Zhu Changqing was helping. They seized every minute and second to work hard, so they were perplexed as to why Jiang Liushi would give such an order. But after that, their hearts were filled with resentment.

Zhu Changqing's head was covered with big drops of sweat, while he put down that stone and said, "Obey his orders." Zhu Changqing gave an order, and as a result, those soldiers had to go to the side. They stared at the minibus silently.

"Does he want to use his minibus to push the stones away? Wishful thinking."

One professor pushed his glasses and said, "The minibus is too weak to do so, and it's possible that it may cause a second landslide. If…" The professor believed that Jiang Liushi's actions were abrupt. "I have to go and try to change his mind."

At that time, Jiang Liushi had stopped his minibus in front of the landslide.

"Captain Jiang, you cannot crash against it, because it will cause a second landslide." The professor was not young, but he had a healthy body, and he was quite spirited, so he shouted from afar.

Jiang Liushi answered, "I don't want to crash against it."

"You don't want to crash against it?" The professor was stunned for a moment, and then he looked up and down the minibus. "If Captain Jiang doesn't intend to do so, you should let the soldiers continue clearing the rocks. It's getting late and our time was limited.," The professor said.

"I have another way. Manually removing the rocks is slow…" Jiang Liushi answered.

"What do you have in mind? Captain Jiang, although you are the Captain, you should listen to our opinions," The professor said.

"Wait for a while, and you'll naturally know…" Jiang Liushi said directly.

"Oh!" The professor became anxious. He couldn't accept Jiang Liushi's attitude. Although the soldiers could hear their conversation, they too were in the dark. Could those stones fly by themselves?

Jiang Liushi didn't know how to explain, so he decided to show them. As far as his members were concerned, they would never doubt Jiang Liushi's decisions.

"Captain Zhu, you should hurry up and don't let Captain Jiang waste more time," The professor said to Zhu Changqing at once. Actually, Zhu Changqing was very convinced of Jiang Liushi's capabilities, and he should obey his orders. However, Zhu Changqing also believed that the professor's argument was indeed well-founded, so he nodded and said, "Let's continue cleaning up."

Then, Zhu Changqing raised his sleeves and approached a stone. It was as big as a tire, so most people simply couldn't lift it. Zhu Changqing grabbed the stone, and he released a shout while his muscles bulged. His arms were like pliers, locking the stone, and then he successfully lifted it!

"Excellent!" The professor shouted. In his opinion, Shi Ying Squad's paranormals should come to help.

Though removing the rocks manually was a slow process, the result was visible. Just then, a shadow suddenly hovered over the professor's head. The professor was shocked, and he could not help but shout in fear.

All the soldiers immediately turned around, and they were shocked!

A fully high-tech mechanical arm, with a shining metallic luster, was accurately fixed one the most massive boulder. And then, the mechanical arm lifted the boulder easily.

Everyone looked at the other end of the robotic arm, which was impressively connected to the MCV. The minibus had suddenly become a crane!

"This…this…" That professor was flabbergasted. He had never thought that something like that would be possible.

Zhu Changqing was still holding the large stone as he dumbfoundedly looked at the robotic arm.

That mechanical arm could easily "lift" a boulder!

"Captain Jiang, you have such a special ability..." Zhu Changqing asked curiously.

"Yes, but I wasn't sure it'd work since it's the first time using it," Jiang Liushi answered.

Jiang Liushi wasn't lying. He already knew that he had the ability to add a robotic arm, but it needed a lot of metal, coupled with a mutant nucleus, and 15 minutes of construction time. The robotic arm's description was vague, so Jiang Liushi didn't know how to explain it to others. The landslide was the best opportunity to test it out.

"Brother, how did you turn your minibus into an excavator?"Jiang Zhuying suddenly asked.

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