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Chapter 259: Looking For Someone

Chapter 259: Looking For Someone
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

After doomsday, laws, and rules ceased to exist. Jiang Liushi wanted to know whether his uncle and aunt were safe.

At that moment, they met such a terrible man who occupied his uncle's house. Jiang Liushi burst into fury at once.


Jiang Liushi kicked the door open directly.

The stranger had just dropped that iron bar to the side as he was heading back to the room, but he was scared by the sudden and loud noise behind him. He turned back incredulously, and he saw Jiang Liushi. He didn't expect that the young man would dare to kick his door!

"F*cker! You must be tired of living!" The stranger shouted.

The stranger was called Zhang Xiong. In Ye County, Boss Sun was the local emperor, while he was regarded as the second most important figure.

"I'll smash your head!" Zhang Xiong grabbed the two fingers thick iron bar once again, and he aimed it at Jiang Liushi's head, before throwing it with all his strength. Once the iron bar struck someone's head, it'd easily shatter the skull.

As there were no laws after doomsday, killing someone was considered normal and easy.

Even though Jiang Liushi was furious, he was still rational. He jumped forward, grabbing Zhang Xiong's wrist, and hit Zhang Xiong's shoulder with his other hand.


Jiang Liushi's punches were quick and relentless.

Zhang Xiong dropped the iron bar and howled due to intense pain, "Ah!h!h!h!h!...my hand! My hand!"

Zhang Xiong fell to the ground, holding his right hand, and he kept screaming, "You…you…" Zhang Xiong shouted, but he couldn't form a proper sentence at all. At the same time, he was shocked by Jiang Liushi's ability and courage.

Jiang Liushi kicked Zhang Xiong directly on his chest, but he then stopped because he was out of breath.

At that moment, two women and a man were rushing from the house. They were scared when they saw Zhang Xiong's sorry figure.

"Who…are you?" One woman asked nervously.

"Answer my question: where is the original owner of this house?"

"Let him go!" The other man said seriously, but it was obvious that he was afraid of Jiang Liushi.

"I'll ask one last time. Where is the original owner of this house?" Jiang Liushi asked again in a low voice.

The other man took out his gun at once!

However, at that moment, a black light flashed. Ying threw her weapon, and it directly hit the man's wrist.

"Ah!" That man screamed immediately, and his gun dropped to the ground.

In just a few seconds, Jiang Liushi and Ying had defeated the two men in the house. As for the two women, they were scared to death.

"The original owner…owner…we don't know where they are. It was likely that they were sent to the slums…" That newly built palace had occupied a large area of land. As a result, the remaining buildings were not enough to house everyone…

Powerful people could live in better houses, but ordinary people could only live in the slums. It was Ye County's rule. Since everything depended on one's power, Jiang Liushi decided to use his strength to change things.

"Slums?" Jiang Liushi felt angry. It was a messy and dirty place, and the so-called houses were built out of plastic sheets and planks.

Poor uncle and aunt!

Jiang Liushi kicked Zhang Xiong one last time, and then he jumped on his minibus.

Zhang Xiong almost fainted After recovering he said intermittently to the two women, "Quickly…go to inform Boss Sun…quickly…"

Ye County's slum was chaotic. As a result, it was quite difficult for them to find his relatives. Finally, he drove his minibus back and reached the palace. He didn't care about the guards at all, and then he directly drove in.

"Get off! Get off! Who are you? How dare you get inside the palace? Except for Boss Sun, everyone else must get off their vehicles and walk!" A guard saw Jiang Liushi, and then he took out his gun immediately. But at the same time, Boss Sun also came out from the main hall. He had gotten the news that Jiang Liushi went to slums to find some people.

Jiang Liushi even dared to drive his minibus inside his palace! If that could be tolerated, what couldn't? He was Ye County's ruler… but Jiang Liushi…

"Brother, what's the meaning of this? I treat you as very important friends, but in return, you hit my subordinates and then act as you want in my palace…"

Jiang Liushi sitting in the driver's seat said, "I want you to help me find three people!"

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