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Chapter 260: Uninvited Guests

Chapter 260: Uninvited Guests
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"You want me to help you look for three people?" Boss Sun burst into anger immediately. Unfortunately, Jiang Liushi was with the military, so Boss Sun had no choice but to tolerate him.

"Who are they?"

"North Street, No. 38's original residents."Jiang Liushi answered coldly. He estimated that Boss Sun was the one who had forced his uncle to abandon his house.

In such post-apocalyptic world, there were no rules.

Boss Sun had guessed Jiang Liushi's identity, and if it were before, he wouldn't even spare a glance at him. But now, there was nothing he could do. In Boss Sun's mind, Jiang Liushi was riding on the military's coattails, so that's why he had the audacity to act overbearingly.

If he were not afraid of the military, he would have already killed Jiang Liushi.

"I will help you search for them. You can go back now."

"No, I will follow you," Jiang Liushi said.

Boss Sun had no other choice, so he waved his head, indicating his soldiers to lead the way.

Seeing Jiang Liushi's receding figure, Boss Sun could no longer suppress his killing intent.

"Boss, should we kill him or not…" A 30-year-old man walked to Boss Sun and whispered.

However, Boss Sun shook his head and said, "Do not do that. Otherwise, the military may use it as an excuse to attack us. Lack of forbearance in small matters upsets great plans."

At this moment, on the minibus, Ying said to Jiang Liushi, " Brother Jiang, Boss Sun wants to kill you."

"Yeah, I know. I felt it too," Jiang Liushi said calmly.

Jiang Liushi drove all the way to slums following the guard closely.

The slums' area was complicated as it was intersecting with the residential areas. If Jiang Liushi hadn't a guide, it would be challenging to find his relatives.

While Jiang Liushi was searching for his relatives, in the palace…
Boss Sun was looking for women to have fun. It was the only form of entertainment he had after doomsday.

Boss Sun had built such a big palace, of course, he couldn't live alone. While Boss Sun was looking for a woman to vent his anger at, a woman's voice came from behind.

"What a luxurious palace! It seems that doomsday favored you in creating your paradise Boss Sun…" The strange voice made Boss Sun feel scared.

Suddenly, a woman appeared in his palace like a ghost! Was she sent by the military to assassinate him?

Countless thoughts passed through Boss Sun's mind, so he jumped forward and took out a gun. Not only that, but all the rocks on the ground broke into small pieces and formed a battle armor around his body!

"Who are you?" Boss Sun wanted to shoot, but a whip, like black lightning, hit him!


After the loud sound, the gun in Boss Sun's hand fell to the ground.

"Boss Sun, I'd advise you to keep calm and not get overly excited. We just want to talk."

We? Who were they?

D*mn! If only she were all alone, then he could stand his ground against her, but it seemed there were several people!

Boss Sun clearly knew that he should keep calm and observe the current situation firstly. And then he noticed two people walk out of another room- a man and a woman. That woman was wearing a black leather jacket with a whip in her hand. It was apparently the woman who had just spoken and acted.

"Who are you, and how did you get in?" Boss Sun asked in a deep voice; meanwhile, rock fragments at his feet were shaking ceaselessly.

"We belong to the military, but we aren't affiliated with the people who came today. As for how we got in… you can use your imagination…" The man dressed in a black uniform said with a smile.

Seeing all the rocks, the man asked, "Is your special ability related to affecting rocks? No wonder in this small Ye County, there is such a great palace. You are excellent."

After the man's ironic remarks, Boss Sun took a few steps back. He sat on a chair, taking a deep breath, and then he became calmer. "You also belong to the military? But you 're different from the other team? Why…? Do you want to get revenge or something?" Boss Sun asked again. He had guessed that they wanted to cooperate with him.

"Your analysis is excellent…I'm really surprised," The woman said with a smile.

"You are indeed smart. Our goal is the person driving a minibus. You should know who we're talking about!"

"A minibus? That guy?"

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