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Chapter 258: Who Are You!?

Chapter 258: Who Are You!?
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Zhu Changqing came to a stop, and he jumped off it. He then asked, "Who are you?"

Zhu Changqing looked at the middle-aged man, who exuded strong energy fluctuations. It was apparent that he was a paranormal with a strong ability.

"Haha, my surname Sun. You can call me Old Sun. In this little Ye County, I could be regarded as a leader. May I know the purpose of your visit?" Old Sun handed a cigarette pack to Zhu Changqing and asked carefully.

Zhu Changqing took a glance to cigarette pack's brand; it was a luxurious brand. After doomsday, even the military's higher-ups had a hard time getting their hands on cigarettes...

Zhu Changqing didn't receive the cigarette pack. He had been serving the military for a long time. Naturally, he could judge and distinguish some things better than others. He had noticed that the man was worried about the military confiscating his resources… After all, in that post-apocalyptic world, there were no rules anymore.

"We're just passing by. We have an important mission to complete, and we need to pass through the city. We'll stay at Ye County to rest," Zhu Changqing explained casually.

"Haha, I see. If you need anything, please let me know. I will try my best to help you."

"Thank you, but we can arrange everything by ourselves," Zhu Changqing said while waving his hand. "However, if Mr. Sun has gasoline or grain reserves, then the military is willing to exchange mutant meat to buy them. You don't have to worry. You won't suffer any losses, as the prices we offer are excellent."

Old Sun was quite interested in a transaction like that, but he shook his head and said, "You must be jesting with me. We barely have any gasoline and grains…"

Although Old Sun was interested in mutant meat, he also knew that after doomsday any trade had to be made on equal terms. Otherwise, their losses would only multiply.

"Oh? Really?" Zhu Changqing asked.

Jiang Liushi didn't care about this kind of thing at all. Although he had noticed that the Old Sun acted like a tyrant, he didn't intend to kill him and distribute everything to ordinary people. After all, they were all living in such a hellish environment.

Although Old Sun's life was extravagant, he also protected Ye County's ordinary people by building city walls. Otherwise, many people would already have starved to death or killed by zombies. Jiang Liushi just deemed him an immoral person.

"Ying, turn left at the crossroad, drive toward that alley and then straight for 800 meters, and then make a right turn at a junction…" Jiang Liushi said to Ying. After all, they returned to his mother's hometown, so Jiang Liushi would like to see it.

Their ancestral home was gone, but his uncle had built a two-story small building by himself after he left home. It was quite normal in China's southern areas. When Jiang Liushi was young, he always stayed at his uncle's house, and his uncle took good care of him. Jiang Liushi liked to eat at his uncle's home, and his cousin Su Han was also very good to him.

That period had left good memories to Jiang Liushi. He could still remember his cousin, Su Han, bringing him along to catch chanterelles, dig for mushrooms and catch fish in the river…

But it was a pity that when he left Ye County, he didn't have the opportunity to contact his uncle and his cousin. He only knew that she went to a famous university. The closer they got to his uncle's house, the more nervous Jiang Liushi was. As his minibus was getting closer, he felt familiar with the scenery.

Although many places had changed, Jiang Liushi could still vaguely recall their original appearance. The dirt streets had become cheap cement roads.

Finally, Jiang Liushi saw the uncle's house. A two-story small building with white bricks. When his minibus stopped, Jiang Liushi shouted, "Uncle and auntie, I'm little Liushi. Are you there?" Jiang Liushi was looking forward to meeting with his uncle in the doorway, and at the same time, Jiang Zhuying also probed her head. She was too little at that time, so she didn't have a lot of memories of her uncle.

"Uncle, are you here?" Jiang Liushi shouted again. And then he looked toward Ran Xiyu.

Ran Xiyu nodded and said, "Brother Jiang, someone is coming out."

Suddenly, the door opened. A tall and strange man appeared in the doorway, holding an iron bar angrily. "F*ckers, who are you? Why did you shout like that?"

Jiang Liushi became angry and asked, "Who are you!?"

"I asked you first! Who was your uncle? Go away immediately! Otherwise, I will kill you!" The strange man said coldly and then closed the door at once.

Seeing the scene, Jiang Liushi burst into fury and then he jumped out of his minibus!  

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